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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 36: The Principality Of Bertino, Part XVII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 36. The Principality Of Bertino, Part XVII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Killian, who could no longer stand Adam keeping his eyes on Julietta even after drinking water, shot back sharply, “Count, I’d like you to finish your report if you have revived your throat.”

At Killian’s shrill voice, Adam, looking at Julietta, quickly asked back, “Yes? Ah, Your Highness. Yes. I’ll finish the report. How far have I gotten?”

“After you reported the list of nobles who would attend this summer’s hunting competition, you stopped.”

Adam smiled and said to the voice that he did not hide that he was so mad he could spit nails,

“Yes, I’ve told you that much. Then I have to say this, too: Prince Francis is also expected to attend.”

“What? Is he coming to Bertino? No way! It can’t be!”

“But he is. He has to come because of Lady Anais, even if he doesn’t want to come.”

“The target must have been changed to his cousin, Lady Anais. Is it because of the rumors with Lady Haint and Count Derio? I don’t think he’s going to stick to such rumors. Have there been any other variables?”

Adam nodded when the Prince asked about the report he had received before leaving for Bertino. “Yes, that’s the second reason I had to hurry up to you yesterday. According to a message from Marquis Rhodius, Lady Haint is pregnant. They say that it’s information only a few know.”

“Spenser must have had a hard time figuring it out.”

“It shouldn’t have been that hard. Your dear Moira is now the concubine of Duke Haint.”


At Killian’s lukewarm question, Adam shook his head in embarrassment. “Your Highness, you should remember the names of the women you’ve had. I don’t know when, but I know she’s one of the women who’s been warming your bed.”

Killian slightly frowned.

“I can’t remember.”

“Don’t you want to remember, or don’t you really remember?”

“Think of it as you wish.”

Julietta casually opened her mouth at the sight of Killian turning his head out of the window, as if Adam’s questioning was annoying.

“It was exactly two months ago.”

‘Oh, no, this poor mouth.’

The exact date popped out of Julietta’s mouth. As she looked quickly at the Prince’s gaze, the Count was delighted to ask back, “Oh, how do you know?”

Julietta quickly lowered her head, blaming herself for not being careful with Adam’s question. Adam spoke soothingly to her, as she avoided his eyes.

“I won’t scold you, so tell me. It is your duty as a maid to tell him what His Highness does not remember. Isn’t that right, Your Highness?”

Julietta looked at the silent Killian, then looked carefully at Adam again. He smiled at her, nodding his head as if to say right away.

“When I was working at the Bertino mansion on Harrods Street, I was attending to her tea.”

“Oh, so you used to work in that mansion, right?”

Adam quickly helped her along. Julietta once again looked at her employer and answered the Count.

“Yes. Miss Moira was kicked out after she got angry with His Highness for something unsavory, but since I worked as a maid before, I’ve attended to her tea.”

The last time had been bad, but she had been doing pretty well before then. It would be a surprise to Anna and Nicole to hear that, as they had been fired, but Julietta recalled that compared to the widow, Viscountess Morbido, the next woman of the Prince, Moira was really nice.

“Oh, you were the private maid who was on duty in His Highness’s bedroom. So, wasn’t it hard for you to work?”

“It wasn’t hard at all except to get the ladies out of His Highness’s bedroom. His Highness was so matchless that my legs were a little numb when it took too long.”

When Killian’s eyes grew bigger at Julietta’s words, Adam burst into the laughter he had kept silent until then.

If other people had said this in front of him, he would not have left her alone, but Killian, curious as to what Julietta would say about him, struggled to keep calm and waited for the following words. If Albert saw him now, he might have cried out.

“Was he that matchless?”

“Phew, don’t even talk. I’ve never known that a man could do it that long at a time and it’s really possible. One time sex wasn’t the end of the show. Some days, he didn’t rest until dawn, doing three or four times. I was surprised because it was so different from what I knew.”

Julietta began to move her mouth, which she had long wanted to talk to anyone about, as the Prince did not make any particular motion to stop her. Killian listened to Julietta’s admiration in a calm, embarrassed but not bad mood, but was stunned at the last words.

“It’s different from what you know? How do you know that?”

Adam interjected with Killian’s question as if it were natural.

“Gee, Your Highness. Why are you asking her about that? She knows because she has experience.”

At Adam’s words, Julietta tried to say no, but shut her mouth. ‘I’ve seen so many things in my past that I know them well. But I don’t have any real experience,’ …she could not say that.

‘Indirect experience is also experience.’

When Julietta smiled at the thought that it was not a lie, Adam smiled as if he was right, but Killian’s feelings were bad without knowing why.

Adam was troubled when he saw Killian, who had joy and sorrow in quick alteration, not angry at the abandoned remarks of the maid. It wasn’t the Prince he had known. What he had seen last night was not wrong, and he looked at the ugly maid again with a serious face.

‘Is His Highness serious? Am I right about what I thought?’

Killian’s image of yesterday and today was not one he had ever seen since childhood. He also wanted to make fun of him, who was totally different from the image of someone who had been in a proper relationship with the right woman at the right time.

But the more he saw Killian’s reactions, the more serious Adam became. He didn’t seem to realize it, but his actions were just like those of a male in the breeding season.

Adam was beginning to worry about Killian, who seemed to be stuck in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the wrong way. Thinking that His Highness’s new lover might be an ugly maid, he was also concerned that he would have to find a way to avoid ridicule from his political opponents, too.

Due to the seemingly unhappy Prince and the serious Count, the mood of the carriage inside became quiet, and Julietta began to read their countenances.

After she slept and woke up in the same room while suddenly traveling with the Prince, the fear and alertness of his status as a Prince had disappeared.

‘How can you wag your tongue? You know where this is!’


Living a slim and long life was the goal of life, but at this time, it seemed as if her old personality of Jenna remained the same to her. Julietta once again reflected deeply about her ability to drive a nail into her own coffin…


Meanwhile, the carriage arrived at its destination.

As she got out of the carriage, she saw the most luxurious accommodations she had ever stayed in. It was the second-largest city, next to the capital city, and the hotel was definitely different in size.

Julietta looked at the back of the Prince, who entered his quarters without a word. He seemed to be very angry at her rude remarks. Having decided to apologize for her earlier presumptuous attitude, she hurried to take off the Prince’s traveling outfit.

The huge three-story lodge had a lounge on the first floor like a modern hotel, with many people moving busily to and fro.

These days when they arrived at an inn, the Prince used to wait for her to pick up the luggage in front of the stairs leading up to the room and take her up. However, Julietta could not find him anywhere and was slightly embarrassed.

She looked through the wide first floor with her heart as if she was a child who lost her mother, but she couldn’t see the handsome black-haired figure holding his head. After a moment of dithering, Julietta looked up at the elegantly stretched stairs on one side of the lounge and moved on with a dead look.


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