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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 274: Epilogue, Part II Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 274. Epilogue, Part II

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Killian once again left kisses on Julietta’s whole face, then hurried out of the bedroom as if he was afraid that she would stop him. Without any regrets, Maribel came in as if she had alternated with Killian.

“You’re up. His Highness has been stuck by your side for days, and now he is on his way. How do you feel?”

Julietta grinned at Maribel’s gaze. “It’s very nice. I think I’m going to fly.”

As if she was relieved at the remark, Maribel laughed contentedly. “Yes, that’s great. Well, then we’ll have dinner tonight. Would you like to hear about the menu? First, wash up and come out.”

Maribel pushed Julietta into the bathroom. After a while, there was only Vera and Manny in the bedroom when she washed and came out.

“Are the flowers ready? This is not enough. Tell the gardener to bring more white flowers.”

Maribel’s incessant instructions were audible through the closed door. Julietta hugged Manny, who was rolling about in the wide bed.

“You’ll be very tired of Maribel’s nagging if you stay here. Shall we go see if your snack is ready? Let’s go out to the garden and have tea time while looking at the autumn sky. I’ll have to fill my lunch with a simple snack.”

“Okay, the princess.” Manny showed its joy as much as it liked, shaking its white tail excitedly.


A short time later, Julietta and Manny gave happy sigh with their respective snacks in front of them.

“How blue the sky is! I’ve never seen such a blue sky before.”

“It has been like that lately.” Manny was starting to teethe, and was a little irritable. So, chewing on its prepared jerky, it crushed Julietta’s appreciation indifferently.

“Really? I didn’t notice because I couldn’t afford to. Now I have to take it easy and watch.”

“That’s very nice. It’s refreshing to have a snack outside like this. Miss Vera, please bring me another plate of jerky.”

Vera burst into laughter at Manny’s request, as if it was ordering food at a familiar regular restaurant. It was the first time Julietta had ever seen the middle-aged woman smile like a girl, so even she laughed out loud.

At that moment, Count Adam and the Marquis of Rhodius had returned from Tilia and entered the Asta Palace. They both turned at the sound.

“What a surprise to hear such a laugh at the Asta Palace!”

Count Adam replied at Spencer’s appreciation, “In the future, the laughter of children will be added. I’m looking forward to the day.”

Oswald was coming out for tea with Julietta to escape Maribel’s overwhelming control, and came upon them. “There’s nothing good going on inside. You are going to hear constant questions about what’s best for the menu tonight. It’s the first dinner at the Asta Palace, and she is so excited. I’m confused if it’s Mrs. Maribel Grayson, or the troupe leader of the Eileen Theater.”

“When I hear that Mrs. Grayson is really worried about the dinner menu… it sounds like it’s all over.”

Oswald nodded as Count Adam brought up what he had heard as soon as he entered the Imperial Castle. “I think it’s really over. But I think Valerian’s work is not yet done.”

The Marquis of Rhodius, thinking of Valerian headed for the main castle with Killian to rearrange the security of the Imperial Castle, said, “How blue the sky is!”

In appreciation of the Marquis, Count Adam looked up at the sky. “It’s really blue. Come to think of it, it’s autumn.”

Oswald also looked up at the sky and responded seriously, “It means that we haven’t had the time to look up and appreciate the sky lately. It’s a big shock that this Oswald, who especially loves nature and worships beauty, didn’t even know it was autumn. I have to go on a picnic in the Dublin Forest at this time of year…”

Count Adam encouraged Oswald at his sudden sorrow. “It’s still a nice day. Why don’t you go when you have time?”

“Yes, it’s not too late now! Let’s go right now.”

“Right now?”

While Count Adam was surprised and asked, Oswald was already over there and was calling Julietta. “The princess, the princess! Let’s go on a picnic. The sky is so blue and so high that the view of the Dublin Forest will be fantastic. I’ll have Prince Killian come as soon as he’s finished.”

It wasn’t Julietta’s voice that answered Oswald’s exuberant voice. It was a childlike voice with a high tone and unclear pronunciation. “Mrs. Grayson will be angry if she finds out. She’s decided to give up putting her favorite fish’s head at dinner for dessert.”

At the voice, Count Adam and the Marquis of Rhodius faced each other at the same time.

“There’s no way the princess has had a baby already. Whose voice is that?”

“I guess what the guards of the Imperial Castle said is true. The pet of the princess can talk.”

And as if to prove their doubts, Oswald’s voice was heard. “Manny, we can come back before the dinner. So, let’s get ready, the princess.”

“I don’t have anything ready!” Julietta’s bewildered voice followed.

“Don’t worry, the princess. Who is this Oswald? Nothing is impossible to me! The picnic basket will be ready in half an hour, so in the meantime, get ready to go out and come out to the front door without Mrs. Grayson knowing. Count Adam and Marquis Rhodius are back. Oh, shall we stop by the dress shop and take Amelie and Sophie? Aren’t they entitled to the joy of today?”

Count Adam laughed at Oswald’s reply. “As expected, Oswald knows too well where to dig into the other side for effectiveness. Today we’re going to have a late dinner after a tight picnic in the Dublin Forest.”

Next to him, the Marquis of Rhodius looked down at his clothes and agreed. “If I can’t avoid it, I will enjoy it. What do you think? Can I go straight to the picnic with this attire?”

Following Rhodius’s words, Manny’s voice was heard in the distance. “Mrs. Vera, would you bring my cape with you as you come out with the hat of the princess? I’m attracted to the beige cloak with blue flower patterns today.”

When a voice of a child whose pronunciation was incorrect asked so politely, as if it were an old gentleman, Count Julietta, Oswald, Vera on the other side, and Adam and the Marquis of Rhodius on this side, all laughed their heads off.

“I can see the fashion war between Manny and Oswald. Let’s go say hello to the princess.” Count Adam and the Marquis of Rhodius approached Julietta’s group, only able to hear their voices since they were concealed by bushes and they could only hear their voices.

Killian and Valerian, who had gone to the main castle, returned as they greeted each other joyfully. The boisterous sound of the garden led Killian to it. “I guess Adam and Spencer are back.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Killian’s steps were full of satisfaction and happiness.


Albert came out for a walk in the garden at the whining of the cat, Lilly and beheld the sight. He wiped away tears of joy, looking at the precious back of His Highness, and lost Lilly who he had been tightly hugging. “Oh, my God, Lilly, Lilly! Ian, grab Lilly.”

Ian was following Killian, but at Albert’s yell, he ran toward Lilly.

Maribel was spying outside on the noisy commotion when she heard the news of the picnic. After agonizing for a moment, she said with a high nose. “I can’t miss the picnic. Countess Auguste, please prepare for the dinner well.”

“Yes, I will,” Mrs. Auguste answered politely to Mrs. Grayson, who was going out of the room with her hat haughtily, and looked out the window again. A loud sound came through the open window. Mrs. Auguste, her expression always solemn, smiled when she saw a group of people gathered around the blonde princess.

She murmured as she headed to the dining hall to finish the dinner prepared by Mrs. Grayson. “I’ll never yield my lord’s wedding…”


As Oswald guaranteed, the picnic baskets were prepared in an instant, divided and loaded into several carriages. The sight of baskets full of delicious food and fruit made Julietta excited, but at the same time, she felt more sorry for Amelie and Sophie’s absence. The two were unable to attend, because dress orders had piled up in the Chartreu Dressing Shop.

Simone was contacted by a servant, who stopped by the Kiellini mansion before going to the dress shop, and immediately entered the Imperial Castle. She got into Maribel’s carriage after checking on Julietta’s safety.


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