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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 79: Francis, Part V Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 79. Francis, Part V

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“Did he refuse?”

“Yes. My brother thought that no matter how much the Duke of Dudley was really behind it, he should not forge evidence against a great aristocrat. Because of it, the relationship between the two has become a little estranged. The crucial reason is that he made a direct statement to the Emperor that Prince Killian was not the right man for the Emperor’s seat.”

“Why did he think so?”

Julietta thought of Killian and tilted her head, not understanding why the Duke had thought so. Although the Prince was arrogant, he was smart and fair, and listened to his subordinates’ opinions. It seemed that he was already ruling Bertino successfully, so she couldn’t understand why the Duke of Kiellini had opposed him.

“After Her Majesty’s death, Prince Killian had a very difficult time. The Prince at the time looked so risky. At that time, the Duke of Dudley tried to make Prince Francis the Crown Prince. When he backed Dudley’s hand, His Majesty’s disappointment and anger were indescribable. But now I think he’s changed his mind. He decided to support His Highness Killian.”

Simone went so far and asked the question again, “Come on, then, tell me the five ducal families and the ten marquis families.”

As if the break was over, Simone began to push Julietta again.

When she finished memorizing the genealogy of the noble family, Simone handed Julietta the thick book that lay in front of her.

“This book contains the history of the Renaid continent. Starting tomorrow, I will test each country in order, so be well-informed. In fact, aristocrats are systematically educated from childhood, but you only have two months to learn basic things. Therefore, you should not fool around and fulfill your daily obligations. Do you understand?”

Julietta looked helplessly down at the book, which was as thick as a pillow.

The dancing was not difficult to learn, because it was included in the education Maribel had taught in the theater, along with the writing. But the aristocratic genealogy and so on were ridiculously hard, and the history of the continent was so difficult that the gates of Hell seemed to have opened.

In particular, the laws of interaction according to the nobility’s titles and positions, and the different dialogue methods dependent on each other were so complicated that she really wanted to cry. Order of admission at a party, etiquette for talking among ladies of her age, refusing a request to dance, greetings at the first and second meeting, etiquette for using the lounge, and so on. They were so complicated and tricky that it was disturbing whether she could perform the role of Princess Kiellini without making a mistake.

Regina’s private maid quietly visited Simone who was briefly explaining what to learn tomorrow. “Madame, Lady Regina is asking you to come by the separate house.”


“Yes, she wants you to visit with the lady.” Regina’s maid said, slightly pointing to Julietta as if she didn’t want to call her a lady. Simone nodded, and her sigh came out without knowing.

“All right. Tell her we will visit as soon as the class is over,” Simone said to Regina’s maid. Simone replied, “Don’t disturb us and step away.”

“She said you should come right now.”

“She does not know what the situation is now, or even if I am meeting a guest, but she said that I should come now?”

Even though Simone was so upset, the maid only repeated the same words. “Yes. My lady has asked you to visit her in the separate house right now.”

Simone’s palm hit the desk. She knew the child’s selfish behavior from the beginning, but these days she felt it was strangely unpleasant.

However, no matter how much she was an aunt who had cared for her since she was a child, Simone could not disobey Regina. The real power in the mansion of the Duke in Tilia Territory did not lay in Simone, who was replacing the hostess, but in Regina, who was sick and might die at any time.

When she thought that, she realized that she didn’t have to make a fuss about useless things. Simone rose straight from her seat.

“Follow me.” After instructing Julietta, she left the room to take a carriage to get to the annex.


“Come here. The freshly harvested laya tea leaves came in today. Since it is the tea you like a lot, I asked her to bring you here. Please sit here.”

Regina wore an indoor dress and a thin shawl that reached her wrists despite the hot summer weather, and looked worse than before.

Julietta bent her knees and bowed politely to Regina, who refused to give her a look. Regina poured tea into Simone’s teacup without acknowledging Julietta’s greeting.

“You’ve been working so hard to erase the traces of a dirty bastard. It is tolerable to see how she says hello.”

“Fortunately, she learned basic etiquette and dancing when she was a kid. She is smart and has a good learning ability.”

Regina nodded at Simone’s answer. “That’s a relief. But I can’t help but feel uneasy. Because every action, every mistake, every word that she shows in Dublin is in my name.”

The maids quickly pulled Julietta to their side, as Regina made an irritated gesture. When Julietta stepped into the corner and stood side by side with Regina’s maids, Regina looked at them as if she were satisfied.

“You really fit in. Everyone has their own place. Learning and studying aristocratic manners doesn’t make you a noble. Auntie, look. She worked as a maid, and isn’t every figure standing next to that child just a maid?”

Regina gasped for a moment, after laughing cheerfully, as if it was funny. Her body couldn’t keep up with the sudden change of mood.

In the past, she would be surprised and run right away to check on Regina’s condition, but Simone only said, “Don’t you know it’s not good for your body to get so excited? Be careful.”

Regina barely calmed down and when she saw Simone take the tea cup and savord the tea after offering emotionless consolation, asked, “You must be feeling bad. You are feeling bad since I blamed this girl, aren’t you?”

“It can’t be. It’s a fact that she is an illegitimate child and worked as a maid not long ago. There’s no reason why I’m not feeling well.”

“Then why are you so upset?”

“I had a lot of work to do, but I was just nervous for a while because I felt like I was wasting my afternoon. Never mind.”

“I see. I shouldn’t ask my aunt over for a cup of tea anytime like before, but I forgot.”

Regina clearly revealed that she was in a bad mood. Simone sighed and said soothingly, “I feel uneasy just thinking about how horrible things will be if this fails. How much attention do people have to pay to Princess Kiellini, who has never been seen before? I can’t sleep these days because I think if this girl makes a mistake, it’s going to be all over.”

“It shouldn’t happen. My aunt won’t fail, right?”

Regina’s childishness, which appeared every time she needed it, suddenly felt disgusting. Simone shook her head in surprise.


‘What am I thinking now?… I guess I’ve really been nervous lately.’

Simone stood up from her seat and said, “I have to go. Like you said, it is a long way to go before I take off the dirt of her being a bastard and a maid. I enjoyed the tea. I think the smell has become richer this year.”

Regina’s eyes were happy at Simone’s words. “Is that right? If I blend it with any bitter or sour tea, I can smooth them out with its flavor. This new method of cultivation is quite effective.”

Regina had showed keen interest in the cultivation and combination of tea leaves, the family’s business. Simone used to click her tongue, because it was the same with Duke Kiellini.

Come to think of it, however, it was only when Regina’s mother Katrina began to get sick that the Duke became interested in growing tea leaves. Regina’s interest in growing tea leaves, efficacy, and the combination techniques she learned from her father might be a compensation for her weakness.

It was a tea business that had been handed down from generation to generation, and Tilia Territory was the highest quality tea-leaf producing place on the continent. Simone was not interested in it, so she thought they were just amazing.

“I’ll send you a combination of scents that you’ll like. This tea will work a little better for your headache.”

The friendly look of Regina relieved Simone somewhat, seeing the return of the niece she knew.


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