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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 99: Debut, Part XI Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 99. Debut, Part XI

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Ivana, in the meanwhile, looked at Princess Kiellini with a grimace. Had the owner of the Eileen Theater not shown her the body of the illegitimate child a month ago, she would have doubted her; she was very unhappy that this girl looked so much like her husband Robert.

It was no surprise that the unfortunate Katarina looked like her husband, as they were nearly twins, so her daughter was similar to her husband. However, it was unpleasant that the child who was her niece looked more like her husband rather than her own daughter Christine.

Ivana clicked her tongue unintentionally, comparing Christine with a blonde girl. If it hadn’t been for her noble status as Princess Kiellini, she would have believed that her husband had another daughter from somewhere.

So, as Robert and Ivana looked at Julietta in their own way, one could not react for a while, shocked by the looks of Princess Kiellini and the dress she was wearing.

It was so different from what they had imagined. Rumors of her poor appearance had spread as if it were a fait accompli, as she had no interaction with people because she was confined to Tilia Territory, and she had been reserved in Dublin.

Everyone laughed at her in pity that she had to make her debut despite her hideous appearance in order to succeed as the Duke. However, the princess who had appeared so confidently looked exactly the opposite of the rumor.

Robert soon came to his senses as people looked alternately at Marquis Anais and Princess Kiellini, who looked so alike. That child couldn’t be Julietta, so it was time to do the duty of attending the party. He took his family and approached his niece, who was in the eyes of everyone.

“Mrs. Laban, it’s nice to meet you. I’m so glad to see you like this again. Iris, it’s been a long time since we last met. Congratulations on your debut!”

Julietta entered the banquet hall trembling but was inwardly embarrassed when no one approached. As soon as she was worried if the way her dress was too prominent, she turned to a voice which sounded happy, and hardened her face.

“Your Excellency, Marquis Anais, and Mrs. Anais. It’s been a while.” Simone pretended to remember the Marquis and Christine and greeted them. Looking vacantly at the Marquis of Anais, Julietta quickly came to her senses and bowed politely at Simone’s voice.

“Thank you for congratulating me like this. How have you been?”

‘I’m your daughter. How have you been eating well and having a good life?’ she wanted to say, but barely endured. The Marquis replied quickly to Julietta’s greeting…

“Are you okay now, after they said you were sick? I should have visited you earlier, but I had no time.”

Robert looked closely at his niece, and she reminded him more and more of Julietta. He was overwhelmed by the thought that if she had grown up safely, she might have looked like this now. He projected Julietta on her figure, facing the green eyes that resembled him.

Christine looked up at her father with astonishment, as Robert looked at her like the world’s most precious thing. He had a kind appearance which had never been seen by herself or her younger brother. But Robert only focused on his niece in front of him, without paying any attention to Christine.

“Thanks for your concern, I’m better now.” Julietta turned her eyes away from Marquis Anais, who was no different from her dim recollection. Strangely, she felt her heartbeat strongly and tears about to come out. She was thinking about how to avoid the place, and all of a sudden, the music began to play, marking the beginning of the ball.

“I’m afraid no one from the royal family will be present today.”

It was a party held inside the imperial palace, but it was often held without owners, so Ivana apologized to Christine.

The very beginning of the party meant she could not meet Prince Killian, but Christine couldn’t afford to pay attention to the part because she was looking at her father and her cousin, Princess Kiellini.

“Will you give me the honor of the first dance of your debut?” The Marquis reached out to Julietta as he watched the fast-filling dance hall.

“Father!” Christine called the Marquis in astonishment, but Robert only looked down at Julietta with friendly eyes.

“Thank you, Your Excellency, the Marquis. My brother went down to the Land because of his illness, so I was wondering who to ask for Iris’s dance partner today. Iris, come on.”

Simone pushed Julietta’s back, knowing that Marquis Anais was the biological father of Julietta, who was set to refuse him. All eyes were on the party floor as Julietta reluctantly held hands with her ‘uncle’, the Marquis, and headed for the dance hall.


Killian, watching this from the terrace, ordered Oswald, “The Marquis of Oswald, when the dance is over, by whatever means, bring the princess into my lounge.”

“You fell in love with her at first sight, didn’t you?” Spencer asked Killian in surprise.

“Don’t be so insinuative. You’d know better that could not be true.”

“I thought it might be.”

“The princess Kiellini is beautiful today, but he’s not in love with her at first sight. He saw her in Baden Land. But, Your Highness, what are you going to do when you meet her?”

“I don’t think it would be a bad idea to see what kind of person she is before Francis reaches out.”

“You’re trying to figure out if she’s worthy of being the Queen.”

“Marriage is a kind of business. I don’t like that love or affection interferes in it.”

Spencer nodded as if he understood.

“I’ll be going to the restroom now, so Oswald, hurry up and get the princess in front of me. Spencer, don’t follow me. You’re officially coming through the door.”

Oswald sighed slightly as he watched Killian disappear into the garden, using the terrace railings as a door, as he had done when he had come, after Killian dissuaded Spencer from following him.

“No matter who I am, how can I take such a young girl who is in the spotlight to His Highness? If I go to Princess Kiellini and say a word, there will be a rumor all over the city that she and I promised the future tomorrow.”

Spencer jumped over the terrace rails like Killian, patting the shoulders of Oswald, who was lost in worry.

“I don’t want to go through that hunting ground, so I’m going to the restroom. I’ll see you alive after completing your mission.”

Oswald remained alone as Spencer disappeared in the direction that Killian had gone without looking back, tore his hair and suddenly raised his head.

“Yes, there’s a way I should use… the way the ladies use.”

Oswald opened the terrace door excitedly and entered the party.


“You really look like your mother.” Robert smiled affectionately, looking down at his niece who was slightly lowering her head, as if she was nervous.

Julietta, who had been counting to herself for fear of missing the beat, almost burst into laughter at the latter’s words. He might say she looked like his younger sister, Katarina, but she wanted to laugh out loud if he knew she looked like her mother, Stella.


“Yes, my father said that I look like my mother.”

‘Because that’s what you said, I am not lying, right?’

Julietta inwardly burst out laughing, as if he had said something very funny. Robert laughed, as she seemed to feel better when he said she looked like her mother, not knowing her thoughts.

When people looked at them with smiles, Ivana looked back at Christine.

“Let’s go back if you’re going to be in such a mood. Do you know how hateful your face is now? Of all occasion, she wore the same sky blue.”

To Ivana, Christine was a painful figure

Christine was the one she gave birth to after she fell in love with the Marquis of Anais and pestered her father, Duke Dudley, and almost threatened him after he first refused her. He married her, and had slept with her the first night of the marriage. For a moment, she had known the joy of conceiving a child, but her husband, as if he had finished his duty, lived in the lover’s house that he had been in and out of before his marriage. Ivana hated the child she carried, thinking she had lost him to his lover because of her hideous appearance while bearing a child.

“I wish you had blonde hair and green eyes like Fjord.”


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