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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 263: Punishment, Part III Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 263. Punishment, Part III

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Christine snorted at Julietta’s words. “Maybe the princess bribed them to frame me. I didn’t do it.”

Julietta’s face grew bitter when she looked at Christine raising her head proudly, as if she were really innocent. “Why did I buy off them? Why would I bother?”

“You would have done it to lay the blame on Prince Francis. Isn’t that why you let go of the Kiellini family’s poison, set me up, and trapped my maternal grandfather?”

“You really don’t do anything without reflection.”

Julietta looked around Robert. “My business ends today. From now on, I don’t have any personal business with anyone of the Anais family, so please keep that in mind.”

The surprised Robert could not stop Julietta’s actions, and before he came to his senses, she had already entered the main castle.

‘I don’t have any personal business with anyone of the Anais family.’

It was an ultimatum to him, trying to cover up for his child despite her guilt. The Marquis hurried inside after Julietta without even looking back at Christine, who was in tears with trembling hands.

“Jul, Iris, honey!”

He desperately called for Julietta ahead of him, but it didn’t work. She heard, but she never looked back. Robert stopped following.

“Father, are you just letting her go? Now that I’ve been attacked this way, you should punish her! Please file a complaint when you enter Congress.”

Robert roared when Christine was angry and demanded it. “How shameless of you! You should ask for forgiveness! You are really creepy. Still, I feel so miserable and awful having to ask forgiveness, because you are my child.” Robert vented his anger on Christine and left the place, unable to look at her anymore.

Christine watched her father disappear and murmured bitterly, “Why do I have to ask for forgiveness, since I have no fault? She brought it all on herself. It’s not my fault!” She clasped her fists and quivered angrily.


The actions of Duke Dudley in the Vicern Temple was so great that it shook the foundations of the aristocratic society.

The words of the Duke of Dudley had cast doubt upon the princess, and had brought her into contempt by only believing the words of a swindler. They would receive finger-pointing for a long time. However, it was not enough to punish the Duke, who was the head of the Dudley family, the family of a founding contributor. The punishment was completed by handing over the Dudley family’s most fertile land and paying huge reparations as an apology to the Kiellini family.

However, the Christian case and the Kiellini family’s poison case had yet to be resolved, leading to discussions.

“Did you clearly confirm the suicide of Duke Kiellini?”

The investigators who had left for Tilia returned and testified that it was a suicide. In the end, the Congress’s opinion was divided between those who said the Duke had been falsely accused and those who argued that he had committed suicide in order to conceal his guilt.

Killian sat at up top, watching the confrontation of the nobles, and then he gave a signal to the waiting Valerian as he stood up. “I never thought there would be a disagreement over what seems so obvious.”

The conference hall which had been clamored was quiet by the dignity of Prince Killian, who looked at the audience leisurely.

“That’s what I was going to say.” Francis sat on the other side, and laughed at him.

“What if there’s a witness for the Duke of Kiellini, who has been falsely accused?” Killian looked up at Francis and raised one side of his mouth.

“A witness? Don’t be ridiculous. There can be no such thing.”

Killian clicked his tongue at Francis’s laugh. “If you’ve done a job, you’ve got to get it done completely. You are so similar to Lady Anais. Ah, the Duke of Dudley was so, and such is your family history.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. If you really have a witness, bring him in.” Francis was taken in by Killian’s provocation, and lost his temper all of a sudden.

“Bring him in.”

Led by Valerian, Count Baden came in.

A cry broke out from the mouth of the Duke of Dudley, who had agreed on compensation from the defendant’s stand and then returned to his foremost seat of the Congress. “The Count of Baden…”

It had been a big problem that they couldn’t get rid of Count Baden, because things were moving so fast. Francis had put up a notice without discussing it with him, and he had been distracted by the crimes Christine had committed. It would be more correct to say that because of the sudden death of Ivana and the doubts about Princess Kiellini left by his daughter that he hadn’t thought that extent.

The Duke of Dudley looked back at Marquis Marius, who was sitting in the middle of the conference hall. If he had missed anything, Marius should have come forward and dealt with it. ‘What did he miss that I am seeing such an important person here?’

When the eyes of Marquis Marius met the ones of the Duke of Dudley, his expression was also hard.


Marquis Marius was confident, fascinated by the thought he came up with, that they would never be caught. ‘Who could think they we used the Baden Shop for the poison?’

He thought it was more suspicious when the Count of Baden suddenly disappeared, as he did not know anything, but here he was, caught by the neck.

He turned to Prince Killian as he watched Count Baden standing in the middle of the conference hall in bewilderment. Marius foresaw the end as the Prince looked at them confidently.

There was only one way he could survive. It had to be done with something that Prince Francis had no idea about. All this had to be done by Duke Dudley so that Francis’s servant himself could be safe. His brain began to work fast.

“I have a suggestion.”

Marquis Marius raised his hand as Valerian was about to explain the presence of the Count of Baden.

“What is it?”

When the Emperor looked back at him and asked, he said politely, “The meeting has been going on for a long time. It’s going to take a long time, too, as a witness to the poison that almost shook Austern’s foundation has appeared. Before that, I think we should take a break. We don’t know how long it’s going to last, and we need to eat something, have a cup of tea and get some energy.”

At the suggestion of Marquis Marius, many nobles voiced their approval. Killian replied with a smile at Marius’s suggestion that something must be up to.

“You’re right. Let’s do that, the Marquis.”


Marquis Marius frowned at the figure of Killian readily agreeing. Killian would know why he proposed taking a break, but he agreed easily. Marius felt uneasy, but he had no time to think long. He quickly got out of his seat and approached Prince Francis, who was in the upper seat.

Killian leaned back leisurely as he watched them discussing something head-to-head.

“They must bring a false charge against the Duke of Dudley,” Oswald murmured.

At Oswald’s words, Killian answered with his long legs crossed, “I’m sure about that. They will desperately try to escape from this poison incident. Count Baden lent them the grain distribution network without knowing anything, so it’s hard to expect any further testimony.”

“By the way, the Marquis of Anais looks worse. I guess he’s worried about Lady Christine. Of course he is. How can he not be worried when the crime is so vicious that execution is mentioned? Are you really going to let her be executed?”

On Oswald’s question, Killian looked at the Marquis of Anais. “It’s Julietta’s decision. I think it’d be better to get rid of her without any trouble.”

Oswald nodded as he recalled what had happened earlier. The story of Princess Kiellini’s outburst in front of the main castle quickly spread to the ears of Killian, who had been in the conference hall since morning. Then Julietta returned from testimony about what had happened in the Vicern Temple, but Christine had entered the waiting room for her subsequent trial.

Julietta’s scuffle in front of the main castle must have been aimed to prevent public sympathy from rising, Christine’s only way out. The noblemen who already attended the assembly and the noble ladies who were waiting in front of the conference hall were noisily gossiping, saying, “How angry and distressed Princess Kiellini must have been to do that?”


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