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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 6: Dress-up, Part V Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 6. Dress-up, Part V

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“Oh, congratulations! You made a really good choice.”

As soon as the dog Manny shouted in an excited voice, Jenna’s surroundings suddenly began to change.

“What? What is this?” Jenna screamed in amazement as she found herself standing in the missing white room which appeared inside the screen for a moment earlier and disappeared.

“Welcome to the room of opportunity. How do you feel? It’s really cool, isn’t it?”

There were six multi-visions in the small room with nothing, but Manny was very proud of itself.

“Huh?… But when are you leaving my dream?” Jenna, convinced that the current situation was a dream, accepted it with an impassive voice.

Manny exclaimed happily, “Oh! Yes. You must want to wake up from your dream right away. It’s not a dream, but it doesn’t matter. Now, it’s choice time for your new world. Which of the six screens in front of you is your favorite?”

Jenna, who struggled to ignore what was not a dream, turned to the six screens.

The first screen showed images of armor-clad knights lined up in a row in front of the flag-waving castle against the backdrop of the Middle Ages.

The second screen showed an Indian, as if in the Wild West, and gunmen chasing them on horseback. Jenna, who frowned at the two backdrops with no romance at all, turned to the next screen.

The third was the scene of a giant, wearing a Viking’s helmet, arriving at the shore and looting the town, while the fourth was the scene of women in colorful Harlem smoking cigarettes and chatting.

Jenna turned to the fifth screen, flustered by the scenes being shown. In a large banquet hall, a thin red-haired woman in a silver dress and a handsome, silver-haired man in a blue robe danced. Jenna turned to the last screen, thinking for a moment about the colorful costumes of the people and the ballroom, which was like a scene from a fairy tale.

There was a scene where a beautiful woman was sitting on a luxurious bed hugged a baby. The last screen, caught between grandeur, dynamism, languor, and glamour, made her more relaxed. Jenna touched the last screen without hesitation.

“Oh! You liked that screen. That’s an unusual taste. It’s great to see you choose a different world with only two. I’m glad you have a good eye. But there’s one thing that’s missing. I can’t send a new soul to the world you choose. Moving the dimension, the newly born soul is limited by one every fifty years. We still have five years left before the next birth. I don’t know what to do with this…”

“Wait, what are you talking about? What’s with this world at a different dimension, and what’s the new soul? No matter how dreamy it is, it’s a little…” Jenna poured out her words without hiding her embarrassment, but the dog ignored it and continued speaking calmly.

“Manny is a dimension manager who keeps its promise. I’ll have to find an empty body that has lost its soul in a sudden accident.”

“… manage a dimension? But it’s weird enough that a dog talks, so it wouldn’t be a big deal for a dog to manage it.” Jenna murmured in desperation, thinking she was having a great dream.

“I promised to get you out of your current life. Just trust this Manny. Manny is a friend of Jenna’s. Are you ready?”

“Wait, ready? What ready? What’s the matter with you? I am nervous!”

“Manny is so happy. Here we go. One, two, three!”

“Come on, hold on! Stop! Wait!”

Jenna hurriedly stopped the dog who was excitedly tapping something on the keyboard in front of the monitor.

“Jenna, do you have anything to say? The command to move to another dimension is quite complex and I have to focus. If there is something wrong, you might fall into an unknown dimension!” Manny muttered discontentedly and urged Jenna to hurry up if she had anything to say.

Jenna decided to enjoy this fun dream properly and began to quibble according to her usual clear personality. “I heard I am getting out of my current life. You said that I would not be born again, and I would go into another body that I don’t know who it is. However, I don’t like it either. Take it back. I’ll go into the fifth screen which I saw earlier.”

“If you’ve already chosen once, you can’t take it back. Decide whether you give up the opportunity or accept the life you have chosen.”

“You are so cheap. Taking back a move is accepted in a chess game, but I don’t have enough time to make life-threatening choices. Take it back, take it back, or cut my belly!”

“What cutting your belly? It’s a cruel thing to do. Manny refuses it!”

“You’re making a person mad. Can’t you really take it back?”

“No, I can’t.”

“Then you had to explain it well from the beginning. I would have chosen carefully if you had warned me that there is a person’s life that I should be involved in, among six lives. You’re guilty of dereliction of duty.”


“You don’t have anything to say, do you? Then compromise with me.”

“What kind of compromise are you talking about? Manny doesn’t want to make that compromise.”

“I’ll accept the life I choose, so give me the ability to do something good. Shouldn’t I have any ability to move on to another dimension? I don’t want to suffer from any hardship, so give me the ability to do something useful.”

“What ability do you mean?”

“Well, you know what? I can get a good job and live in a good place, I can become a lawyer or a politician because I have a great deal of eloquence, or I have a great athletic talent. Anyways, you know something that’s better than others. Give me one of those.”

“I can do that, but I can’t tell you which one you will take because it’s randomly assigned.”

“What? That’s nonsense! A dimension dog that can move a person into another dimension can’t give her the power she wants! Somehow, I felt uneasy about the fact that a small dog is on such a heavy duty as a dimension manager. You have to be honest. You’re lying about being a dimension manager, aren’t you? You don’t have the slightest ability, do you?”

“What kind of words are you hitting me with? You don’t have to take it if you don’t want it. Manny is a super dog with a tremendous ability to get in and out of all dimensions.”

At the sulky voice of Manny, Jenna thought, ‘Am I too much excited as this is just a dream? Or in any case, who cares?’

“I’m dreaming about Manny’s voice, but I think I’m so excited,” said Jenna, with a smile on her face.

“Not bad, is it?”

“Yes, it’s not bad because it’s better than others.”

“All right. Anything is better than nothing. Okay. Quickly shoot that ability.”

“It’s not possible here. If you enter the new body, you’ll be randomly given the ability.”

“Really? You must keep your word.”


Jenna agreed with Manny, wondering how far this fun dream would go. The next moment, the surroundings lit up, whether or not she was about to wake up from her dream.

“You stupid shithead. Is this the ability I got?”

The ability was that she was the most beautiful woman of all.

Jenna, who had woken up from sleep, said, “I can’t believe it!” when she realized that everything she had thought was a dream was real, and that she had woken up in the body of a little kid in a scary lace nightgown.

When she finally woke up from shock and tried to face reality, a screen suddenly appeared in the air, dancing like it was teasing her. The glittering screen displayed colorful, glittering letters that did not exist in the world.

‘A more beautiful ability than anyone else. Congratulations on your new body! You can’t find anyone more beautiful than Jenna, who grew up with her body. Aging will be two or three times slower than others, and if anyone is praised for being more beautiful than Jenna, she will be gone.

The command is ‘more beautiful than Julietta,’ using the name registered in her family registry. As soon as you speak that, a person who is praised for being more beautiful will disappear from your world, regardless of man or woman, of all ages.

Do you like your ability? Then, I hope you can live a happy second life. I’ll sincerely pray for you. Good Luck!’


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