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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 46: Calen Castle, Part VII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 46. Calen Castle, Part VII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Oswald sighed when he saw a woman in front of him, who intentionally used thin fabrics to make the fabric stick to her whole body, and whose exposed dress was beautiful, but overflowing with vulgarity.

“Hoo, the Viscountess. I think you’re mistaken. Nothing that comes out of my mouth is without the thoughts of His Highness. As I said, his intentions are in line with my message, so be ready. The maids of Rezen Castle are helping your maid pack your things, so as soon as you are ready, you must leave the castle. I want you to know that if you hold out, it will be enforced.”

Oswald called in the knights who were standing outside with the warning.

“As soon as the Viscountess has gone into her room and is ready, take her out of the castle. Everything has to be done within an hour from now.”

At the direction of the Marquis, knights surrounded her. She began to calculate quickly. At this rate, she might be dragged out in a very ugly way, but she thought it was not too bad.

It would seem more plausible to be surrounded by knights than to leave the gate in a shabby manner without anyone sending them off. On the surface, they would not know whether these knights were mobilized to make her go, or to see her off. If she were to take advantage of this situation, she could create a plausible situation for later on.

‘If I can’t hope for any more future for Prince Killian anyway, shouldn’t I use the situation to find another plausible person?’

Oswald sighed loudly as she held onto her seat.

“Madame, I warned you clearly. Let’s take her right to the carriage.”

Two knights bowed politely to the Viscountess at Oswald’s command, and raised her by holding both arms. She pretended to rebel and was taken to the carriage. A moment later, as soon as her maid came with her mistress’s hat and sat down opposite her, the carriage set off.

“His Highness is so mean. I don’t even remember how I packed it.”

The maid was moved to tears when she had to be prepared to leave in a hurry under the eyes of the scary knights.

“Shut up! Give me my hat.”

After putting on the hat handed to her by the maid, she looked out through the carriage window. Knights wearing two emblems of the Principality of Bertino and Prince Killian had surrounded the carriage she was riding. She looked pleased sy the sight and leaned back comfortably in the seat.

“I’ll go back to Austern first and look forward to the future. No one will think I was kicked out by the Prince with this much for an escort, except Anais.

“Huh, Lady Anais is totally different from the rumors. Those who believe that she is generous and kind, and she is the right person to be the Empress in the future, would never say that if they find out what she really is like.”

She nodded to the maid who had been emotionally hurt in the war of nerves that lasted for days.

“That’s right. I can stand for anything else, but I can’t see that bitch pompous in the future. I’m going to have to take revenge for what she’s done to me in the meantime.”

The Viscountess had a dark and damp smile, thinking, You wait and see…


At that time, Julietta came back to the room at the command of a noble lady, who was acting like a superintendent of a dormitory.

Though her makeup was a little too serious, she had not hurt others and was bored by the fact that everyone was treating her like an infectious patient. She was worried that she might get into an accident sooner or later after her mood had so many highs and lows, even though she suffered every time. She just waited for Killian’s new maid to come as soon as possible.

Julietta was unaware that Killian was going to send back the new maid who she had been waiting with a yearning so long, and was alone in thinking how long she would wait to go back to Harrods Street.

“Julietta.” She heard a voice calling her from outside. It seemed like a long time had passed before the Prince returned to his room. As she was hurrying out, the door linked to the dressing room burst open.

Killian looked around the room where Julietta was staying. As he thought the room was too small for a huge dressing room, he asked without thinking deeply, “Isn’t the room too small? It doesn’t even have a window, so it feels stuffy.”

Julietta shook her head hard, thinking that her employer might be trying to take away her own space again.

“No, I really like it. I’ve never had such a nice room. I’m really satisfied with the bed, the table, and the closet.”

Although she seemed to have lived a splendid life under the protection of Marquis Anais, she decided to think that her past before the age of five was not her life. She decided to remain aloof about the guests who were staying in the outer castle.

Killian nodded helplessly when he saw Julietta, who answered strongly that she really liked it. If she didn’t like it, he would try to renovate the dressing room, but it was just as well that she liked it so much.

“Get ready for a bath. We are tight before dinner time in the evening, so hurry up.”

When Killian went out, leaving an order, Julietta breathed a sigh of relief that she had kept the room.

As she hurried to the bathroom to prepare for the bath, now accustomed to it, Killian thought for a moment, looking at her ample disguise from behind.

He had already heard a lot of words about the appearance of his maid. He wanted to keep her out of sight as much as possible, but to do so, he had to have another servant or a maid beside him.

The reason why he had so far put up with Jeff was that he hated the presence of unreliable people around him.

Although he did know Jeff’s insidiousness and nasty character, he had not been very intrusive until this time, and above all, he was the nephew of Baroness Lanolf, who had worked as his mother’s maid.

He finally found his favorite maid, but the meddling of the people around him was quite annoying. Furthermore, Killian was deeply offended by the head maid’s attitude, daring to point out Albert’s incompetence in front of him.


At that time, Baroness Ranolf, who had supplied that situation, was listening to the news of Jeff’s accident from Sir Albert.

“What? Do you mean that ugly thing threw hot water on Jeff?”

“The Baroness, don’t say anything to create trouble. When did I say that? In preparing tea for His Highness, Jeff was burned by a small wagon accident. His Highness confirmed that there was no intention of that.”


“The face of the ugly must be filled with hot water, why did it spill over into our Jeff’s face? Was it really an accident? His Highness didn’t see it wrong, did he?”

Albert was very angry at Pamela, who was so excited that she didn’t know what she should not say.

“If you want to hold out for a long time on the seat, I hope you won’t say such insufficient words again. I’ll pass on this once, but once again, you’ll have to leave the castle if I hear this again.”

As Albert glared and yelled at her, Pamela bit down on her protest, which was about to burst out of her. It was because she knew that such a strong and straight old man would really do that if he wanted to.

“Yes, Sir Albert. I was sorry for my nephew who had been injured, so my tongue slipped. Please forgive me.”

Albert nodded reluctantly at the appearance of an apology.

As she managed to calm down her bubbling mind and reported on dinner preparations for the evening banquet, Pamela thought, I need to kick out that unpleasant maid right away.



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