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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 56: Calen Castle, Part XVII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 56. Calen Castle, Part XVII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

He might have felt that look, but Killian left the hall in total disregard of Christine, as if to punish her for trying to control him by her hand for a while.

“Christin, what does His Highness mean by what he said?” Despite the angry scolding of the Marquis, Christine was just looked at the door Killian had left through.


She muttered silently without even looking at her father, who was terribly angry, “Father, it’s no big deal. I think I made a little mistake, but I can make up for it very quickly. You don’t have to worry.”


Meanwhile, Pamela stepped out with dignity as a head maid of Calen Castle and ordered the maids to move the fallen Sylvia to a guest room.

Watching Sylvia lie down in the bedroom of guest chambers on the first floor, Pamela approached her, pretending to be worried. Looking down at Sylvia, who felt an indication of a person around and shook her eyelids, Pamela pretending to cover her up with the bedsheet, pressing down on her heart gently.

“Be careful not to leave your bed until the Lady wakes up.”

Sylvia’s eyes were closed on purpose, as if she were fainted, but she opened her eyes at Pamela’s voice from above, to ask what she should do in the future. But she was feeling unusually heavy and couldn’t even move one finger, and suddenly was overwhelmed with fear.

She tried to say something in a hurry, but began to get distracted. She struggled sadly with her immobile hands, but finally gave up her spirit with a rush of drowsiness.


Click! Her employer’s word was right, he’d let her out within a day. Julietta jumped to her feet when the chief guard told her to come out, and suddenly stopped. She remembered rubbing her face with frustration, thinking she might die soon.

The chief guard freaked out when the maid who His Highness had cared enough about to come down to see the situation in person left her cell and suddenly stripped off the dirt from the dirty prison walls and rubbed her face with her hands.

He couldn’t figure out why she was doing that, but couldn’t help but try to ignore the thought that it had nothing to do with him. As he saw the ugly maid walking towards him, swaying her hips about whether her disguise was finally over, he prayed for a moment, ‘May she never return to this prison again.’


As he looked at the back of the maid, she said goodbye to him with a full bow and walked away. Her character was good, unlike her appearance, and he felt she was both great and pitiful.


At that time, the main castle was busy welcoming Duke Kiellini, who had just left his wagon.

A sharp man with gray silver hair and fierce eyes stepped in and bowed politely to Killian. “Your Highness, Duke Kiellini has arrived.”

“Your Highness, I haven’t seen you in a long time. I heard that there was an irreverent movement.”

Duke Kiellini was escorted into the Oval Office, and saw the figures surrounding the long meeting table. He thought that it was like the Prince’s Oval Office in Austern had been moved here.

“Duke Kiellini, I welcome you. We don’t know yet if it’s an irreverent move, but it’s clear that someone has intended ill.”

Duke Kiellini handed over the silk hat and cane he was wearing to his servant, and then sat down on the side opposite Duke Martin. “I’m glad Duke Martin arrived on time. When I heard about the story of Count Adam suddenly visiting, I came as quick as I could. By the way, who would have done this?”

Although he did not officially support the fifth Prince, it was decided from the beginning who he, the Emperor’s cousin and closest aide, would stand for.

“I’ve deliberately quarantined Sylvia Chaister to reveal the background, so there’s going to be an attempt to silence her before tonight goes by. If we look at someone who will be coming during the night to get a tail cut, we’ll find out who’s behind it.”

Killian looked at the door of the Oval Office once, and then wet his throat with the tea Albert had brought in. Duke Kiellini thought that he was waiting for Count Adam, smiled and said, “The Count came in disguised as my driver, so he drove himself to the stable. It’ll take some time to get back to his original identity.”

At the Duke’s natural misconception, Oswald restrained himself from what he wanted to say, ‘He’s not the person His Highness is waiting for,’ and tapped the unfolded list of employees of Calen Castle with his finger.

“If the maid who had arrived yesterday had a grudge against anyone in Calen Castle, I think it’s only because of one thing. She became your maid instead of Jeff.”

“Are you saying Baroness Lanolf is suspicious?”

At the inquiry of Duke Martin, Marquis Oswald nodded. “As soon as she came to say hello to His Highness, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the maid. And if she was told that the maid was responsible for Jeff’s burns, she might have prepared revenge for the nephew she has cherished.”

“How about Marquis Anais?”

Count Valerian answered when Duke Kiellini questioned the guest who had arrived before him,

“There has been no particular move, but it happened inside Calen Castle where there was no problem until after the arrival of the Marquis and his daughter, so we need to keep an eye on them. Moreover, there is something suspicious about when the Lady came and spoke to High Highness this morning. It might have been an attempt to do such a thing on purpose, to help you, and then to seize the opportunity.”

Everyone nodded, agreeing with what he said.

“The outline will be revealed to some extent after tonight. I want you to put a maid in the room where Sylvia Chaister is locked up. However, make sure that you monitor the main castle twice as thoroughly as usual. From this moment on, no one should enter or leave the main castle without my permission. Everyone has had a hard time since yesterday. Let’s get some rest.”


Less than half an hour after Duke Kiellini came in, Killian was staring at the door of his office, and stood up without waiting any longer.

Killian had already opened the Oval Office while Duke Martin and Duke Kiellini were wondering. Marquis Oswald and Count Valerian bowed politely behind his back, and sighed softly. looking at each other.

As soon as he left the office, Killian asked Albert, who was following behind him, “Julietta?”


“I’ve sent a message to the prison, and she is to be released soon.”

“Yes. In case she will lose the way, as the road is strange to her, send someone to pick her up. As soon as the long trip was over, she was put in jail and must have had a hard time. You’ve had a lot of trouble all night, too. You’re not even young, so don’t tell me your back hurts again. Now go get some rest.”

“I’m fine, Your Highness. You’re tired. Would you like me to bring your meal up to your room? There is no maid to take care of your bath and bed today, and I would like to get them taken care of.”

Albert had to almost run to catch up with his tall master’s stride. Stopping in front of the stairs leading up to the second floor, Killian turned around and soothedAlbert’s affectionate worries.

“Don’t worry, I can do it alone. I do not have an idea of dinner, so don’t forget to give a meal to Julietta when she gets back. Take care of her meals yourself from now on, so that she doesn’t get caught up in the wrong stuff as she wanders around looking for a dining room.”

Albert who was now taking care of the maid’s meals, paused for a while, and Killian went up the stairs.

Worried about his precious master’s fatigue, Albert was torn for a long time between the desire to follow and take care of him, and the order given him by his master. However, it was impossible to reject the order. Looking up at the second floor with lingering eyes, he soon gave up and turned to send someone to bring Julietta back.



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