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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 267: Punishment, Part VII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 267. Punishment, Part VII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Julietta got off the wagon and headed for Marquis Marius’s mansion, which was visible across the diagonal.

“May I help you?” the doorkeeper asked her, suspicious at the sight of a maid walking up without taking a carriage.

“I’m a maid of Lady Anais.” Julietta was careful with her words, not knowing if Christine was inside.

“Why didn’t you come with her when Lady Christine just walked in?” the gatekeeper asked her even more suspiciously. There was certainly a lot of alertness, and she wondered if Prince Francis was inside.

“I was shopping for something Miss Christine needed at the mall for a while…”

It had been quite a while since Phoebe had left the Asta Palace, so it was strange that Christine had just come in. First she had to get in, and then she would think of what to do later, so Julietta lifted Vera’s carrying purse as she smiled.

The purse was filled with coins and quite heavy, as would be the purse of a high-ranking noblewoman who had to pay for things instead of her master. The gatekeeper took turns looking at the purse and the maid, before opening the door with an impression that he was annoyed.

Entering the main gate, she could see the front door of the mansion, which was not far away from the one Prince Killian had used. Julietta slipped through the front door nervously.

It would be good if she was able to enter quietly. If a butler or an attendant came out, she would say that she knocked on the door and no one came out. But it was quiet inside the mansion.

She did not know that all the attendants would not come out of their own rooms so as not to get on Francis’ nerves while he was here, so that she could not move at all even after entering and just looked around carefully.

It was then that she hesitated. She saw the hem of a sky-blue dress at the corner of the hall. It quickly disappeared.

A sky-blue dress? It was Christine’s favorite dress color! Julietta quickly walked after the sight of the hem.

Christine was heading to Francis’s bedroom. She came to see if she could call over Princess Kiellini.

Inside Francis’s bedroom, Phoebe was experiencing the old nightmare again.

Francis took out his whip after drinking a drug to feel a sense of liberation, different from what he had enjoyed in the palace. As he got fuzzy and his mind went blank, he swung the whip he was holding on the white back on the bed.

Phoebe, who had fainted from unbearable pain, quickly came to her senses. As she turned around, she could see Francis swinging the whip again. She struggled from the bed and desperately ran away. She had sworn that she would never suffer like this again! But it was already too late. Now that he knew who she was, getting out of here didn’t mean she could get away from him. She must kill the beast to end this hell.

Francis smiled merrily at the fleeing Phoebe. Although it was difficult for him to keep up with her under the influence of drugs, he also enjoyed it. Hunting for cornered prey had always been an exciting thing.

Phoebe looked back at the coming Francis and picked up the hair piece that had fallen on the floor, discarded when her clothes had been peeled off.

As soon as she picked up the weapon, Francis grasped her long and disheveled white hair. “It’s a new pleasure to play tag. But when you’re caught, you should be punished accordingly.”

He turned Phoebe around and started to raise his whip again. Phoebe took the concealed hairpin dagger from its sheath and stabbed him hard in the neck.

Francis stopped moving.

The sharp hairpin Maribel had given her shuddered, stuck in Francis’s neck like an arrow that had reached its target. He looked down at Phoebe with a puzzled expression, unable to recognize what had been stuck in his neck. As soon as she pulled it out, his blood shot out like a fountain.


When Francis collapsed without a word of scream, Phoebe took a step back in fear. Just then, Christine knocked at Francis’s bedroom door. “Your Highness, this is Christine. May I come in?”

As soon as she heard Christine’s voice, Phoebe came to her senses. She had to get rid of the devil standing outside that door so that her safe life would not be broken. Phoebe ran toward the dress scattered over on the floor. She didn’t even have the courage to take out the hairpin that Francis was clutching. The letter opener from Christine’s room which she had stolen was in the inner pocket of her dress.

When Phoebe searched her pocket and grabbed the letter opener, Christine opened the door stealthily, looking to see what was going on in the silent bedroom. At first, she stood there stupidly, unable to understand what she saw; the blood scattered on the floor, the fallen Francis, and the white-haired humble girl clutching something in her blood-covered hand. The appearance of the humble girl with her white hair falling down and red blood covering her was more frightening than the fact that Francis was dead.

Just as Christine faltered in fear, Julietta arrived behind her. Julietta was briefly fascinated by the shocking scene, but soon regained focus and quickly grasped the situation. As the frightened Christine finally took a step back and started to scream, she swung the pouch of coins at her head.

Julietta couldn’t let Christine scream. Unlike Killian, there was no guard in front of Francis’s bedroom, but it was clear that they were somewhere inside this mansion. Although she thought they would be inured to the noise Francis made because he was drugged, too used to the screams of women who were afflicted by him, she still wanted to be careful.

Julietta looked down at the fallen Christine with a pale face. She swung her hand reflexively to block Christine’s mouth, but was surprised by the daring act she had committed.


At Phoebe’s wailing, Julietta shook her head savagely. It wasn’t a time for that. She pushed Christine into the bedroom, closed the door, and quickly approached Phoebe. “Phoebe, let’s feel regret or guilty later on. Come on, wipe off the blood and dress up. We have to get out of here.”

Julietta took the letter opener from Phoebe’s hand, patted her shoulder and pushed her into the bathroom. Then she looked around the room for a moment and got lost in thought, ‘Christine will wake up soon. Then she’ll report Phoebe as the Prince’s assassin. She will also talk about Phoebe’s status at the same time.’


Julietta looked down at the letter opener she had taken from Phoebe. ‘Francis was already dead; would Phoebe have killed Christine so she wouldn’t have to worry about her?’

Phoebe’s amazing determination gave her goosebumps, but she thought it might have been true. When she looked down so casually at the letter opener, she found a familiar emblem on its handle. It was the emblem of the Anais family. A light lemon-colored letter opener that belonged to the main line of the Anais family.

Julietta’s eyes turned to Christine. The light, feminine letter opener also implied that the owner was a certain fallen woman. Julietta’s thoughts moved quickly. There was a way for her and Phoebe to be safe.

She approached the dead Francis. She managed to pull out the hairpin he had in a death grip, and put it in the right hand of the unconscious Christine. She approached Francis again and hurt Francis’s right breast with the letter opener. She closed her eyes and didn’t have much behind the stab, but somehow the wound remained. It was after death, but it didn’t matter. All she had to do was to show both his neck and chest were wounds made by Christine.

Julietta pulled the unconscious Christine closer to Francis, and put the letter opener in Christine’s other hand. Then she stepped back and imagined the situation for a while. ‘Why did Christine kill Francis?’

People would ask this question. It was definitely weird. Francis was a very strong windbreaker for Christine, as she was facing trial over attempted kidnapping and murder by poisoning.

Julietta went to the door of the room and looked out for any sign of movement outside, then immediately approached Christine and untied the front of her dress.

Her face was serious when she stood up again and looked down at them. She thought that it was not enough. The relationship between Francis and Christine had already been news. But she brought out a knife because she almost got raped…?


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