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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 71: Julietta Iris Kiellini, Part IX Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 71. Julietta Iris Kiellini, Part IX

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“He’s completely convinced, even if it’s a false prophecy or a curse from a pseudo fortune-teller. If it were me, the cousins in the family of Anais are on his side anyway, so I would marry a woman from another family and expand my power.”

“It was the fortune-teller who the Empress cared about. She predicted a lot of things, so that stupid prophecy could really be right. It’s not something to be laughed at like that.”

Killian smiled aimlessly at Spencer’s words. “The fortune-teller was said to be spiritual and received far better treatment than she was worthy of a few minor things. But it is obvious that she was a pseudo fortune-teller since she failed to stop the assassination of the Empress. If not, why couldn’t she have predicted such a great incident?”

Killian used to talk consciously and lightly when talking about the past things. However, his impression was firm now, as opposed to his casual tone.

As Spencer looked anxiously at him, Killian was thinking of the incident without realizing it.

The annual summer hunt was held every May to celebrate National Foundation Day, which was for the independence of the Kingdom of Mycaeum after its contribution to the victory of the Great War four hundred years ago. It was the most important festival of the Principality of Bertino.

Thirteen years ago, in that year, the Empress and the second Queen decided to participate in Bertino’s summer festival, as they had attended every year.

The Emperor was worried that they had to move overland because of the unrepaired Magic Square. Despite his repeated dissuasion, the Empress would not give up her chance to visit her hometown.

It was a perfect trip, except that Irene, the second Queen who departed with them, got sick in the middle and went back. The excitement of Killian’s first long carriage trip was especially great.

It was a time to go through the final forest to pass through the border connected to Bertino, enjoying the beautiful May weather with such a giddy heart. There was a sudden attack by bandits.

At first, everyone in the entourage laughed at the foolish bandits, as they attacked the party of the Empress of Austern. But the bandits numbered more than twice as many as the guards, and were as capable as the imperial knights. The escort knights began to be killed helplessly by those who could not be regarded as bandits.

Empress Cordelia slightly opened the curtain of the carriage and looked outside, and said to Liana, the maid, “Liana, I feel something weird. I need to hide Killian.”

The backs of knights surrounding the Empress’ carriage were visible, but the bandits in the black masks beyond them were quite powerful.

Seeing the Empress lowering the curtain again, Liana hurriedly lifted the lid of the chair on the side where she had been sitting.

“Your Highness, I know you will be uncomfortable, but you’ll have to go in for a while.”

Killian looked back at the Empress uneasily. Cordelia looked at the space under the chair for a moment and shook her head. “No, Liana. If they’re the ones we think they are, they’ll search the place first. They know Killian is also heading to Bertino together with me.”

Cordelia picked up Killian, sitting next to her and put him on her lap.

“Killian, do you know how much I love you? I love you enough to do anything for you.” Cordelia looked deeply into Killian’s silver eyes.

“Me too, I love you so much!”

“From now on, what I’m asking you to do must be really hard for you, who was born a noble Prince. But Killian, whatever happens, you have to survive. You don’t need all your pride when in danger of your life. The authority of the imperial family? The nobility? What’s the use of all that if you die? So, no matter what happens, you must survive and do what you want to do. I don’t need revenge. Don’t waste your life on such a thing.”

Cordelia patted Killian’s soft black hair affectionately.

“If you want to be Emperor, be Emperor. But if you don’t want to be, don’t be. But you have to make sure you know who your enemy is. You’ll have to make sure your life is never threatened by anyone again. Can you promise me?”

Unlike the Empress’ stern voice, Killian nodded silently to the mournful, tearful gaze.

Cordelia hugged him firmly and released him at Killian’s silent acceptance, then closed her eyes for a moment and prayed. Outside the carriage, there was still a loud crash of swords and screams.

A moment later, Cordelia who opened her eyes rose from her seat and locked the carriage door, then fell to the floor facing the door.

“Your Majesty!”


“Shh, quiet. Killian, come here. Can you tell me what I want to hear for the last time?”

Killian hugged Cordelia’s neck and whispered in her ear a word she’d wanted to hear so much. A stream of tears trickled down from Cordelia’s eyes at the whispered words.

Sitting still for a while, savoring the words, she opened her eyes to the sound of the swords just by the carriage. Then she lifted her skirt, which was inflated with panniers.

“Killian, come in here. From now on, no matter what you hear, never make a sound or come out. All right?”

Cordelia looked hard at Killian, who shook his head when he was told to hide in her skirt.

“Killian, don’t forget what I said earlier. And build up your strength so that no one will force you to do anything you don’t want to do after today.”

Killian, looking alternately at Cordelia’s face and the uncovered dress, bit his lips tightly and crawled along the bottom of the carriage into the skirt.

Cordelia led Killian, who sat still in the dress to lie on her lap. Liana approached, touched the dress so that the hidden Killian wouldn’t be seen, and sat on the floor as if she were standing in the way of the Empress.

“Liana, I’m sorry.”

“No. This is my destiny.”

“Destiny… yes, I guess fate can’t be changed anyway.”

“But if Prince Killian survives today, the efforts of the Empress will shine, and my death will be a very glorious one. So, Your Highness has to be safe.”

The locked carriage door began to rattle as the two women waited for death.

“Break it down.”

The sound of a sword hitting the door was heard outside, and soon the luxurious carriage door was shattered and fell down. Cordelia’s eyes caught the disastrous scene of the cruelty outside in a huge open space. She tasted the smell of blood, and had dry heaves without knowing it.

Cordelia glared at a group of black-masked men, thinking of Killian hiding quietly in her dress.

“Who sent you? I know you are not just a group of bandits.”

“Anyway, you will be dead. What would you do if you knew who sent us?”

With a calm voice and cultivated tone, Cordelia felt somewhat relieved. At least they didn’t seem to be ruffian mercenaries. She said, having a faint hope on their chivalry, “I’m going to die, but I want to know who at least kills me. But if I give up on this and don’t ask who sent you, will my maid be spared?”

“No, we can’t do that. It’s an order not to let anyone live.”


“Then why don’t you tell me who is going to kill me?”

At the calm Cordelia’s words, the man who seemed to be the leader hesitated for a moment. Cordelia asked, as if to take advantage of his hesitation, “Did the Duke of Dudley send you?”

Cordelia nodded when she saw the brown eyes between the black masks flashing a positive reply.

– Thank you. It’s a relief not to die in the hands of a bunch of ravenous bandits. At least you won’t touch my body.

At Cordelia’s words, the chief answered, “That won’t happen, so rest assured.”

“That’s good. I’ll trust that promise and die without any resistance.” The chief raised his sword as Cordelia closed her eyes in determination.

“Wait, Sir Randolph. I don’t see the Prince and the second Queen. Empress, where is Prince Killian?”

That was how it turned out that the chief who had raised his sword against Cordelia was named Sir Randolph. Randolph looked at the Empress as if he had asked her at the cry of the man next to him.


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