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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 9: Dress-up, Part VIII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 9. Dress-up, Part VIII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Spencer, who had been watching a play that was more interesting than opera, tilted his head.

“Are you asking what I have seen? It’s like a low-cut woman’s dress. Isn’t that what we’ve always seen?”

“Is that all you saw? Is it time for Jeff to come? I need to change my clothes.”

Killian winked at Spencer, who was staring at him in the face. Spencer stood up, pushed by Killian, stared at the maid who was trembling in the corner, shrugged, and went out the door.

Julietta, who was left alone with the Prince in the curtained VIP seat, stepped back one more step, faltering uneasily.

“Aren’t you wondering about what I saw?” the Prince asked, leaning sideways as if he cared nothing about his wet clothes.

Julietta took another step back, shaking her head, if she refused to think about what he saw except her chest.” The Prince raised one arm and signaled for her to stop.

“I’ll forgive you for showing me something good in return for the wine. But if you walk around the theater like that, I don’t think you’ll be as lucky as this time. Wait until Jeff comes back.”

At the word of forgiveness in the low, sexy voice of the Prince, Julietta bowed to her belly by ninety degrees, and expressed her thanks to him.

“Are you seducing me? Did I get your signal wrong?”

When she saw the Prince who slowly lick his lower lip with his tongue, and speak with his lowered voice and profound affection, she realized why he was the most popular guy in Austern. Julietta shook her head so hard that she felt numb, putting the wet red cloth she had in her hand back on her chest.

“No, Your Highness. I am ignorant of not knowing what a signal is. I just wanted to thank you for your forgiveness. I know better than anyone else in the theater, so can I leave now?”

Killian looked carefully at the maid, who had a rough, tough head of brick-red hair and a dull brown face.

His eyes glowed, looking at her skin, which might be smooth above all else, green eyes shining like jewels in her slim face, and her lovely, bloodless little lips.

Moreover, the red cloth hastily inserted into the chest cavity was drenched with wine on the front of the thin dress, creating a more compelling spectacle.

Unlike her young and innocent looks, she had a pretty deep chest line that only actresses usually had. The best breast he had ever seen seemed to have sprung up.

Furthermore, the spectacle, which was slightly visible when she leaned down, made the viewer feel quite anxious.

Killian, who had no taste so far, thought he might have been attracted to this and laughed out loud. He thought he lacked human emotions, but he felt quite charmed by the woman in front of him, who was terrified and quivering.

But the Prince, who had never taken a woman by force, gave up the thought of pretending that the maid had sent him a signal and waved her away before changing his mind.

When the light purple dress that had shaken his mind, disappeared before his eyes, the Prince clicked his tongue. He thought he would go without meeting Moira in a bother, but today he had no choice but to take her out and enjoy the night. Then he looked down at his wet clothes, which he had forgotten for a moment.

Just as Spencer brought Jeff in, Killian thought for a moment and opened his mouth. “I’d rather go back than change my clothes. Jeff, tell Moira to come to Harrods Street later. Spencer, are you going to stay any longer?”

Eventually, Spencer followed his cousin, who stood up to go back even before the opera began.

“No. What kind of fun would it be without you?” I also have to go back now.”

As the two exited the VIP box before the opening, the theater once again became noisy. Regardless, Julietta, who had safely returned to her small room next to the prop room, choosing only the dark places in the theater, sat on the floor and caught her breath.

“Whew, I almost killed myself. Even so, he looked very desirable.”

That handsome young man overflowing with sexual attraction was the fifth son of the current Emperor and the only son of the second Queen, Irene Elizabeth Bertino Austern. Killian, who had inherited the Principality of Bertino from his maternal grandfather, was also the most beloved Prince of Claudio, the current Emperor, for his outstanding appearance, sword skills, and extraordinary intelligence.

The Principality of Bertino he inherited was a small country between the Austern Empire and the Vicern Empire, famous for its rich fertile territory and natural resources. Killian, who had inherited Bertino Business Group run by his maternal grandfather, was recognized for his business talent by raising it into a big business group in only five years.

Killian, who had inherited Bertino Business Group run by his maternal grandfather, was recognized for his business talent by raising it into a big business group in only five years.

Killian, known as the richest man on the continent at the age of twenty-three, behaved as if he were not interested in politics at all. However, he was also the most closely watched and checked in Austern, where there was no direct descendant from the queen and the seat of the Crown Prince was still vacant.

As such, he was the subject of envy and jealousy from everyone.

The fireflies, who wanted to be the sexual partner of someone with wealth, appearance, title of nobility, and all these things, used to rush to him, setting themselves on fire, with the illusion that they could take the official position themselves, even though they knew that the position would be kept only a few months.

Julietta, who had heard Bertino and Bertino so much that a scab formed over her ears, saw him today and truly understood why they were making such a fuss. But she didn’t want to be a firefly. Julietta sighed with relief that she had survived the crime of death today.

“I’m glad the owner of the mansion, which I’ll be working for next week, is a pretty good man. By the way, it’s not true what I thought earlier. The chest line was so deep that it attracted his attention.”

With a desire to deny the reality, Julietta, who opened the door of her small room, hurriedly approached the mirror in the corner after confirming that no one was in the prop room.

“Oh, my God. What the hell is this?”

Whether she was embarrassed or excited, her brown face was as bright as it could be, and the stained breast, with the metum which had been hastily applied to match the color of her face, was lustrous and swollen ready to burst. Moreover, because she had hurriedly inserted a wine-soaked cloth into her blouse, the front of the dress was soaked to the skin, revealing the outline of the contents within.

She breathed a despairing sigh, but still thought it was a good thing that she didn’t show him her naked body. But as soon as she pulled out a piece of uncomfortable cloth, she was shocked to the point where she wanted to faint.


When the red cloth disappeared, she didn’t know if the front of the dress had fallen or had been pulled down to clean the wine, but they were shouting out their presence as if the important things that should be hidden quietly were being revealed to all. In addition, a small black dot in the middle of the breastbone became more and more visible on her white skin, prompting Julietta to stamp her feet.

“I don’t know if I’ve spent all my life’s fortune coming back safely after this. This incident would be enough for me to kick a quilt to death.”

Julietta, red with shame and embarrassment, hurried into the back room.


“Your Highness, you’re even greater today. This Moira was so ecstatic that my whole body melted away.”

Moira, once again smitten with Killian, was more passionate than usual, muttering half in rapture. A man like this would be nice even if he were poor, but he was still a Prince. He was also a Prince with the right to succeed the throne.

Moira thought she was really in love and even more anxious to catch a man with a gesture. Despite such an effort, as Killian, who went down from her, tried to get out of bed immediately as usual, Moira hurriedly grabbed his firm arm.

“Your Highness, I don’t want to leave your side right after such a wonderful night. It’s still a long way before dawn. Let me stay a little longer.”


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