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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 59: Calen Castle, Part XX Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 59. Calen Castle, Part XX

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“What do you want to do with Sylvia Chaister?” They had followed Killian to the room, and he glared at the three who sat huddled in his private office. But they seemed to have no intention of loosening their lips, ordering tea unabashedly.

“Let it go, because the doctor said she is going to die soon. If she’s dead, send her body back to the family of Chaister.” Oswald said about the treatment of the fallen Sylvia with a smile on his face, as if he kept protested that work had kept chasing him into the office.

“Will you leave the family of Chaister alone?”

“I can’t do that. I’ll deprive him of his title of Viscount and property. Sylvia Chaister’s official charge is deception. She broke in to poison me, but she was caught by my private maid and she made it up. Fortunately, with Duke Martin’s testimony, she failed to frame the maid. Announce that she has attempted to commit suicide.”

“Suicide?” Adam protested, seeing the Prince was going to cover it up like this.

“Sylvia Chaister can’t open her mouth anyway. A witness who can’t testify about who is behind the scenes is useless. So, I’d rather put all the sins on Chaister and trample on just one person thoroughly.”

“I’m sure she didn’t do it alone. What are you going to do about the person behind the scenes?”

“Francis will be here soon, so there is no need to mess up in return for finding someone behind the scenes with no evidence. I want you to finish this work today. But keep a close watch on the Baroness, especially after Francis arrives, whether she contacts him or shows any strange signs.”


Killian called Albert close after they all stepped down after a brief meeting. “What about Julietta?”

“I just brought her a meal.”

“Get a servant and a maid to replace Jeff and Julietta.”

“A maid is supposed to follow us as she gets from Austern, so she’ll be here soon. Then, why did you suddenly say that all of a sudden?”

Albert asked carefully because his master was strange, asking him to find a new maid to replace Julietta, whom he loved so much, to the extent of taking care of every meal.

“When Julietta and I are alone in the bedroom in the future, Albert, you shouldn’t let yourself in.”

“Your, Your Highness?”

It was saying that Julietta would be the woman of his master. Ignoring the stunningly surprised look in Albert’s unbelieving eyes, Killian kept giving orders.

“I will give her a seat even in the Imperial Castle when I go back to Austern. So be prepared accordingly.”

It was an indication that she was different from the women of Harrods’ mansion. Giving a seat in the Imperial Castle meant that Julietta’s status would change, and the mouth of Albert, who understood the meaning, was wide open. But Killian only got up after saying what he had to say.


Julietta breathed a sigh of relief, smoothing down her chest as her employer left the room. She was so relieved that she wasn’t caught with a bare face, but she felt so embarrassed that she was going to die.

Julietta had been struggling for a long time, and jumped up.

‘Well, he’s naked every day, so I can treat it like that. Let’s think of it as having casual conversation.

Well, it’s my loss to waste energy on what happened if I’m ashamed of it, as I have so many hard and tiring things in my life. Let’s get some sleep.’

She didn’t care about what the private thing that had happened, but after laying hypnotized herself jumped up again in less than ten minutes. Hunger kept her awake. He had said he would send her a meal, but she had forgotten after she had dried her hair and struggled with shame.

Julietta decided to make plans for her future job before the meal came up, and recalled Marquis Anais, as she took out her pouch full of money from her bag. When something dangerous had happened to her, the first person that came to mind was the Marquis. It seemed to her that she had been expecting something from him without knowing.

Julietta shook her head quickly, thinking of Marquis Anais and the daughter she had seen in the theater before. Seeing his visit to the theater to enjoy the opera affectionately for his daughter’s coming-of-age ceremony, it was clear that he had wanted to forget that there was another daughter in one corner of the theater.

She remembered the day when she was five years old when she had been evicted from a cozy mansion. Stella’s heartbroken image as she had asked the gatekeeper, Zimmer, to tell him that when the Marquis had returned, they would be at the Eileen Theater.

But the Marquis had not come, and suddenly, Maribel had moved Stella and Julietta, who had been living in a warehouse on the first floor, into her secret room at the innermost part of the theater to live in hiding. It had been after Stella’s death that Julietta, who had been hiding like that for six months, had been freed after she had begun applying the juice of the metum fruit to her face, and wearing a stiff red wig over her head.

Julietta recalled her gloomy past, and thought she was lucky that her employer had saved her. If she had asked Marquis Anais with the expectation of being her father and been rejected, she would have been hurt. She thought it would be better to just pretend that they didn’t know each other, and to leave him as a person to depend on only as someone who she would ask for help when something difficult happened.

Julietta thought she felt depressed because she was thinking something strange, and put her pouch firmly back in her bag.


Duke Kiellini left the Oval Office on the pretext of tiredness as the Prince went up to the room. The Duke entered the VIP guest room, guided by the waiting servant of Calen Castle, and asked his servant who had already arrived, “Is that the maid who was locked up in prison?”

“Yes, Your Excellency. It was almost in vain for us to come here. I’m glad we arrived on time.”

Kiellini nodded and agreed. “That’s a relief. It’s not easy to find the right person. Now that she’s been through a near-death experience, it’s even more likely that she won’t turn down our offer.”

“Are you going to tell her when she goes back to Austern?”

“I think it would be timely for me to suggest, as the maid Countess Auguste recommended will arrive soon.”

Duke Kiellini recalled a meeting with the owner of the Eileen Theater whom he had secretly met two months ago.


“Your Excellency, it’s an honor to have you here” Maribel, who seemed no older even several years later, officially came to greet him at the box seat he had arrived at to see the opera.

“Maribel, long time no see. Thank you for taking the time.” Though she was a woman he despised, Kiellini gently greeted her without showing his reluctance.

“I should thank you for visiting us like this.” Maribel greeted him with the utmost politeness, hiding her curiosity as to why the head of the family of Kiellini, the maternal family of the Emperor, and the most prestigious family, visited her.

“I don’t have much time left until the curtain rises, and I don’t want to hear anything about it, so I’ll say just the main point. Find a girl in her late teens with blond hair and green eyes.”

Maribel was surprised at the words of Duke Kiellini.

For a long time, she had been a matchmaker for actresses who wanted sponsors, apprentices who wanted wealth and luxury, and aspiring actresses who visited the theater. She connected them to aristocrats and wealthy merchants, which had helped the Eileen Theater become the continent’s best theater.

Just in time, the right kid had refused to accept her suggestion with firm confidence, and had gone out and had a hard time. Normally, she would have pushed ahead as planned without a word, but as she had taken care of her, she had showed rare compassion and listened to the child’s request.

Maribel was proud of her coming back to pay the money every month. Julietta was one of the few people she cared so rarely about, and she waited for the day that returned every month.


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