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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 80: Francis, Part VI Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 80. Francis, Part VI

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“Yes, please. Julietta, let’s go back.”

Regina went out to the terrace and saw Simone leaving in the carriage with Julietta, and muttered, “Why don’t your headaches get better even if you drink tea which is good for your health? Isn’t that weird?”

As Iris stared at the wagon which became smaller and smaller, she turned around and went back into the room.


Julietta’s education went smoothly, but Simone did not let Julietta out of the room until she was fully familiar with the nobility.

Today, Julietta was listening to Simone’s rambling speech on her habit of standing on one leg, of shrugging her shoulders, and of shaking her head. Simone had been nagging her for a long time, and ordered Vera to bring her the usual tea, as she had a headache again.

“Don’t you drink too much?”

In less than two hours after she entered Julietta’s bedroom, Simone was already asking for a fourth cup of tea. They said that even the healthiest food was not good if eaten too much, and Julietta started to worry about Simone drinking tea like water.

Simone’s look softened slightly on the expression of Julietta looking down on the mug with suspicious eyes, a scowl on her face. Though she would have snapped when angry if it was the same as before, she did not want to do that for some reason.

Simone had been screaming at the top of her lungs for a while and said in a strangely soft voice, “I have a headache, so I can not continue without drinking tea.”

“Have you had a checkup by a doctor? I think it’s better to figure out the root cause rather than rely on the tea.”

Julietta was reminded of various diseases of the brain that she had seen in modern times. ‘Is the same kind of illness present here?’

“Of course I did. The doctor said he could not find any other particular cause of the headache, and just said that it could be neurotic.”

As she tilted her head, Julietta thought, ‘Heavens, I made the same mistake about my habit.’ This habit was not easily fixed, so it seemed to be serious. Julietta waited for the angry scolding that would follow, but Simone was quietly drinking tea without saying anything.

Julietta pursued the subject further, “If it is neurotic, is it because of the princess? Are you worried that I will make a mistake?”

Simone glanced at Julietta like she had sinned, as she had once again shrugged her shoulders.

“Of course, I’m up to something so dangerous that I can’t help but care. So don’t have any unnecessary sinful thoughts, and just impress what you’ve learned in your body and your mind so that my headaches don’t get any worse,” Julietta said to Simone, who was sitting up as if she was going to do the class again.

“If you have a headache that has no particular cause, why don’t you try exercising and reduce the number of times you drink tea?”

“Exercise? What do headaches have to do with exercise?”

“The root of all illnesses is lack of exercise. I’ve noticed that you don’t seem to leave the mansion at all. If you stay in the house like that, you’ll definitely get sick.”

Julietta turned her neck herself and massaged her shoulders. “If you take some time to take a walk in the fresh air and do this neck workout or massage your shoulders…”

“What kind of a hideous act is that?” Simone had been soft for a while, and her attitude completely changed attitude all of a sudden, as if she had never done so. Julietta stopped rubbing her shoulders, which had stiffened while maintaining her rigid posture, immediately.

“What the Hell have you learned so far? Do we need to start all over again?”

At Simone’s words, Julietta straightened her quickly. “No, I’ll continue with what I was doing earlier,” Julietta grumbled, adjusting her position as she covered her mouth, her gaze direct, and recalled how to express her feelings with a folded fan.

“Can’t I just say things? I feel it’s a waste of time to use a fan to express my feelings during a conversation.”

Julietta once again recalled what it meant when she put her fan around her right eye, what she wanted to say when she tapped it on her right arm, what she felt when she folded it, and had to endure the urge to throw the silk fan she was holding out the window. Simone stood in front of Julietta, resetting the delicate position of the fan.

“You’ll find it very convenient when you don’t want to say anything uncomfortable. For example, if you want to refuse a dance request your opponent requests, it’s better to express your feelings with a fan than to think about what you say. Down further!”

Julieta adjusted the position of the fan as Simone had said. “Oh, well, that would be convenient.”

“It’s as dangerous as it is comfortable. If you do something wrong, you might generate a misunderstanding. Therefore, you should be familiar with the correct usage. Again, not there.”


That evening, Julietta was finally released from Simone well after dinner, and fell into bed.

“You have to change your clothes, so get up. And a noble lady does not lie on the bed like that, or the bed might break.”

She thought she was finally free from Simone’s nagging, but now she was tormented by Vera.

“Vera, just give me a break today. My arms are so numb and my back is stiff because of the fan language and whatnot.”

Julietta lay face down, clasping her right fist, opening it, and made a sound of pain. Vera grabbed her arm as she was lying on the bed and began to massage it up and down.

“Uh, your hands are so cool. But I’m fine, so you can stop. I’ll get up.” Julietta raised herself in bed, stopping Vera’s massage.

“Vera, you stood up all day and had a hard time waiting on the Marquise, so sit down and take a rest.”

Vera turned her head, as if she hadn’t noticed Julietta bending and straightening to loosen her habitually stiff waist.

“My lady, I have to bring you your meal, so you should change your clothes first.”

Julietta had to wear a corset and panier, which she had never worn before to get used to it, and gazed at Vera pathetically.

“Then, can I change into my pajamas right away? There’s no one coming into the room anyway.”

Vera looked at Julietta as poorly as possible, and said as helplessly, “Today only. If madame finds out, you’ll be in big trouble.”

“Yes, just today.”

Julietta changed into her favorite pajamas, the prince’s gift, and laid down on the bed with a happy expression.

“Don’t fall asleep, wait for me. New pajamas have arrived; I don’t know why you’re only wearing the weird pajamas.”

Vera looked back at Julietta rolling around in her bed, while she organized the clothes.

“The new pajamas are so stiff, with lace and ruffle edges, that I’m afraid I’ll choke to death on the lace while sleeping.”

“I think such a big pajamas would be equally uncomfortable.”

“I’m used to them now. I know how to sleep comfortably and not get tangled up.” Julietta buried her face in a soft blanket and smiled happily. “I’m so happy to be able to sleep in these bedclothes. Even though education is hard and I’m worried about the debut party in a month.”

Thinking of the days when she had been living in the theater’s prop warehouse, when she was a maid, and sleeping next to the prince’s bed on a trip, Julietta rubbed her face against a blanket that smelled so good.


Vera looked at Julietta, who was happy about nothing, and she thought of Lady Regina. She was a cousin of the same blood at the same age, but she didn’t understand why their background, personality, and behavior were so different.

“Yes, my lady. I’ll go get a meal. Please wait, even if you’re hungry.”

Vera smiled unconsciously at Julietta, who had answered by bobbing her feet up and down.

‘It would be better if she were a real princess. That would make her madame more comfortable.’

Vera was surprised by the casual thought, and quickly shook her head and went downstairs.


“What the hell are you doing?”

Watching Simone who was drinking the tea that was good for headaches again, Julietta rose from her seat and began to massage her shoulders.


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