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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 275: Epilogue, Part III Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 275. Epilogue, Part III

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Simone, who had been to Vicern for the Proof of Blood, was busy handling the Kiellini family after the funeral of the Duke of Kiellini. She had also collected Regina’s body from the temple and buried her in Tilia Territory. Now she was going to take care of the Kiellini family on behalf of Julietta, who would be the Empress.

Julietta thought Simone needed time because she wouldn’t be at ease after the funeral of her brother and her niece. But it was uncomfortable leaving her out when everyone was gathering after having a hard time, so she sent a servant. Fortunately, Simone accepted Julietta’s call.

It was during Francis’s mourning period that they had a solemn look outside. They escaped from the Imperial Castle and arrived in the Dublin Forest at the outskirts of the capital. Hurrying to the innermost part of the forest, they enjoyed the dishes prepared by the chef.

Later, Oswald, Adam, Valerian and Rhodius took sides and began kicking a ball around. Their fight was quite fierce, but when Manny stepped in, it turned into merry play.

Killian leaned against the tree, looking at them and hugging Julietta’s shoulders.

Maribel saw the two, and said to Simone, “Mrs. Raban, there’s a beautiful flower over there. Would you like to go and have a look?”

It was to make time for the two of them. Simone laughed happily and agreed with her with a glance at the young lovers, as if to say it was a good time. Maribel disappeared over there with Simone.

“The date of the execution of the Duke of Dudley was set a week from now.”

“What happened to Marquis Marius?”

“He’s managed to get away with everything. When Francis was assassinated, we couldn’t prove his connection to the Duke of Dudley.”

“We’ll be wary of his every move in the future. I wonder what else a headless body can do.”

“Yes, they’re not important anymore. Our job is important. I told His Majesty earlier. We’ll hold the wedding right after Francis’s funeral.”

“It’s too fast. Don’t you think we should have a proper period of mourning?”

“That’s difficult. Mrs. Grayson told me to use each room. It would be difficult for us if we have a baby before the wedding.”

Killian’s sullen voice rounded up Julietta’s eyes. “Why did she say so?” Just yesterday, Maribel told her that she didn’t have to go back to the Kiellini family.

“I think Mrs. Auguste told Mrs. Grayson about it while they were preparing for the dinner. The wedding keeps getting later, but what if the order is changed? What’s the big deal about that?”

Killian’s grumbling made Julietta laugh. “We’ll have to be quick.”

“Do you agree that no mourning period is needed?”

“Yes, I agree.”

Killian pressed his lips to Julietta’s forehead as she leaned on his shoulder.

Every expression of affection was so lovely, and she looked up at him. “By the way, Your Highness. When did you start liking me?” Julietta leaned against him as she was hugged in Killian’s arms, raising her head and asking as she looked at him. She could feel his embarrassment for a moment.

“To be honest… when Jeff was covered with cold water and your eyes met with mine with such a scared look.”

“Lie. Did it really start then?”

“I’m sure I had a good feeling about you then. I wanted you to pay attention to me.”

“That’s why you’ve been so mean to me.”

“Mean? You were so casual and indifferent that I wanted to talk to you somehow.”

Killian was embarrassed and slightly blurred his words. He asked Julietta to turn the subject of the conversation as she kept laughing. “Now don’t you think Chartreu needs a formal designer? You’ll have a lot of work to do at the Imperial Castle.”

“I don’t need a designer who is only using traditional and boring things. All I have to do is draw infinite designs in my head and send them over. Chartreu is mine.”

Killian nodded as if he agreed. When the Chartreu story came out, Julietta raised herself up and brought up a story about what she had planned before. “I’d like to open a dress shop that’s different from Chartreu.”

“You want to open another dressing shop?”

“Yes. It would be a dressing shop that sells clothes that are not custom-made like Chartreu. I’d like to use a few basic designs to make clothes for each size in advance and sell them to people. Of course, it won’t work for the nobles, so it’s a store that for common people and semi-nobles.”

“How about a jewelry shop that sells only light-weight products to match that?”

Julietta would be now the Empress, but instead of telling her to stop doing those things, Killian thought positively of her opinion and, in addition, he examined the benefits to his own business. Julietta kissed his lips hard as she looked at Killian.

“What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?”

“… I like you.”

Killian repaid Julietta’s reply with a deeper kiss.

Oswald, who had come to fetch the ball, looked at them and said, “Well, I should have come a little later.”

“Don’t pay lip service, even if you want to,” Killian grumbled, raising his head which had been lowered to her, as he pressed down his regret.

“Come on, here’s a sandwich. It has special fish spread and smells great.” Oswald was overly chatty as he dodged Killian’s glare.

While Ian was preparing for tea, Vera prepared the dishes, and Maribel and Oswald began to distribute food. Julietta took a bite of the sandwich she had received and put it down.

“Don’t you have a good appetite?”

After eating only soup and simple salad for several days, Julietta should be hungry but she had no appetite. “I don’t want to eat much. Vera, give me another cup of tea.”

Killian put his forehead on Julietta’s’. “You don’t have a fever anymore… You’d better see a doctor again when you get back.”

“I don’t need it. I’m just a little out of energy because I’ve been so relaxed. Well, I’m fine, so go ahead and eat.”

As Julietta was drinking tea after she recommended everyone eat food, Manny quietly approached her after watching carefully. Climbing onto Julietta’s lap, Manny rubbed its head and displayed its charm. It seemed to think that her lack of appetite was caused by some worry still left.

“Oh, my God, the noble divine animal plays the baby. Didn’t you say that you refused the appearance of a young dog, Mr. Manny?”

Manny acted cute in a baby-like manner at Julietta’s joke, but suddenly put its nose on her belly and fell flat on her stomach.

“I guess it likes the appearance of a little puppy better,” said Killian, looking down at Manny with a disapproving look.

“Shh!” As if their voices had interrupted it, Manny raised its small head and hushed them.

“Why is Manny doing that?”

As Oswald looked back at others in a whisper, Count Adam, Marquis Rhodius and Count Valerian shook their heads. Manny’s unusual behavior quieted down everyone.

Manny was lying on her stomach for a short while, and suddenly sprang up. “Baby, baby!”

Manny spat out a short word continuously, excited. Everyone was puzzled because they didn’t understand what it meant. Manny shouted in such a shrill voice that it could not be heard well.

“Baby”? Maribel vaguely understood and repeated the word.


“Yes, the princess has a baby!” Manny whirled around in place to announce the pregnancy of Julietta.

“Baby”? Killian repeated the remark in a daze.

“Get up. We have to go back to the Imperial Castle. I have to bring her to a royal physician.” Unlike those who were surprised and couldn’t respond properly, Maribel quickly began to pack and hurry.

“Normal humans won’t know yet, ahem! I could tell because I’m a very special person.” As Manny strode along, it noticed the fallen crumbs of fish in front of its cushion and snatched them up quickly.

“Yes, since you’ve only just slept together, they may not know if a royal physician examines her.”

“It was strange for you to get so much sleep. Even if the doctor can’t confirm your pregnancy, I’ll have you see him if there’s anything wrong.” Killian hugged her and headed to the carriage with a determined look. even though she would not listen and refused to see him.

It was only after he rose that the Marquis of Oswald came to his senses and gave a cheer of joy. “Your Highness, the princess! Congratulations! It’s a happy occasion! What would you like for your pregnancy gift?”

“What does she need after she gets pregnant? I’ll go back and ask my mother.” The Marquis of Rhodius also jumped up behind Oswald and called his servant to bring his horse.


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