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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 42: Calen Castle, Part III Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 42. Calen Castle, Part III

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

It was obvious that this time, the Viscountess Morbido must have hurt her self-esteem even more, as she had been dumped after meeting only twice after being given the job of the Prince’s lover. But as Albert was admiring her, thinking it was not normal to follow this far to distant Bertino, Killian’s anger was gradually rising to the ceiling of the Oval Office.

“So now that there’s no way to control the behavior of the women, it’s inevitable that they’ve come all this way and we can’t help, but let it go?”

Albert was so pricked by Killian’s increasingly low voice that he hurriedly waved his hand and denied it. “That’s not going to happen. I will do my best to keep them out of sight of Your Highness by any means possible. How dare they come here without your permission! Mr. Marquis Oswald, I am very disappointed. You’re holding the Viscountess widow of the Kingdom of Lebatum in an exterior castle where Lady Anais, the daughter of Marquis Anais is staying, the Marquis of Anais. Why did you handle it like that?”

Oswald, who was enjoying his tea gracefully, jumped when Albert’s grudges turned to him.

“No, Sir Albert, how could I have known that the Viscountess widow had been dumped by His Highness after only a month? I knew it was by the permission of His Highness because she came here calling herself a lover of His Highness. But, Your Highness, was the widow so unattractive? Isn’t it almost a new record that you dumped a lover in a month?”

Julietta, standing in the corner, burst into laughter at Oswald’s serious question, regardless of the feelings of Killian, and then quickly covered it up with a cough.

She tried, but the situation was so funny that she couldn’t stand it. Of the five people in this room, only her employer was serious.

Count Adam listened to the conversation and nodded dryly, while Marquis Oswald looked happy to die with this situation, and Sir Albert complained so and so, and wiped his forehead with his handkerchief as if the Prince had to bear it, since it had already happened.

At first glance, it seemed that Lady Anais, who had arrived similarly to the Viscountess widow, was what they thought was a reserved Queen. In other words, a smiling situation had occurred in which a former lover and a woman who would be his fiancé had met in one place. Nevertheless, the other closest aides, except for the Prince, were saying, “This is a big deal,” making it difficult for Julietta to hold back her laughter, as she seemed to be watching a sitcom.

She covered her mouth with her hands, acting as if she had a cough, but it was too late. When the Prince’s gaze, which seemed to be overturned at any moment, turned to the maid standing in the corner, Albert ducked his head without realizing it. Even though the new maid had not arrived yet, he wondered who in the Castle of Calen should be chosen as a new maid of His Highness.

Even if Count Adam managed Bertino Castle and the Principality, it was not easy to investigate every single person among the maids. Moreover, he didn’t intend to trust the maids who were hired without his okay. He was anxious to relieve His Highness’s anger before that maid was kicked out, but his master, who had hit even the sofa’s armrest with the case of the Viscountess widow, suddenly uttered in a strange voice.

“I think I haven’t had lunch yet. You should go eat and come back. Albert, take Julietta to the next room to stay in the future and get her a meal. Oh, you can eat, too. We’ll continue to have meetings and ask other maids to bring us something simple to eat.”

Albert frowned at the master’s behavior of taking care of the lunch of the maid, and Adam sighed, as if he had given up. Albert took Julietta out with him, his face complicated by the behavior of his increasingly unknown master these days.

Oswald, looking back and forth between them, opened his mouth with amusement, “Your Highness, will you give her the room Jeff used to use? It looks like the new maid is in your confidence. I should also look good to the maid!”

“Please tell Valerian to come here, don’t just beat your gums. And invite Marquis Anais and his party to dinner.”

After asking Oswald to invite Marquis Anais to the dinner to be laid out for the monarch who had returned after a few months, he stopped talking, and Oswald reminded him about something his monarch had forgotten.

“What about the Viscountess Morbido?”

“Get her out of the castle right now. Let her know that no one can stay in Bertino without my permission. And if this happens again, keep in mind that I have no choice but to judge you as too incompetent to keep close to me.”

As Killian stared coolly, the two bowed politely and asked for forgiveness, contrary to the atmosphere so far.


Julietta put down the luggage she was carrying in a side chamber to the bedroom of the Prince, the owner of Calen Castle.

The room she would stay in was a small one, connected to a dressing room and having no windows, but it was equipped with nearly everything. There was a table, a chair, and even a small closet on one side of the wall, and a bed that looked quite fluffy.

In addition, the side room was decorated in ivory and blue, just like the castle owner’s bedroom, and the interior looked so refreshing. Julietta stamped her feet excitedly at her increasingly developed home.

A small but clean maid’s room on Harrods Street, or one side of the Eileen Theater’s prop room, which was hard to lay down in, stacked with fabric and clothes… But now, for a while, she would stay in a room with tables and closets, and a bed.


Most of all, she was so happy that she could get away from sleeping on a blanket on the bedside floor next to her employer’s bed.

Julietta put down the box of tea, which she held more carefully than her luggage, took out the glass bottle she had hung around her neck, and carefully put it in the box.

Then she slowly sent her entire fortune, two dresses and pajamas, several belongings and a box of tea, into the closet, and then left the room, dancing around and around. She even greeted the hateful knights that Albert had introduced her to, and walked as if she were flying.

It seemed to be smaller than the castle of the Crown Prince in Austern, which she had gone in for a while before departing for Bertino. She came out looking around the interior of Calen Castle. As Albert informed her, she could easily find the dining room attached to the servants and maids’ quarters behind the main castle.

As if it was a lie that she had just been excited and whirling around, Julietta cautiously opened the door of the dining room and stepped in, nervous about how the new people who she was supposed to face for a while would accept her. However, her tension was useless, because the inside of the dining room was empty.

Even if it was well past lunchtime, it was hard to eat on time, as it depended on the work of a maid, unlike the aristocrats who ate on time. For this reason, Harrods’ dining room always had simple snacks or loaves of bread on the table, and inside the kitchen was a pot of stew or soup that could be heated all the time.

Unlike Harrods’ kitchen, which was always bustling and noisy to prepare for the next meal, there was no indication of a person being around the kitchen inside the dining room, and Julietta thought about what to do. If she had to fend for herself at mealtime, she had to adjust to the Prince’s schedule, and she could hardly have dinner for herself.

After going into the cold kitchen and rummaging for leftovers, she had to give up her lunch. She had no choice but to leave the dining room for now, thinking she should ask Sir Albert what to do later.


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