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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 265: Punishment, Part V Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 265. Punishment, Part V

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“As expected, you are also a woman with the blood of the Dudley family. Your head could be cut off, but you are so relaxed!”

Christine’s eyes grew fierce as Francis laughed at her with a wry heart. “I know Your Highness won’t let that happen. You know I’ll never die alone.” Even if she died, she would reveal that he was behind the kidnapping and the poison case; it was mutual blackmail.

“Don’t threaten me. It’s not working anymore. Now that the Duke of Dudley’s head is about to fall off, would that threat work on me?”

Christine still didn’t know, and was surprised by Francis’s remarks. “What’s wrong with my maternal grandfather?”

“It turned out that he was behind the poisoning case.”

Christine’s face turned pale. In other words, it was revealed that the epidemic had been a scheme. Her most reliable wall had collapsed. She looked back at Francis with a look of terror. “Yes, now the Dudley family cannot protect you. I had a problem dealing with you because I had to acknowledge my maternal grandfather, but now I don’t have to. Take Lady Anais to Diaby Territory. I will have a good time before I get things done in earnest.”

Christine sprang to her feet at the words ‘Diaby Territory.’ It was the place where Francis had enjoyed everything. She didn’t know what was going to happen there. Maybe it was not the same as it had been. “I have something to say. There’s someone who’s perfect for you right now.”

Francis inquired sourly at Christine’s desperate counterargument. “Right now I’m not interested in anyone but you.”

“Do you remember the person I gave you as a gift?”


Francis took a moment to recall.

At that time, he realized that Christine was the same kind of character as himself. He received a blonde woman as a gift, but he got tired of her since she had eaten something wrong and her hair became white, and he abandoned her.

“Why is she?”

“She’s a woman of noble birth. She is also the cousin of Count Valerian. Isn’t it funny? A humble girl that had no manners has emerged as an aristocratic woman. Moreover, she has been Princess Kiellini’s maid.”


“Even when Jane said that she had a limp, I never thought she was the same woman. What do you think? What about calling out Princess Kiellini with the bait? It will be a more enjoyable party.”

At Christine’s words, Francis’ gaze became brutal. “That’s a very good idea. All right, let’s change the location to Harrods Street. I’ll go and wait right now. I hope you’ll be ready for the party in a short time.”

Christine was in a hurry as Francis left after the conversation. She wondered how to call up the humble white-haired girl who would be at Asta Palace, and recalled her father Marquis Anais was still in the Imperial Castle.

She could ask her father to go see Princess Kiellini and ask for forgiveness. She would be able to accompany him with her maid, Penny, along the way.

“Penny, when my father goes to Asta Palace, follow him and tell the maid, ‘If you don’t want to get caught, then come to the Harrods’ mansion without anyone knowing.’ She is at Asta Palace right now, so hurry up.”


Phoebe received a message from an imperial servant that the Anais’s maid had requested a meeting. At the same time, Julietta was meeting the Marquis of Anais. Phoebe was agonizing over what to do, but she finally saw a familiar woman.

[If you don’t want to find out who you are, don’t say anything but follow the maid to Harrods’ mansion.]

The note contained terrifying contents that killed Phoebe’s heart.

“She said if you don’t follow me right now, she would tell His Majesty right away.” Poche’s words forced Phoebe to follow her. She couldn’t even leave a message to Julietta because of the harsh urging.

As she got on the wagon waiting in front of the Asta Palace, Christine was waiting for her, as she had been on that day. “Welcome. I’ve been waiting to deliver the gift myself today.”

Her smiling face looked ugly enough to produce vomiting. Christine kindly explained to Phoebe, who was shaking and looking down. “I think my father is meeting the princess to beg for my life. It’ll take a long time. I’m going to take you to Harrods’ mansion and invite the princess to the Anais mansion. I will say that I couldn’t visit the princess because I was sick. When I was left with the princess in the room alone, I was going to kidnap her again and take her back to Harrods’ mansion. I would give her to His Highness Francis as another gift.”

Phoebe didn’t think it would be as the evil woman said. His Highness Killian would never let the princess go alone. Still, she was nervous.

The carriage arrived at Harrods’ mansion while she was thinking about all the things that could happen. Christine took Phoebe to the door herself and whispered under the guise of kindness, “Make His Highness happy until your master comes.”


Julietta said coldly, watching her father Marquis Anais. “I guess the warning I gave you in the morning didn’t work at all.”

“Julie, I know how good you are. It must have been why you acted so hard, you were so disappointed and angry with me. Yes, you will resent me and hate me. But forgive Christine. I lost you and Stella, and I couldn’t take care of the house properly and give affection to the child, so she became a woman of distorted character. It’s all my fault. It’s my sin.”

Killian went to see the Emperor after the Congress. Julietta was angry at Robert for coming back in the meantime.

Robert said he loved Julietta, but he appealed and only acting for Christine. He didn’t seem to understand or want to understand how cruel and violent it was to ask her to forgive Christine.

“If Christine, who grew up in a nice mansion under the protection of her parents, became a woman of distorted character just because she didn’t get her father’s affection, how would I have changed?”

Robert looked devastated at his daughter showing anger at him, as if she were dealing with an enemy. She didn’t even let him sit down.


“I always had to look around for something that could help somebody since I was five years old, because otherwise I could get kicked to the street. I should have grown up to be the most vicious woman in the world, not a woman of distorted character, as I knew I was abandoned, let alone losing my father’s affection. No, I think that’s how I grew up. I’m not going to forgive Christine, even at my father’s request.”

She wanted to hurt the Marquis of Anais for daring to defend Christine in front of her. She didn’t want to forgive Christine now, and she wanted to make this indecisive father realize how wrong he was acting now, just in case her mind grew weak again one day. “Christine will never get out of this. That’s what I’m going to do.”

Robert was stunned to see Julietta staring at him with angry eyes. “Julietta, aren’t you going to live happily ever after with Prince Killian? So, forgive poor Christine and show her mercy.”

He asked her to forgive Christine because she had everything. His regret came out without him realizing it. If it hadn’t been for Manny’s ability, she would have gone through the horrible thing, and he must have already forgotten the poison that had almost killed her.

Julietta wanted Christine to disappear from her life forever. But in the morning, after she had slapped Christine’s cheeks in the main castle, she was a little relieved and the Marquis of Anais seized the chance to trouble her again.

However, as he laughed at her own heart, the father was telling her that he felt she was being too harsh. The poison seeped into her heart, agonizing her over if she would forgive Christine.

‘How did I get the happiness in my hands that I will have in the future? He has not added any shares to it, yet dares to complain to me, just because he is my father.’

“As of today, I will consider Your Excellency a complete stranger. I will also reject the qualification of official maternal uncle. Maybe others understand my behavior. No matter what I do to the Marquis who keeps telling me to save his daughter, saying such and such about his niece’s happiness, they won’t be able to say anything. From now on, Your Excellency the Marquis will not visit anywhere I am, including the Asta Palace and the Kiellini mansion.”


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