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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 35: The Principality Of Bertino, Part XVI Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 35. The Principality Of Bertino, Part XVI

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

At Adam’s words, Killian was still thinking, calculating something. After much contemplation, he opened his mouth to the Count. “Look into whether the relationship between Marquis Anais and Duke Kielini, who are in-laws, is still estranged. Duke Martin and Duke Kiellini are on their way to Calen Castle to attend this summer’s hunt. I don’t know what he’s up to, but he’s not the one who’s going to think about coming all the way to Bertino because of his daughter’s nagging.”

Adam nodded at Killian’s instructions, and sighed. “When I received the title of the Count of Bertino, I just wanted to be away from my father’s nagging, but I couldn’t help but come here.”

Killian’s right-hand man, who received his title of Count from the Principality of Bertino, stayed in Calen Castle for most of the year. It was to manage the principality for Prince Killian, the current King of Bertino.

Unlike his older brother, Ronald Julio Martin Adam grew as a companion with Prince Killian in the Imperial Castle from childhood. Such was intended by Duke Martin, who was a disciple of the former king of Bertino, Killian’s maternal grandfather.

Unlike another subordinate, Oswald, who later volunteered to choose Killian, Adam, who had no choice but to take Killian as his master since he was a child, did not have a good relationship with his father, Duke Martin. But now that Adam himself truly served Killian, his relationship with his father had improved, and now he and his father were working together to make Killian the next emperor.

Adam was frustrated to hear that his butt-heavy father, Duke Martin, was coming to Bertino, because he was still awkward around the man, although their relationship had improved a lot. Whether his aide had a deep sigh or not, Killian sprang up as if his business was over.

“I’ve heard all the urgent reports, so go back to your room now. I’ll have to rest if I want to move again tomorrow.”

Adam rose as Killian looked at the door of his bedroom, looking like a bear hiding a honey jar.

“Yes, Your Highness. I’m very tired, as I have really overdone it riding a horse today. See you tomorrow.”

Killian, who almost forced Adam and Albert out, hurried back to the room, but his brazen maid was changed into her pajamas and sleeping with a regular breath. There was nothing special to do about her not falling asleep, but Killian, feeling something missing, stood beside his sleeping maid for a long time and then reluctantly went to bed.


“Why are you in this carriage?” As soon as he saw Count Adam on board first, Killian frowned disapprovingly.

“There’s nothing more substantial on the road than business in the carriage. I was wondering if you’d like to hear a detailed report on the situation in the principality,” Adam grinned and said to the Prince, who had a slight frown on his face.

Julietta, who came down from the cleaning a moment later, hesitated when she saw the strange man she had seen for a while last night while trying to get on the wagon in a hurry.

Seeing the man sitting opposite the Prince where she had been sitting, she hesitated about where to sit, and she decided to sit next to her employer and wait. But the strange man shouted at Julietta, who gently lowered her hips to sit next to the Prince, “How dare you try to sit next to His Highness? Get out to the driver’s seat!”

When the startled Julietta got up in a hurry, Killian said bluntly, “How can she listen to me outside? Just let it go.”

Julietta glanced at the other side at the Prince’s command. The man, who was looking at the Prince with a thoughtful face, pointed at the seat next to him as he met her eyes. Killian’s big hand pulled her arm as Julietta raised herself at the silent command.

“Your Highness, how can a maid sit with you? Please send her over here.”

Killian said to Adam as if it was annoying, speaking gravely, ” Count, don’t expect to be served by my maid in the carriage, bring your own servant in.”

“Unfortunately, I sent my servant for an errand early this morning. He’s going to join me in Beopash later this evening.”

Killian nodded reluctantly.

Between Killian, who seemed to be in a bad mood, and Count Adam, who kept talking regardless, the group went on their journey without much difficulty.


Beopash was the second most bustling town after Ricaren, the capital of the Principality of Bertino. It took only four or five hours from the village where they stayed last night, and because they were supposed to arrive in Beopash and have lunch, the carriage ran on the well-cleaned forest road without a break. Count Adam, who had been reporting various issues for a long time, suddenly coughed.

“I have been talking a lot, and I’m getting thirsty. Your Highness, why don’t we take a break for a cup of tea?”

Julietta, who thought it was time for the Prince to take his tea, put her hand on the dress button to bring out the glass bottle. Killian looked back at Julietta at her action, and rushed out his words to stop her from acting.

“Count, we’ll be arriving in Beopash in a little while. Bear it. My maid caused a big burn while preparing my tea in a moving carriage. Because of that, I’ve decided to refrain from drinking tea in the carriage in the future.”

Julietta almost snorted with dismay at her brazen employer’s words. ‘I don’t know who’s been drinking tea for several cups in the wagon, then?’

It was just absurd for him to realize that it was dangerous to drink hot tea in a moving carriage.

While Julietta chattered inwardly, Adam gave a sad sigh.

“Jeepers, I’m sorry to hear that. It was strange when I couldn’t see Jeff and saw a maid who I have not seen around you. Then I can’t drink tea, but I’ll have to drink some water.”

When Count Adam looked as if to ask for water, Julietta took out only a bottle of water without a teacup from the box containing the tea and held it out to the Count. Adam’s expression was distorted when he saw a rough-looking bottle of water that she handed out so rudely. Although she was working as the maid of the Prince, she was not used to serving the nobility yet, so she committed the act unconsciously.

“What an arrogant girl you are! Do you want me to put my mouth on a bottle of water and drink it? Your Highness, where the hell did you get this unlearned maid?”

As Adam’s voice thundered through the carriage, Killian’s barely-drawn eyebrows stretched back.


“The Count, there’s a situation we can’t control when we travel. Drinking with your mouth on a water bottle for a day doesn’t mean you’re going to die, so just let it go.”

‘Since when has this noble-born arrogant Prince ever been so generous? Since childhood, the three of us have grown up together: Marquis Rhodius, the Prince, and myself. Few would know when the Prince lost his virginity, what he likes and dislikes, and what he thinks.

“Killian has used only the finest porcelain cups and silverware sets during his trips, and the water to drink has to be separately prepared at the Imperial Castle and included in the procession of two wagons which carry only water.

“It is a precious rule that the chef follows wherever he goes and cooks and serves with the best quality ingredients he gets there. Why else would all those wagons behind the Prince’s wagon?’

When he heard such sounds of ‘unavoidable circumstances’ from Killian’s mouth, Adam wanted to laugh his head off. He hurriedly accepted a bottle of water from Julietta to cover his twitching mouth.

Adam, who was adept at hiding his laughter, observed the maid in front of him. She was much calmer than she had been yesterday. But she still had stiff hair and hideous glasses that covered half her face, and a big, thick body that was not smaller than Killian’s broad shoulders.

‘What characteristics of this maid drew the Prince’s generosity and attention?’

Adam was busy looking at the maid who was sitting properly, here and there, not noticing Killian staring at him.


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