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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 41: Calen Castle, Part II Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 41. Calen Castle, Part II

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

The man at the head of the long procession blew over the dark blond hair that was winding down to his mouth and covering one eye, bowing gracefully. At the peacock-like man’s exaggerated greeting, which gave a different vibe from the servants and maids at first glance, the Prince twitched his mouth. Julietta could not suppress her curiosity about who he was while she was packing a box of tea.

“Marquis Oswald, long time no see. You are still noisy.”

“No, this is not noisy, Your Highness. This Oswald is deeply hurt. You don’t know how much I’ve worked for my beauty and elegance. Beauty is never gained for nothing. Mm-hmm? I’ve never seen her before.”

Philip Leslie Oswald raised his hand roughly to Adam and looked interestingly at Julietta getting off the wagon for the last time, dangling a precious tea box at her side.

“But, Your Highness, where did you abandon Jeff?”

“I did not abandon him. He had a small accident on the way, so I sent him to Vicern for treatment.”

“So this remarkable lady is serving Your Highness? Is she working temporarily? She looks very interesting. Can I hire this maid when Jeff returns?”

At the words of Marquis Oswald, Adam gently shook his head, but Oswald moved forward to Julietta without caring.

“Well, you look very unique. Why did your head end up in that shape? Did you have some big trouble growing up?”

Julietta was startled and stepped back from the strange man looking over her with his soft chocolate-colored eyes closely. As the Marquis stepped closer to her and took her glasses, and Killian ragged him, “The Marquis, I don’t think it’s time to show interest in my maid. Isn’t there something I need to hear about the guests who are now at the castle?”

The Marquis followed and replied quickly as Killian looked back at Julietta, who had retreated one more step from the close-up Oswald. The men passed through the courteous crowd with their heads down and headed toward the entrance of the main castle.

“Oh, that’s right, that’s right. Now this Calen Castle is so busy because of the sudden arrival of guests. A series of very complicated situations have happened in a row. As soon as he heard that after Marquis Anais and his daughter arrived, Prince Francis would come, Count Adam ran away without looking back, so Count Valerian and I had to deal with everything in the country.”

Julietta flinched at the words “Marquis Anais,” but no one noticed it. Dressed in a dark green jacket, the peacock-like Marquis Oswald raised his hands, looking exaggeratedly up into the sky.

“Your Highness, you have to scold Adam. This Oswald, heavily armed with health, almost died from overwork. But who am I? I am your right-hand man, who can handle things with my beautiful appearance and splendid eloquence if a crisis happens. I could cook those nobles of the Austern with one hand, until the Viscountess widow showed up.”

‘Oh, I suppose you would have been so good.’ Killian, who enthusiastically agreed inwardly with the words of the Marquis who spoke too much, stopped on his way to the words ‘the Viscountess widow.’

“Who is it?”

“Your current lover, the Viscountess widow of the Kingdom of Lebatum.”

When Oswald said that, Killian’s eyes were directed at his own maid without knowing it, who had been following him quietly.

A few days ago, after his private life was revealed in a carriage, he came to think differently about the servants and maids who were like furniture in a room and he didn’t care about. And strangely, he was reluctant about the women he had brought to meet in with Julietta.

When Julietta, who didn’t know why Killian was looking, stared back at him, Adam coughed loudly.

It was a short moment in a few seconds, but Oswald, who noticed something, looked at Adam deliberately. Soon, a river of sighs came out of the mouth of the flashy blonde Marquis.

“Oh, dear! I never thought anything more complicated could happen here. I need to offer my deepest condolences to Count Valerian, who is now tearing his hair out between the two women.”

Ignoring Oswald, who had folded his hands behind his back, busily hanging around in place and sighing out, Killian began searching for Albert among the carriages that followed.

“Albert! Albert!”

The servants and maids, who lined up in a row, were flustered with amazement at the yell of their returned owner, and the nervous knights busily encircled him.

“Your Highness, let’s go in now. I’ll bring Sir Albert to you as soon as he arrives.”

As Adam looked back and advised, Oswald also helped. “Yes, Your Highness. Count Valerian is dying to deal with Lady Anais and the Viscountess widow, who would like to come to greet you as soon as you arrive. How hard it must be to deal with the two with his blunt personality! This Oswald begs you to go in and make your decision on how to deal with it, and to save the poor Count from the depths of hell.”

Julietta was surprised to see the gaudy blonde man talking constantly in spite of the Prince’s anger.

She felt as if she’d been walking on ice these past few days because of her employer, who had kept some distance from her after Beopash.

Although she had even begged for forgiveness for her mistake, she felt a little disappointed at the thought that he might still be upset. However, upon arriving at Calen Castle, she realized that she had been under a great illusion. This was because she forgot the status of her employer, who was royalty, and felt comfortable for a while.

Seeing so many people bowing to a single Prince, she found out what a great man she was working for. She was starting to feel a little depressed and worried about whether she could stand up well in this job.

But when she saw the man who was constantly chattering about like a peacock, she felt strangely energized. A man like that didn’t fit in with a stiff, formal atmosphere seemed to say, ‘You can stay here,’ to herself, who was at a loss because she felt like she was somewhere she shouldn’t be.


Julietta raised her head confidently. There would be no reason for her to not work if that kind of man worked as a close aide to the Prince. At the words of the peacock, it seemed that the Prince’s latest lover, who had bothered her so much, had come to this place. If she took duty in the bedroom of the Prince again, she would have to go through all the complaints and grumbling of the Viscountess widow who had slapped her face.

Killian glanced at Julietta, and sighed, thinking, I’ve been comfortable, but now it’s over, and ordered Adam, “Get Albert right away as soon as he arrives.”


“… So the parties of the Marquis and of the Viscountess Morbido are staying in Rezen Castle. When Prince Francis arrives, he is expected to go to Nas Castle, and when the other nobles arrive, they will be taken to Lona Castle, and inevitably the two parties have to be driven into Rezen Castle. Thanks to that, every day is a war.”

Oswald sighed in exaggeration, and after finishing his speech, didn’t care about the eyes of the others who were staring at him, but lifted the teacup in front of him and gracefully sniffed it. Killian’s cold eyes were directed at Albert.

“Albert, how did you manage the whole thing? Didn’t you make it clear to the Viscountess?”

Albert began to complain, wiping the sweat he didn’t have with his handkerchief, “Your Highness, I have repeatedly told her and indeed conveyed your will and sent a great farewell gift to Morbido’s mansion. But as always, there’s no way I can control the reckless behavior of those who don’t want to accept your intentions.”

When the Prince declared the last time, most of the women persistently demanded a meeting because they could not accept the parting. There were those who searched for all the places he could go, and even camped out in front of the Bertino mansion on Harrods Street. By the time the Prince, who had ignored them completely and regardless of their waiting, visited Harrods Street again to meet his new lover, their grueling wait and lingering sorrow would come to an end.


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