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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 87: Francis, Part XIII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 87. Francis, Part XIII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryin

He seemed to be in a hurry. It was strange to see alone his cravats hanging helplessly and his jacket collar rolled inside; his usual peacock of a figure had gone away.

As Killian looked at the sad scene and wondered if Oswald’s servant saw him, he would be embarrassed, Oswald was staring out of the window in a daze. He suddenly jumped up and began clapping his hands.

“Your Highness, look over there. She’s a great beauty. This Oswald, with the perfect aesthetic eye, is astounding. She’s a flawless beauty.”

At Oswald’s admiration, even Valerian looked out the window they were sitting next to.

“That is the Duke of Kiellini’s wagon, isn’t it?”

Oswald, preoccupied with a beauty and unable to see the emblem of the carriage she was climbing, exclaimed in surprise, “It’s a real emblem of the family of Kiellini! Then that lady?”

Oswald’s guess was not wrong, as the next Territory was Tilia.

The image of the two men clinging to the carriage window and looking frantically out was well worth seeing. Killian’s eyes naturally turned out of the window, but all he could see was a light green wagon.

“It looks like the princess in the news is finally coming out. If we go to Dublin, we’ll have to see her many times, so just sit up straight. I’m afraid someone’s going to see what you’re doing.”

The two were embarrassed by Killian’s scolding, and returned to their seats quickly.

As curious as the rumors about Princess Kiellini were, Killian was just sitting there stonily. Oswald looked at the Killian and shook his head. It was because he felt sorry for Killian, who had such an elusive taste, for the first time.

“It’s Marquise Raban. She’s exactly like I saw her when I was a kid. I think she is going to Dublin with the princess.”

At Oswald’s words, Killian looked out the window. A silver-haired lady in a calm gray dress was leaving the inn and climbing into the carriage.

“Since the death of the Duchess of Kiellini, she’s raised the princess like a daughter, so I’m sure she’s following her.”

While Killian recalled the relationship between the current Marquis of Raban and the family of Duke Kiellini, the curtains of the carriage across the street opened and the princess showed herself.

As soon as she got into the carriage, Simone felt a pressure on her chest and told Julietta to open the curtain of the window. Killian’s eyes, casually staring at the Duke’s carriage, ran across the eyes of Julietta. Killian’s expression slightly distorted as he watched her bright green eyes pop out in the morning sun.

“What’s the matter, Your Highness?” Oswald was looking at Killian in anticipation of an outpouring of admiration. His lord was instead looking at the carriage across the street with a frown.

“You said Princess Kiellini has never been in the capital since she went down to Tilia as a child?”

“Yes, Your Highness. That’s why she has become the hottest subject of the year, as there has been talk about her debut with no one who’s seen her.”

At Oswald’s answer, Killian was still thinking. “But why was she surprised as soon as she saw me, as if she saw a ghost?”

“Was she surprised to see Your Highness?”

“Herer eyes were sticking out.”

Oswald tilted his head at Killian’s words, slammed his knees and raised his voice. “Isn’t it because you’re amazingly handsome? When we saw the princess earlier, our hearts almost popped out.”

At Oswald’s answer, Valerian nodded agreement.

“How wonderful you must have been to the eyes of the princess who has lived in Tilia Territory. Oh, this Oswald has another worry. If even Princess Kiellini wants to marry you, how can you stop them from fighting?”

No one wanted to give a piece of cake, but Oswald who tasted the soup first was worried about it, so Killian answered, “It’s natural. The Duke of Kiellini would be better than the Marquis of Anais.”

No one in the room felt strange to see Killian proud or unashamed, even though his appearance was praised. Killian himself knew his good-natured men too well, and because it was true, no one in the carriage felt alienated.

Killian began to calculate the advantages of marrying Princess Kiellini.

He intended to make a cage, the most splendid and safe of all in the castle, so that he wouldn’t lose Julietta again. To do so, the largest force needed to brighten the path toward the goal and flatten it to walk comfortably. Killian decided that the Duke of Kiellini, who had expressed his support for him, would be better than the Marquis of Anais, who was tangled with Francis.


While Killian was thinking about something that wouldn’t happen, Julietta quickly lowered the curtain again and took a deep breath to calm her fluttering heart.

“What are you doing? Open the curtain.”

Julietta was forced to open the curtain again at Simone’s angry word. Fortunately, as her carriage had left, the carriage with the Prince on the opposite side was moving away. There was no way he could recognize her, but she breathed a sigh of relief.

Julietta leaned back after checking out the window to see if the Prince was following her again, and smiled awkwardly as her eyes met Vera, who was staring at her carefully. As Vera stared at Julietta’s suspicious behavior, she glanced at Simone opposite her who was not aware of anything.

‘Who was on the other carriage? Why was she so surprised?’

Not knowing of Killian’s face, she felt uneasy for Julietta, who had been so frightened to see the man in the carriage across from her.

‘She seems to know him. What kind of relationship does she have?’

Vera looked at the girl opposite her once again, showing off her impeccably brilliant beauty. She wondered if things would go as planned by His Excellency and her madame.

She was anxious, praying that nothing would happen, and everything would be done safely.


The next afternoon, Julietta arrived at the Kiellini mansion on Eldira Street, facing the Imperial Castle. At the entrance of the magnificent mansion were the residents of the mansion, welcoming the princess who regained her health and returned after a few years.

Finally, when the carriage stopped, Julietta looked at the endless line of people in the street and tried to hide her discomfort.

Even though it was their job to meet their master, who had been away for a long time and returned, she could not help but have a guilty conscience. She thought it was Regina in Tilia Territory who should receive sincere greetings from those who were waiting for joy.

“Raise your head. From now on, you are Iris Kiellini,” Simone pressed Julietta, who seemed to be nervous.

The rebuke made her realize that the curtain on the stage was rising now. Funnily enough, in Tilia Territory, Mrs. Raban was her greatest enemy, but now she was an ally to trust and rely on. She didn’t know how long this symbiotic relationship would last, but she had to get her head on straight to get off this dangerous stage safely.

Julietta nodded to Simone, who was sitting opposite her, and took a deep breath, waiting for the carriage door to open.

“Come here, my lady. Welcome back to Dublin.”


The elderly butler greeted Julietta who was coming down with a knight’s hand, and the residents greeted her with big bows.

“Welcome back, my lady.”

In Tilia, she was also treated as a lady, not comparable to the time when she was an employee. However, the number of people who came down from the capital was very small, and she was almost always in her room at Simone’s command, so they rarely had to be met. Therefore, this kind of polite and courteous greeting made her feel strange.

The content had not changed, but Julietta, who had been a fat, ugly maid, and herself, who was now a great noble princess, were being treated so differently.

“Thank you for your hospitality.”

Julietta decided to forget her restless thoughts, and simply reciprocated the greetings and moved on. When she arrived at the door carved with the splendid family emblem of Kiellini, the voice of Simone rang out around the mansion, as she walked along the inconvenient path lined with people on both sides.

“Where is my brother?” Simone looked back at the butler who had followed them, indicating the empty doorway.

“His Excellency went down to Tilia Territory after he got an urgent message. He left just before you arrived.”


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