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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 34: The Principality Of Bertino, Part XV Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 34. The Principality Of Bertino, Part XV

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Killian, who turned around in his stripped gown, smiled gruffly at the sight of a brown face with large glasses turned to the other side. All he wanted to do was make fun of her when she was so eager and avoided his gaze like that.

Killian strode toward his own maid, raised her chin with his fingers and made a bluff as he faced the eyes beyond her glasses. “When you’re with me, always look at me. Don’t avoid my gaze.”

Killian’s self-confidence, which seemed to have no shame in his body, was hateful, and Julietta answered with a pout, “Yes, Your Highness.”

As soon as Killian came out of the living room in his gown, he tightly closed the bedroom door and headed for the sofa where Count Adam was waiting.

“Adam, you didn’t have to come in such a hurry.”

“You said you’d visit the mine and jewelry stores. I think I’m with… Your Highness?”

Killian, who gracefully greeted the Count, suddenly turned and pushed Albert, who was about to enter the bedroom before his greeting was over. Albert, who had been pushed so hard, barely recovered from the stagger, looked at Killian in surprise.

“Your Highness, what the hell is wrong with you?”

“Why are you going into the room?”

“I have to ask the maid to take out the tea. It doesn’t make sense to be sleeping without waiting on Your Highness. I’ll have to scold her.”

“She’s not sleeping. She got up and was changing her clothes. And tell your servant to take the tea.”

Like a gatekeeper protecting a treasure trove, he stood there staring at him with fierce eyes, and Albert’s eyes were raised as if it were suspicious. “Your Highness, why didn’t you let me in earlier?”

Killian, who paused at Albert’s questioning, lost his temper abruptly. “No, then, you’re naked, and you’d feel good if someone told you you were coming in?”

“Your Highness, I’ve been with you ever since you were wearing diapers. If I entered your room, when was your appearance important? When I couldn’t go in and out of your bedroom, it was because there was a woman in the room, not because of your clothes.”

Albert thought it couldn’t be, but he glared at the bedroom door behind him in the act of his so suspicious master.

“Is this your woman in the room now?”

Adam’s eyes began to glisten with interest at the confrontation between the Prince and Albert. He wondered who the woman in the room was, so that the Prince wouldn’t let him see so desperately. Albert said that the woman inside was a maid. But the Prince was not a man to think otherwise about a maid, so he wanted to know more about her.

“What are you talking about, Albert? What the hell are you looking at me for? When have you ever seen me do anything lewd to the maids?”

Killian was excited by Albert’s ridiculous misunderstanding. Albert looked at the bedroom door once again, looking at the Prince, who was so angry that he put his hand on his waist in a naked gown as if he were falsely charged.

“It was the opposite, because the maids who have served you have always done that. But these days, your actions are very strange. It’s even more suspicious that you have been hateful of a maid, but you’re acting so strangely this way.”

Click! Albert, who contested for every inch of ground, shut his mouth when the bedroom door opened. The arrogant woman who forgot her duty and came out late due to her laziness was disgusting. He also thought that he would inquire her to account how she made the noble Prince do what he had never done before, without knowing who she was.

Albert, who was just waiting for an unseen maid to appear, was overshadowed by Killian, who blocked the bedroom door with his height, and was speechless when he saw Julietta’s ugly appearance. Then he shook his head from side to side, as if he had come to his senses.

“Oh, Your Highness. I’m sorry. I guess I’ve grown senile. I’d like to have you with me for a long time, but I feel so sad when I get distracted sometimes.”

She got messy hair, badly crumpled clothes, glasses, and sticky oil on her face. No matter how much his master had no taste, that was not his.

His master had been without a woman for more than a month, so he thought it might be, but as soon as he saw the maid’s appearance, he suddenly came to his senses.

‘What is this misguided thought that has done such discourtesy to the noble master?’

Albert stopped looking suspicious and apologized once again, regretting his indecent act. Killian frowned at Albert’s sudden change of mood.

“What? Why are you apologizing all of a sudden?” Killian felt even worse at Albert’s visibly relaxed look as he looked at behind him. The moment he tried to argue with Albert without knowing why he was so displeased, Julietta’s forward look threw his mouth wide open.

She hurried to come out in her own conceit, and the chest part of the maid, who stroked her hair more comfy than usual, was open. When her white collarbone and breastbone were in sight between the clothes that had been opened because her front buttons were less locked, Killian shouted in outrage.

“Where are you coming out of looking like that? Enter the room in a hurry!”

Albert nodded, as the Prince held the maid to her shoulder and put her in the room. He was crazy. It must have been really senile to doubt the Prince and that ugly girl.

‘If His Highness sees how hideous the girl is, how quickly will he let her in?’

While Albert was sweeping down his chest, Adam was rather tilting his head. In the eyes of the Count, who had raised the Prince since he was a child, it seemed to be unusual in itself that he showed interest in the clothes of a maid.

Killian, who had no idea what Adam was thinking, was back in front of him only after confirming the closing of the door of the room that the maid had entered with a disapproving face.

“The Count, it’s late at night, so let’s skip the tea. Now that I know you’ve arrived and we’ve met, you can leave now. Let’s talk about the rest after getting up tomorrow.”

Adam laughed at what was obviously a message to drive him away. He asked, as he could see the Prince’s gaze was constantly heading toward the bedroom.

“I think it’s my loyalty to you that will quickly disappear, but didn’t you wonder why I came running as soon as I got your message?”

Killian hesitated for a moment, as the Count ventured a curious question, smiling. Unknowingly looking toward the bedroom again, he reluctantly leaned back on the sofa and nodded to let him speak. When Killian’s permission was given, Adam leaned down with his elbows on both knees.

“Marquis Anais and his daughter arrived yesterday in Ricaren. Your Highness invited Lady Anais to visit the Principality of Bertino at a banquet last winter.”


“Did I?” Killian asked back. as if he had never heard of it.

“Yes. I heard that Your Highness had told Lady Anais that you would be at the Principality of Bertino for a few months on business after April, and you invited her to visit with her family.”

As Killian frowned to remember Lady Anais, Adam gently added, “She has chestnut hair and light blue eyes.”

Despite Adam’s kindness, Killian, who remembered only what he wanted to remember, had to search his memory for a long time.

“Lady Anais would be the granddaughter of the Duchess of Dudley… I have no idea. I don’t remember. Truly.”

“I don’t think you could have done that. But what could I say when they unpacked at Calen Castle as an excuse? It was none other than your invitation.”

“They’re sitting in my castle now?”

“Yes. They arrived this morning. That’s why I ran away to you, I had no idea how to act at all. What was the idea of Marquis Anais visiting Bertino with his daughter? Lady Anais doesn’t care about politics, but the Marquis visited, so that is possible. I have no idea what he’s thinking.”


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