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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 89: Debut, Part I Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 89. Debut, Part I

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Killian looked closely at Lillian’s attitude, which had not responded much to what he had said,

“You’re not surprised that I’m going to take Julietta to a concubine.”

“If you recognized Julietta’s charm, it would be a matter of course. Who would want to miss such a lovely and charming child?”

By saying so, Lillian cautiously wondered how far Killian had seen through Julietta’s disguise.

“Lovely and charming… When my aides hear that, they are going to be surprised and faint.”

At Killian’s reply, Lillian smiled quietly to hide her inner thoughts.

It was unclear whether the Prince knew her true appearance. His aides did not think Julietta was attractive, but she looked back at the Prince because he seemed to know her charm. His expressionless face did not reveal what he thought.

Lillian wondered how far she should speak. “Julietta’s charm doesn’t just come from her looks. Now that you’ve recognized Julie’s hidden charm, aren’t you trying to put her into a precious position?”

Killian smiled at Lillian’s words. It wasn’t a reproachable answer, but it was a nerve-wracking one.

Actually, he wasn’t attracted to Julietta’s appearance, so Lillian wasn’t wrong. But it was suspicious for her to drink tea as if to buy time before answering questions. As she was a quiet character, she might be careful about her answers to the Prince, but for some reason she seemed to be picking her answers…

“From when did Julietta grow up in the theater?”

Killian was watching her closely, so Lillian lowered her nervous hands under the table to avoid being caught. “I don’t know that well. I’ve only seen her running errands since my first day. There are many children in the theater. We collect orphaned children who have no place to go to make actors and workers in the future.”

“Julietta said she was in disguise, because she didn’t want to go through rough things in the theater. Didn’t you know about the child’s disguise? Do other kids stay that way in disguise?”

When she was asked the direct question by Killian, Lillian began to busily roll her head.

‘He knew that she was disguised, and it means that she was caught in the act, but he said that his aides would laugh at Julietta for being attractive. So others don’t know who Julietta is, but does he know?’

It was so difficult to deal with the Prince without any information that Lillian wanted to let go. But it seemed clear that Julietta had turned down the Prince’s offer, so she needed to figure out how much he knew.

He was none other than the Prince, but Julietta had run away after refusing to accept the offer from the imperial family, so she thought she should help Julietta somehow.

She concluded that it would be better not to talk about Julietta’s past. Julietta, who had nowhere to go, might entrust herself to Marquis Anais.

“Well, it depends on the child’s disposition. No one protects them, but they don’t force them to do what they don’t like. I don’t know what she’s been through since she was a child. You asked me if I knew she was in disguise? Yes, I knew. But I didn’t care about it or ask about it in detail. Each person’s life was exhausting and busy. All I did for Julietta was to introduce her to a job because she wanted to get out of the theater.”

“You have no idea of what Julietta’s past is or where she could go?”

“Correct, Your Highness.”

Lillian’s words made Killian stand up, judging that he had nothing more to dig out. “It’s been a long time since we met, so I’d better leave you alone. Do you mind if I send someone to ask you something next time?”

When he said he would come back if anything suspicious was found, Lillian replied freely, while her heart pounded, “Yes, Your Highness. I’ll tell you everything I know.”


7. Debut

Days after returning to Dublin was Princess Kiellini’s first outing. She visited the Eileen Theater to see the opera with her aunt, Marquise Raban.

The long-lost princess had announced that even after returning to Dublin, she would refuse all invitations until she made a formal debut in society. The outing of such a veiled princess of Kiellini was naturally a matter of great interest. People rushed to book a performance for the night.

Upon entering the hall of the Eileen Theater, Julietta lowered the hood of the cloak she was wearing to keep away the eyes of the crowd. Simone’s orders were not to be seen as much as possible before her official debut.

Christine, who had just returned from Austern, was among those looking at Princess Kiellini, who went straight into the VIP seat under the heavy escort of some knights.

“I guess it’s true that there’s a nasty blot on the princess’s face.”

“They said it was from a disease? That’s terrible.”

“I heard Madame Louai has never seen the princess in person.”

“It’s unfortunate. She can’t help but show up in society because she has to succeed the Duke.”

As the lady of Count Patrick, the center of social rumors and a social butterfly, whispered at the appearance from behind of Princess Kiellini, the ladies around her began to bring up stories they had heard from one another.

It was a time when strange rumors began to spread over the actions of the princess. She had not been seen even after returning to Dublin, even while refusing invitations from various sources.

The ladies, curious about the soon-to-be rival Princess Kiellini, rushed to the dressing room of Madame Louai, who was in charge of her wardrobe. Rumors gained weight when Madame Louai, who had prepared the princess’s clothes for more than ten years, said she had never seen the princess herself.

Regina was thought to be very vain, and was rumored to have been living in hiding because of an ugly mole on her face. The whole thing started because Regina did not want to reveal her frail, lifeless appearance to the public, and confined herself in the Territory without showing herself.

“Lady Anais, aren’t you a cousin of the princess? It’s been a while since you’ve met. Shouldn’t you say hello to her?”

The ladies who wanted to see the ugly princess’s face began to urge Christine.

Christine had hurried away from Bertino after Killian headed straight to the Imperial Castle, returning to Austern. She thought that since she was so close to him in Bertino, she would be able to exchange greetings. But the only words delivered to her after she visited Killian’s castle was a formal reply that he was not receiving visitors.

Christine, a niece of the first Queen, was denied by Prince Killian after going to the castle of Asta. The humiliation that Christine had suffered was likely to spread throughout the social world soon. Christine, her pride stung, turned around, still determined to marry Killian.

Believing that she could not let her relationship with the Prince, which had been thought to have grown closer, slip away again, she moved assiduously to meet him as soon as she heard that Marquis Rhodius was scheduled to visit the Eileen Theater today.

As the Marquis moved with Killian, she would ask him about the Prince and learn what he had been saying about her. Also, it was necessary to show today that she was close to the Prince’s close friend, the Marquis of Rhodius, to appease the rejection after going as far as Asta Castle.


After calculating about so many situations, Christine, who had been wandering the hall to look for the Marquis. ran into the young ladies who had booked the theater in a hurry to see Princess Kiellini.

They knew that Christine had followed Prince Killian to Bertino, so they began sneering at her. As high society’s unique shattering attacks were being brought forth, Princess Kiellini entered the room alone.

Lady Patrick and other ladies realized that they would be in the spotlight if they met Princess Kiellini today. They changed their derisive attitude and began to flatter their target, thinking of following Christine when she went to greet her cousin, the princess.

“That’s right, Lady Anais. You must have been worried about Princess Kiellini’s illness, right? It must be nice of you to meet her like this.”

“Well, I’m just back in Austern, so I just want to enjoy my favorite opera quietly today. I am her cousin, as you say. We can meet at any time, so it’s better to promise next time than to say hello in such an uncomfortable place.”

Christine nodded an arrogant greeting to the young ladies who had quickly changed their attitudes and turned toward her box seat.



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