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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 31: The Principality Of Bertino, Part XII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 31. The Principality Of Bertino, Part XII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

On quiet reflection, he didn’t even know her name. Killian, who thought she was scandalous, called to the maid who arrogantly did not even introduce herself to her master.

“Your name was Julie?”

Julietta was feeling uneasy at the sight of the Prince, who seemed deeply thoughtful after finishing his meal. “Yes.”

“I see. What’s your original name?”

“Julietta Salmon.”

“Why didn’t you tell me your name?”

Julietta opened her mouth at the sight of the Prince staring angrily and coldly. Apparently, on the first day, she had said she was Julietta Salmon. “I told you when I said hello on the first day.”

For Killian, who only focused on what he was interested in, Julietta on the first day was a totally unremarkable figure. But he couldn’t tell her that.

“Should I even remember the name of a maid? You are arrogant.” Killian covered up his embarrassment with a rebuke, pointed to a cloth package on the sofa to change the subject.

“Open up that.”

Julietta secretly glared the Prince, who had asked her name and then called out for her insolence, and looked at the bundle of brown cloth he had pointed out. Curious of the Prince’s intent, she lifted up a huge bundle of cloth from the sofa.

“What is this?”

“Well, that’s your pajamas.”


“Yes, I’m giving it to you in a sense to be more loyal to me in the future. Wear it tonight and sleep.”

Looking at the bulky nightgown, which seemed to fit three of her, Julietta managed to swallow the curse of going outside. At this point she thought she must have been pinched by her employer.

‘Are you punishing me because I hurt Jeff and caused you some inconvenience?’

When Julietta glanced at the Prince after a moment of serious thought, his eyes, which had always been harsh or cold and casual, seemed to glow.

With the look of anticipation, as Julietta’s twinkling head tilted to the right, the Prince gave her a sly smile. Julietta, who received his characteristic, colorful smile and mellow eyes, opened her mouth more carefully, “Thank, thank you.”

She didn’t think that the great Prince wanted her to say thank you, since he gave her a nightgown as a gift, but she was embarrassed by his eyes, so she had to say thank you.

“It must be heartening that you’ve never worn your pajamas since you were born. Okay, good. I’ll give you my permission. It’s a little early, but you can change into pajamas now.”

‘Good? I can’t believe you like it.’

Julietta held her pajamas like a sack, looked sideways at the Prince in a double bind, and was forced to enter her bedroom to change into her new pajamas.

Looking around a room that seemed narrower than yesterday, Julietta threw the pajamas she was holding onto the floor to vent her anger on the Prince. That noble Prince must have a taste for bullying her!

Julietta, who took out the thick cotton undergarments from her bag again, sighed. She had been happy with her salary, which she had doubled recently, thinking that he would be okay to live in disguise for life, but had not wanted to wipe her head clean.

Fortunately, she left the room, taking care not to stiffen her expression, as she sweetened herself with the positive idea that it would be cooler at night and would be tolerable to sleep without covering herself with a blanket.

Five minutes later, Julietta, wearing pajamas on top of cotton undergarments, had to pose one way or another in front of the Prince, like a model on a runway.

“Yes, it’s good. You look a little more comfortable now. How uncomfortable it must have been to sleep in a maid’s suit.”

Julietta had to thank the Prince once again, who was intoxicated with his own generosity.

“But why does it feel like you’ve got a bigger belly than before, all of a sudden?”

The eye of a professional who changed his lover periodically was scary. Even if her waist and hips were fixed to make them look bigger with a wire, they were different from the figure of a body in a tight cotton underwear. Embarrassed by the Prince’s sharp eyes, Julietta hesitated for a moment and spoke faintly, turning her face shamefully. “It’s because I wear a corset to look slimmer in the daytime.”

Killian shook his head as he tried to imagine the maid in front of him in her underwear. Having always seen a naked woman waiting for him on the bed, he could not have known about a woman’s corset in detail.

“I see. I don’t know why women do such strange things. Now, change your clothes again and come out. The smell of the food is spreading, so take the bowls out and bring the tea.”

‘Do you know how I wore this outfit? Are you asking me to change again?’

Killian’s sharp voice came from behind as Julietta walked toward the door, unwilling to hear the Prince’s words. “Where are you going in that outfit?”

“I’m going to call the maid in charge of food. I just need to call her in for a moment, but I was wondering if I should change my clothes in a hassle.”

When Julietta turned around again, as if she didn’t want to waste her time, Killian shouted in hate. “What nonsense are you talking about? Change it now. No matter how happy you are to try on your pajamas for the first time, you can’t walk around in that.”

Killian was furious at the thought of the knights hanging by the door.

Julietta didn’t understand why he would meddle in her dress, and hesitated for a moment at the door. But she had no courage to refuse the Prince’s order, so he had to quietly go back into the bedroom and change her clothes again.

Killian looked carefully at the maid’s glasses, with her mouth sticking out half a foot in her dress, and put down his tea to drink before going to bed.

Julietta’s eyes, which he had looked down when she had been standing bent in the carriage before were completely different from those he had seen through her glasses. Although the interior was dark after lowering the curtain, no one could say they were ugly. They would look prettier without glasses.


At the same time, he remembered the young knight who had said her eyes were small but cute, as he had been playing tricks on her downstairs before. Thinking about the scene, he looked at the maid carefully, so ridiculous to see her nose wrinkle as she pulled up her large glasses. He thought he would have to stop ordering her glasses, which he had intended to do after he arrived at Ricaren, seeing that there were some people who were struck by her appearance.

Killian nodded satisfactorily, thinking that the reason he didn’t want to order the glasses made by a dwarf was to protect the innocent maid, from his position as her master.


After a long carriage ride, the group finally entered the Principality of Bertino. At that time, the Prince changed into a plain carriage with no outside emblem, despite the luxurious interior. When Julietta asked Sir Albert about it, he said that if the Prince, the king of the Principality of Bertino, was moving with his identity exposed, it would be uncomfortable for the group and the villages they would stay in and pass by.

His arrogant personality seemed to blow trumpets, but she looked at the Prince, who was concentrating on the papers, in surprise.

The appearance of the Prince, with his fine soft black hair and long eyelashes half lowered over his silver eyes, was truly perfect for anyone. She thought it would have been icing on the cake if he had a good personality with that look, so she wanted to click her tongue to herself.

Killian, who did not know that the rare generous kindness he gave was nothing but grudges for the maid working under him, raised his head and met her eyes. “What is it?”

Doubtful of why she looked at him like that, he narrowed his eyes, and Julietta replied with her eyes down, “No, I’m afraid you’re tired after looking at the documents for too long.”


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