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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 76: Francis, Part II Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 76. Francis, Part II

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“This is what the princess’s doctor said. He said she would never have sex. It would shorten her life. Also, pregnancy is not possible, even if she has an intercourse. Although I heard this three months ago, I don’t think there would have been much change in the meantime.”

“But why did the Duke kill the doctor? He barely told us about the health of the princess. However, it wouldn’t be too much of a problem. It troubles my mind.”

Marius nodded at Francis’ doubts.

“You’ve improved a lot. I’m glad my education seems to be getting more effective. You always have to be constantly suspicious. Your suspicious attitude at everything will make you Emperor.”

“You’re on your way to being prime minister.”

“That’s right, Your Highness. To answer your reasonable doubts, I’ll have to re-examine the condition of Duke Kiellini and his daughter.”

“I can bear everything but can’t stand her lying down on the bed. If something is different from what we know about the state of the princess, you will have to kill her right away. If it’s a matter about a lady with the highest status in the Empire, we can use it.”

When Francis gave an order, Marquis Marius nodded as if he understood that and replied,

“If you like Lady Anais, I will make her the highest status in the Empire once we have dealt with Prince Haint easily.”

Francis made fun of Marius’ words. “The Marquis, it was your teaching not to fall in love with a woman. Do you think I’m going to do this kind of a chore just because of a woman I like? Of course Christine is attractive. But the reason I chose Christine is that her true character is quite right for me.”

“I see. Everything is as Your Highness wishes…”

Marius lowered his head for a moment, paid homage to Francis, and then opened his mouth again. “Your Highness, go straight to Lady Anais. I’ll go to His Highness Killian and say hello to him.”

Francis smiled, feeling better at the respect of his closest aide and mentor. “Yes. To celebrate my younger brother’s hunting competition, I came running the long way here myself, and I think it should be his duty to come first and thank me for coming to visit him. Tell Killian we’ll have a drink between brothers after a long time. Because of an urgent message from my maternal grandfather, Duke Dudley, I’m going to meet Marquis Anais first, and I’ll see him in an hour.”

Francis unilaterally set the time, gave a satisfied look, and ordered the carriage to be turned.


Marquis Anais and Christine, who had been waiting for Francis to enter Rezen Castle, courteously welcomed him.

“Your Highness, did you have any particular problems on your way?”

“No, and I am standing right in front of you,” Francis replied, staring disapprovingly at the Marquis who had brought Christine to Bertino.

Christine greeted Francis who was approaching her. “Welcome, Your Highness.”

“The Marquis, I need to talk to Christine, will you step aside?”

Francis said as he approached Christine, who was bowing slightly.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

As Marquis Anais stepped down, Francis grabbed the chin of Christine, who was lowering her head, and forced it up.

“Are you having fun?” Christine said, barely smiling, to Francis, who looked intimidatingly down at her face, which was lifted as if it had been bent.

“It’s amazing, since it is a place I have visited for the first time.” Francis sat down on the drawing-room sofa, releasing her face at Christine’s demure answer. “Did you meet Killian often, as you wished?”

“I’ve seen him every time we had dinner.”

“You’ve met a lot. If you met that much, it would be enough, wouldn’t it?” Francis smiled softly at Christine who was still standing.

“Are you with Princess Haint?”

Francis laughed at Christine’s attempt to evade an answer.

“I guess you didn’t hear the rumor because you were stuck in this small town. Right now, Princess Haint has turned Austern upside down.”

Christine looked up in surprise.

“What happened?”

“Princess Haint is pregnant by Count Derio.” When Christine’s face turned white at the startling remark, Francis went so far as to present a toothy smile.

“Do you know why I came here in a hurry? Christine, you’re now the highest-ranking single lady in Austern. So it’s not the time for you to lose your mind to Killian here, because you have to marry me.”

Christine shook her head at his way of saying ‘You are mine’, as if the best thing was to agree to him as he arranged toys like a child.

“Have you forgotten? I’m not the highest-ranking single woman, Your Highness. How can I be the highest when there’s Princess Kiellini?”

Francis grinned at Christine’s words. “I know you don’t want to marry me, but it is too much for you to put a walking corpse on me. No, is she even alive?” Seeing Christine follow Marius to the same story, Francis burst into laughter, sounding as if he had heard the funniest story in the world.

He had ordered an investigation into Duke Kiellini while suspicious, but his intention to weigh down Marquis Marius was included to some extent, so he didn’t really think there would be any significant change in the health of the princess.

Christine opened her mouth cautiously, studying Francis, who smiled leisurely at the thought. “You know that Duke Kiellini has come to Bertino, don’t you?’”

“Yes. It looks like Duke Martin tried hard to attract Duke Kiellini, and then took him all the way to Bertino. However, there is no way that cold-blooded man will hastily intervene in the battle for the crown. But why is the story of Duke Kiellini coming out here?”

“I heard there will be a debut party for Princess Kiellini this fall. I’m sure that it came from Duke Kiellini himself. He said he’s going to announce his successor after the debut party. So Princess Kiellini is not a living corpse at this moment, and I’m not the first one in your order of brides.”

Christine’s words raised Francis’ back off the sofa.

“I heard she will be dead sooner or later, but will her debut party be so soon? He said they couldn’t cure her with the holy power; was that a lie?”


“I don’t know if she has been cured by the holy power, or if she has not been that bad in health. But the Duke said he was happy to have the debut party safely because the princess’s health has improved a lot.”

“If so…” Francis’ eyes flashed. Three months ago, the doctor had said that she was so weak that she couldn’t have sex. However, she was going to have a debut party…

‘Did the doctor deceive me? And did the Duke kill the doctor to hide it? Why? If it turns out to be healthy, did he think Viscount Raven would do anything?’

Christine nodded at Francis, who was busy calculating at the new information. “Yes. If you marry Princess Kiellini, you will be able to bring over the family of Kiellini.”

Francis leaned back on the sofa again, frowning. “Do you think Duke Kiellini will give me his daughter? He hates being associated with the royal family more than anyone else.”

Christine laughed at his words, as if not to worry. “She’s a woman who’s been sick without a friend her age in the Territory. Unlike other aristocratic ladies, she has never had a relationship with others since childhood. No matter how great the family of Kiellini is, the social world isn’t that easy.”

Francis looked at Christine telling her silently to go on.

“If she just made her debut in the social world, but if she doesn’t know anyone, how lonely will she feel? That’s when I will come up first to be her friend. Then I will introduce Your Highness to her. If a handsome man like you treats a lonely and hungry woman well, she will probably fall in love with you. If his daughter is in love with you and is willing to marry you, the Duke will not object since his love for his daughter is great. No, he will do his best to give you the crown, let alone the opposite. It’s about making his daughter the Empress.”


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