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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 110: Seed of Friendship, Bringing Over Lunch Bahasa Indonesia

Hatake Kakashi clenched his hands, trying his best to restrain the resentment in his heart. At the same time, he was also surprised that Tonan was able to maintain genjutsu for so long.

“Your ocular power is so powerful,” Kakashi forced himself to maintain his calm. Tonan kicked the White Fang Blade in front of him again and slowly raised the chakra tanto. He pointed it at Kakashi and said, “My strength is far beyond your imagination. How else would I able to kill Konoha’s White Fang?”

“Damn it…” Kakashi grabbed the White Fang Blade and rushed towards Tonan again.

Ding, ding, ding.


Tonan shook his head, looking down at the dying Kakashi with disdain, “A beast can never defeat a sane hunter.”

Everything in front of Kakashi became dark, and everything repeated, again.


“So detestable…”

Ding, ding, ding, ding.


Kakashi didn’t know how many times he went through the same sequence over and over again. By now, when he saw Tonan killing Sakumo, there was no chaos in his heart. The two fought again and then again.

“Use all your power in every move. I guess that’s how you trained. There are many flaws in the Hatake style sword technique, and it doesn’t use full power in every move when fighting an opponent. But you have even forgotten such a simple truth, and you still think you are working hard…. You idiot!”

Even while hearing Tonan’s insults, he couldn’t come to hate him in his heart. He was even a little grateful…

“The sword technique is dead, but people are alive… Your sword technique doesn’t have your will, it’s all just moves… After the horizontal slash, it’s a backhand straight stab… Yes, White Fang-sama taught it like that… But did you ever think I would also know about it? You are using something I am familiar with to deal with me… what’s the point of that?”


After Tonan’s guidance, Kakashi was not killed. He blocked the attack at a critical moment. It was just that because of his unskilled move, Tonan pinpointed his flaw and kicked him flying. The scene scattered again.

Then, the two returned to reality. Kakashi’s forehead was covered with sweat, and he seemed to be tired.

On the other hand, Tonan’s face was deathly pale. His legs were also trembling slightly and bloody tears were flowing down from the corners of his eyes.

Kakashi was startled and took a step forward subconsciously. Tonan, however, snorted coldly and straightened his back. He threw the White Fang Blade on the ground, and indifferently said, “You’ve disappointed me too much.”

After saying this, he directly walked past Kakashi. The group watched Tonan’s back until he disappeared around the street corner. Minato patted Kakashi on the shoulder and said with a smile, “It seems you had a good harvest.”

Kakashi lowered his head and said lightly, “It turned out I’ve been going about it the wrong way.”

Honestly speaking, Kakashi didn’t hate Tonan from the very beginning. He just didn’t know how to deal with it. He wanted to forgive and reconcile, but he also felt that he should be more reserved. Tonan, after all, was his father’s killer…

Minato could see that Kakashi had realized his mistake, and the smile on his face became brighter. He turned to look at Obito who was lost in thought and said, “Obito, you also did pretty well. I thought you’d recklessly attack Tonan.”

Obito’s face sank and he suddenly shouted, “Hey, do you think I couldn’t see it? That, however, was a genjutsu of three-tomoe Sharingan. How can there be such a serious effect?”

Kakashi felt his eyes were a bit sour. He sighed and said, “Minato-sensei, I’ll go back home.” Kakashi left by himself after that.

“Minato-sensei, what happened just now? Tell us as well.”


“Tell us, tell us…”

“After I tell you two, you cannot go around talking about it in front of Kakashi.”


After Tonan returned home, his face became healthy and fine again. That gimmick was not meant for Kakashi but for Minato and Obito. He wanted to plant a seed of friendship and wait for it to sprout. After all, the space ninjutsu was a good thing.

Time passed quickly. Five days flew past in the blink of an eye. Since the drizzle of that night, Konoha had sunny weather every day. Although it was already autumn, the continuous sunny days made the temperature rise slowly, making it a little hot.

Hiruzen had not progressed on the welfare institution matter yet. The land located at the center of Konoha didn’t meet the needed size. And it seemed that Hiruzen would be arranging his subordinates to persuade those residents to relocate.

During this time, Tonan had been observing the Great Elder and Shisui through Wind Communication and white pigeons. The Great Elder didn’t need to work. He always wandered around the clan district every day.

As for Shisui, he trained hard every day. Only at noon, the hottest time of the day, the Great Elder would let him go out to play with others. All the children would go to a small river on the edge of the clan district to play.

Although this place was small and a bit boring, it was already a happy thing for Shisui, who had to train all day long.


In the middle of the night, just a few scattered stars shone faintly in the night sky. A dark shadow appeared by the river upstream. The shadow seemed to be holding something in his hands, and pressed it hard on the riverbank…

The next day, Tonan left the Sarutobi clan district in the morning and returned home to cook. At noon, the clan district’s people returned home for lunch.

Tonan placed the prepared meals in the basket, walked out of the courtyard, and went to the Great Elder’s house. He called out, “Great Elder, are you home?”

The Great Elder opened the courtyard door, and the curious Shisui poked out his head from behind him as well. “Tonan, why are you here?”

Tonan brought the basket in front of him and replied with a gentle smile, “I made something but I think I can’t finish it all by myself, so I came to eat together with you two.”

The Great Elder smiled and nodded his head, “Come in.”

In the living room, Tonan took out the food and placed it on the table. Shisui stared at Tonan with an innocent smile and said, “Tonan-san…”

Tonan rubbed Shisui’s hair with a doting look. He picked a piece of dessert on the table and handed it over to him. “Shisui, try this dessert.”

Shisui looked at the orange dessert that Tonan passed and kept swallowing saliva. But he still resisted the temptation and looked at the Great Elder with anticipation.

Seeing Shisui’s current appearance, the Great Elder shook his head with a smile and said, “Go ahead, eat it.”

Having received the permission, Shisui took the dessert and thanked Tonan with a smile. Then, he took a bite. Immediately afterward, his eyes lit up, and he narrowed them while sweetly chewing, “It’s delicious.”


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