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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 74: Julietta Iris Kiellini, Part XII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 74. Julietta Iris Kiellini, Part XII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

After speaking, Simone did not leave the room and added another word, “Stay in the room when the new workers arrive tomorrow. I’ll let them know that your health is slowly improving ahead of your debut in the society, so be careful not to walk around as healthy as now.”

Vera glanced at Julietta, who stood furtively in the middle of the room, and spoke quickly. “I’ll bring you the bedding later, so please wash yourself first.”

When the two women left the room and she was left alone, Julietta sighed and sat down on the bed. Having to keep standing even after arriving at the mansion after a long journey, she grumbled, rubbing her legs, which she could barely rest for an hour.

“They are incredibly hostile to me. People like that will be more suspicious and wary if I tried to get closer, wouldn’t they? All right, I’ll play the princess in a very businesslike manner.”

Julietta jumped out of bed and began stretching. She could not move even her head during the long journey, pretending to be a noble lady, and her whole body was stiff, and her bones seemed to be squeaking.

Growl… Julietta looked at her belly, which was making a loud noise. She was hungry because she ran to the castle after lunch.

The nobility might not feel hungry if they starved for a meal, but those who moved without a rest while waiting on their feet should not starve together. She, who was hired as a substitute for the role of a princess, was in the same position as the workers, so it was too much to ask for food at this time.

Julietta untied the pouch she had tied to her waist.

The fifteen-inch crude brown pouch on the bed was a precious one, carrying a magic glass bottle of the noble Prince. Inside the brown purse was a set with the bag that had been made out of old throwaway clothes and left in Calen Castle, there were her thick glasses for disguise, the makeup tools returned by Vera, a cookie and two loaves of bread that she had packed at the last inn, along with the pajamas that the Prince had given her.

She never let go of the lessons she had learned from what she had seen, heard, and experienced. After arriving at Calen Castle and having major trouble finding a dining room, she realized that when she went to a strange place, she would starve until she knew where to go. In particular, she often lost a meal until someone took care of her, and since she was a substitute for the princess, she didn’t know what else would happen.

Today, after the last lunch before departing for Tilia Castle, Julietta said she would take a short walk before leaving and went down to the inn kitchen to buy two bundles of cookies and bread with her emergency funds, like they were a thousand pieces of gold. And now, looking at the bread and cookies that she had bought then, she praised herself wildly. All the experiences were baked into her now.

Julietta took a cookie and a loaf of bread out of the envelope and ate them in no time. Just as she drank from the water jug lying next to the bed, feeling full, she belched satisfactorily and removed the crumbs that had fallen on the bed.

She tied her pouch closed and stashed it in a drawer by the bedside, before going into the bathroom, holding the pajamas given by the Prince.

This was also the castle of a high-ranking aristocrat. Magic was used in the water system, like the Prince’s mansion.

Having washed herself and feeling refreshed, she returned to the bedroom, and at the very moment, Vera came in with a sheet and a pillow.

“Is the Marquise sleeping?”

It was clear that she was serving the Marquise first rather than bringing her bedding, so she asked her, and Vera nodded.

Looking silently at Vera as she turned around after making the bed, Julietta thought she and Gibson would have had nothing to eat after lunch. Julietta sighed at the feeling of the bread that was hanging in her stomach, even though she had decided to act in a businesslike manner without personal interaction.

Julietta opened the drawer, took the leftover bread and cookies out of her pocket, and called Vera, who was leaving the room.

“Vera, take this.”

Vera looked down at the paper bag which Julietta held out, and looked at her. “What is this?”

“You didn’t eat dinner. Unlike the Marquise, we’re not people of status who can eat anytime, even if we are hungry. Well, I don’t know if Vera can eat when you want, but in today’s atmosphere, it’s not going to be easy.”

Vera received the envelope as she looked for a moment at the girl whose damp hair was hanging down and replied, “Thank you…”

“I think it will take away your hunger. It may not be enough, but if you can, give some to Gibson.”

After speaking, Julietta wrapped her head in a towel and crawled into bed as if she were tired. Vera, looking at her, hesitated a little and handed her a word, “You have to sleep after drying your hair, to avoid catching a cold.”

Vera quickly left to escape the gaze of Julietta, who looked after her in surprise.


She took the advice of Vera, and raised her troublesome body to go dry her hair with a towel. Due to that, Julietta was able to wake up and open her eyes the next day, feeling much better. She sprang out of bed when she saw the sun pouring in through the large window that occupied one wall.

As she hated to hear the nagging, Julietta quickly washed, came out, and opened the window, defying the annoyance. As she stepped onto the terrace, she could see a wide garden at a glance, a green garden in the blue sky, and hear the chirping birdsong. It was such a beautiful morning.

Julietta stretched briskly against the backdrop of the blue sky, and looked down at the carriages lined up along the driveway with excited eyes.

“What are you doing!”

A refreshing and pleasant morning lasted but a moment, and Simone’s high-pitched voice brought Julietta back to reality.

She couldn’t help but sleep in the sackcloth-like pajamas that the Prince had given her as a gift, because they didn’t give her the suitcase with the clothes she had worn on her trip. On top of that, Simone’s face became colder as she watched her braided hair stand on one side and her unmade face.

“The daughter of the Duke of Kiellini has been showing up on the terrace this morning with such an ugly look! Are you out of your mind?”

Vera hurried up to the room at Simone’s fierce shout, pulled Julietta into the room, and closed the window.


“Iris has been a sickly child since she was a child. She can’t get up and get around at this time with such a colorful face. I will say that her health has slowly improved, but not yet. If you’re not going to lie down on your bed, at least try not to leave the room.”

Simone stared at Julietta for a moment as she laid down quietly in her bed under the guidance of Vera, and kept speaking.

“Regina will move to a separate house in the morning. Regina’s room so far was once the Duchess’. It was the home of the hostess. You can’t stay there, but this room is too small for the lady of the family of the Duke, so you can move to the third-floor bedroom as soon as it’s ready. You are healthier than anyone, so you can go up and down without difficulty.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Every word the woman said really got on her nerves, but Julietta answered quietly. Simone’s face hardened at Julietta’s answer, as if she didn’t like it. “Call me aunt.”

She looked back at Vera after repeating that reluctantly.

“She’ll have to wear the dress we prepared in Bertino until we go to Dublin. It’s hard to order clothes from Madame Louai’s, as her body shape is different from Regina’s.”

Simone looked at Julietta in displeasure, as she was unnecessarily well-developed, unlike her niece, and continued to give instructions. “For the time being, do not order new clothes for Regina and try to find another designer. It would be nice to look for one on the side of the Vicern.”


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