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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 91: Debut, Part III Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 91. Debut, Part III

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryin

Simone decided to ignore what the Duke would think about this. She felt uncomfortable that he stood back after making this plan.

Simone was awakened by the thought, like a sudden slap on the head. Maybe the Duke was trying to avoid them as he prepared for emergencies, in case this plan was detected? Of course, it would be a ridiculous imagination, but it might be true if he didn’t return to Dublin before her debut party.

Simone stared at Julietta, still glinting at her eyes and unable to hide her feelings.

As her doubts grew, it was dumbfounding to see that this child who she had not met long ago was more reliable than her brother whose thoughts she did not know. When a difficult thing happened, people said that they would learn the truth of the people around them, and she thought that was the situation now.

Her niece, whom she had devoted herself in her youth, often did not believe in her and was hysterical to her. On the morning of her departure for Dublin, what Regina had said to her when she had visited her to say goodbye, hurt her feelings whenever she had time to think about it.

“I won’t believe you’ll betray my faith, aunt.”

She could no longer believe her tearful niece’s appearance, as she had changed beyond recognition in two months.

“Betray your faith? What are you talking about?”

“I wonder if you are thinking of using Julietta to make me a permanent shadow and gain the power of the family of the Duke in your hands.”

“Regina, how can you suspect such a thing? I’m your aunt, who’s been taking care of you all these years!”

Despite Simone’s anger at the outrageous suspicion, Regina had not changed a single bit.

“Yes. Because you are my aunt, I have entrusted you with this dangerous task, which can destroy the family. But since that girl came into the mansion, your behavior has changed a lot.”

“Changed a lot?”

“I feel like you are too comfortable with her. That girl is the one that is going to be used as a substitute and thrown away. But what if you treat her so humanely and she gets the wrong idea? I have begun to doubt your gentle behavior.”

Simone was furious at Regina’s words. “How can you say such a thing to me, who have confined myself in this countryside and raised you for so long?”

Simone was disappointed with the doubts about her and spoke as if she was dumbfounded, but Regina continued as if she could not understand what Simone was saying.

“You didn’t mean it of your own. I understand that my aunt who had nowhere to go returned to the family of Duke Kiellini under the condition of taking over me because you lost your husband and was pushed out because of friction with the new Marquis Raban.”

Simone smiled bitterly. Even though she was able to remarry enough, she felt sorry for her niece who was young and ill, and devoted her youth to raising and taking care of her, but this was how all her efforts were returned.

Of course, she would be lying if she didn’t expect that she would be compensated for her love and efforts when Regina grew up. It was true that she wanted to seize and shake the inside power of the family of the Duke who was without a hostess, but she couldn’t say she had no affection for her little niece who had lost her mother.

All he had ever believed in was a delusion, and Simone, who had become thoroughly absent-minded, had given up on talking.

This meant that Regina was wary of her. If Julietta made her debut safely and they announced her as the successor of the family of Duke Kiellini, it would be like a declaration of war to regain her power as the hostess for outside affairs.

Simon said to the staring Iris with a forced smile, “We’ll only get disappointed in one another if we say more. I understand what you’re trying to say. But I think you’ve forgotten that if this goes wrong, it’ll be a big problem for me, too. I’m also from the family of Kiellini. So, don’t worry about such a useless thing.”

Simone rose with her emotions hidden and kissed Regina on the cheek with an expressionless face. “I’ve got to get going. I have to get to Baden by evening. When I come back, I will see you, who will be the successor to the family of Duke Kiellini. I’ll be back.”

Simone momentarily quenched her agitated feelings, recalling the situation at that time. Then she nodded to Julietta, who was looking at her with an expectant face.

“Yes, I got it. It would be best if you were not caught by people.”

As soon as Simone agreed, Julietta quickly opened her mouth again. “I have one more thing to say. Please change the name of the owner of the building I’m looking for, instead of the salary and severance pay you’ll give me.”

Simone frowned at the impertinent demand, but Julietta did not care at all. “I know you’re worried I have another motive. But this will prove that I have no intention of doing so. If you give me the building for the dressing shop, as soon as I finish my job as a substitute for the princess, I’ll live my life as a faceless designer in that shop. So, it’s good for you and His Excellency to be able to keep an eye on me nearby, and I can have a stable future, so isn’t it good for one another?”

Simone abandoned her passive attitude and looked at Julietta, who was now actively making demands. Definitely, her words were right. This girl knew exactly what they were worried about. Simone looked at Julietta thoughtfully for a long time.

She was not sure how the Duke would handle this girl after this was over. Maybe his personality wouldn’t have allowed Julietta to roam her way. It was not a bad thing for her brother if she said she would hide her identity and be under their watch. Simone finally nodded.

“I’ll do what you say. As the role of a designer has been added to the role you’ve taken as a substitute, it is a natural reward. Try to choose an expensive building. That’s not a heavy burden on the Duke.”

Simone was willing to show good faith, rebelling against the Duke who had entrusted her with everything. She must take care of everything since he had gone down to Tilia at this critical time. Fine, then!

As Simone even gave advice to her, asking her to choose an expensive building, she seemed to be a different person than her usual cold expression. When Julietta stared blankly at the woman, Simone’s face returned to its original form.

“Your debut is a month away, so we’ll have to hurry as fast as we can. Take Gibson and go tomorrow.”

Julietta replied with a bright smile when Simone turned her eyes out of the window and spoke stiffly, as if she could not smile, “Yes, aunt. I’ll diligent to find out.”



“Amelie, Sophie, what do you think?”

In just three days, Julietta was able to find a huge mansion on the outskirts of Eloz Street, which had its own style. It was a residence in an area that ran off from the main street, with Eileen Theater and other theaters, restaurants, luxury dressing shops and various shops nearby, and ran into Eldira Street. The choice was very easy, as she chose the house and furniture without caring about the amount.

Originally a nobleman’s mansion, the building consisted of a three-story main building and a two-story annex. Unlike the mansions of high-ranking aristocrats, it was a town house with no garden, a tall, narrow-looking house in the city’s residential district. The entrance of the main house was shared with the side street and the carriage-storage area next to the main house, and a separate house after it.

Amelie looked at the ivory-colored exterior and said anxiously as she stepped inside, “This is so nice. But is it okay to open a dressing shop in a place that’s out of the business area? Besides, it’s not a store, it’s a mansion.”

“It’s basically a quiet place like this. We can enjoy the customers who will come to the corner.”

“What if it doesn’t work out?”

“I’m the designer who’s going to make the debut dress for Princess Kiellini, who’s currently in the spotlight in Austern. The power of the princess is so great that she’ll be praised for going to the party wearing even an academy uniform.”


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