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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 260: The Proof of Blood, Part XVI Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 260. The Proof of Blood, Part XVI

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

She didn’t know exactly how it could be, but as soon as Julietta had been suspected of being a fake, she had come to the Vicern Temple, and Dian thought she also had to get the archbishop’s recognition. If Julietta had been recognized as a real princess in such a crowd, Dian could have done it, too.

Because Dian had never heard of the Proof of Blood and could not imagine it, she also strongly insisted that she should be recognized by the archbishop.

“I had agonized if I should tell you yesterday. First of all, it was more important to identify the fake Princess Kiellini. But now that Regina’s dead, I’ll tell you about it.”

Dian didn’t know about the ritual of the Proof of Blood, and thought if she could reveal she was the Kiellini family’s illegitimate child first before these people presented Phoebe as a princess, it would work out.

Even if she betrayed Julietta, they wouldn’t be able to help her if she was recognized as an illegitimate child here. Since Dian knew everything, they would be forced to admit her, even to keep her mouth shut.

“Truth? What is the truth you know?”

The Duke, who was trying to do the Proof of Blood by drawing the blood of the dead body, looked back at Dian.

“Everything Regina said when she came here was a lie.”

At Dian’s words, Julietta’s expression was distorted. ‘Oh, come on. Is she doing that to ask for forgiveness now?’

“A lie?” The Duke of Dudley glared at Dian with dreadful eyes. He was officially declared wrong by such a humble maid.

Ignorant of the wrath of the Duke of Dudley, Dian simply spoke for her goal. “Yes, I am the illegitimate child of Duke Kiellini. Regina was originally my maid. She told me that rumors spread that Princess Kiellini was a fake. Why don’t you take this opportunity to go to the Vicern Temple and become Princess Kiellini, and be recognized as the illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Kiellini?”

Oswald caught Manny after his ‘accident’ and returned proudly, shaking his head deliberately with a big sigh. ‘Does that stupid maid think what she’s talking about makes sense? I don’t know why His Highness is listening to this nonsense.’

Several people who thought like Oswald burst out laughing behind him. There seemed for a clown to break into the serious atmosphere.

When the Duke of Dudley tried to say something to Dian, Killian stepped in “The Archbishop, I think we need another Proof of Blood.”

Dian’s head was lifted by the word ‘the Proof of Blood’.

“The Proof of Blood”?”

No one cared about Dian asking what it was.

“We have to make sure that someone who claims to be the illegitimate child of the Duke of Kiellini has reappeared. Mrs. Raban, can I ask you one more time? My heart is not at ease because the princess has shed blood twice, yesterday and today.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Of course, it’s something I have to reveal, so I can do it any number of times.” Simone, who was staring at Dian, quickly answered.

Things went on while Dian was puzzled, not knowing what the Proof of Blood was. This time, without the archbishop’s prayer ceremony, the priest came right up and bloodied Dian’s hand. The priest put Dian’s blood on the pen point and put out a certificate before her.

When Dian hesitated, looking down at the lightly golden paper, Killian’s order fell, “Sign your name.”

When Dian, who had been hesitating, finished her signature, Simone came up and finished her signature. The shiny gold paper did not turn the letters blue like before. The archbishop lifted up a clean sheet of paper with nothing written on them.

“Arrest them.” Killian’s cold voice rang in the temple.

Valerian, who brought the Knights Squad, arrested Duke Dudley and Dian immediately.

The Duke of Dudley exclaimed unjustly, “I’m not guilty. The woman came out of nowhere and insisted that she was Princess Kiellini. Your Highness was embarrassed yesterday because you had something on you.” The Duke seemed to have not missed out on the feelings that Killian had shown for a moment.

Killian looked back at the archbishop, thinking the Duke was not a pushover. “Have you ever seen the dead woman who was called Regina?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“When did you see her?”

“She just came here recently with the Duke of Kiellini for the Proof of Blood as an illegitimate child of the Duke.”

At the Archbishop’s words, the face of the Duke of Dudley turned ghastly pale.

“I couldn’t help but be surprised that the illegitimate child of the Duke of Kiellini, who was supposed to be in the Imperial Castle at His Majesty’s call, appeared in the Vicern Temple and made a fuss, saying that she was the real daughter.”

“But why didn’t you tell me that yesterday?” Duke Dudley cried out.

Killian laughed at the angry remark of the Duke of Dudley. “I didn’t I have to show such generosity to you, who believed what the woman said and dared to claim my fiancée was a fake! Take him away! Send him under arrest right back to Austern!”

In an instant the knights rounded up Dian, who didn’t know what had happened. She pleaded with Julietta when she realized she had been caught lying. “Miss, forgive me. Regina told me to do it all. She threatened to kill me if I didn’t listen to her. Save me!”

Dian was dragged away by the knights, but Julietta turned away coldly at her wailing cry. After she received struggling Manny in Oswald’s arms, Julietta glanced after her and murmured, “Find out for yourself what the cost of betrayal is.”

As the Duke of Dudley and Dian being dragged out, the case of Princess Kiellin was safely settled. The chatter of the nobles filled the Temple.


Phoebe and Maribel decided to stay at the Asta Palace.

Maribel quietly observed Phoebe, who had been unusually quiet and withdrawn since meeting Christine. Maribel came up with a way to resolve the order that His Highness Killian had given her.

“Phoebe, I want to give this to you.” Maribel pulled out the sapphire headdress.

Unlike a usual headdress, which consisted of two hairpins, the headdress that Maribel gave Phoebe had only one. In addition, the tip was as big and blunt as a finger.

“Why are you giving this to me?”

At Phoebe’s bewildered look, Maribel took back the headdress and pulled out the long hairpin.

Phoebe thought that part of the pin was long… because there was a thin dagger in it.

Holding up the shining dagger, Maribel said. “It’s for use in self-defence. You don’t know when you’ll be dragged and raped by a beast-like man again. Use it for yourself.”

Phoebe received the dagger and sheath that Maribel handed her, her hands trembling. Maribel picked up the cup of tea, looking at Phoebe for some time, as she stared at the dagger.

“Phoebe, if Lady Anais recognized you, you know that I can’t keep you next to Julietta until this is settled.”

Maribel looked at Phoebe lowering her head for a long time, and uttered her last warning, “Think about what to do.”


Then she got up from her seat, leaving Phoebe alone. “Tomorrow, Julietta and His Highness will be back, so let’s rest early today. Wasn’t it a tiring day?”

After Maribel went into the bedroom, Phoebe sat alone for a long while.


Francis woke up late and met with his waiting mother. She announced that Marquise Anais, her sister, had committed suicide because of the things Christine had done.

“Is it true that you’re behind the kidnapping and poisoning that Christine did? Are you out of your mind? Now that Killian’s about to be named the Crown Prince in recognition of being a Prince of the main line of descent, you’ve done all that to kill a girl?”

Francis swept his hair up as if irritated by his mother’s scolding. “She’s not just a girl, so I made her do it. She is Princess Kiellini and Killian’s fiancée.”

“What’s the point of it? As long as Killian turned out to be a Prince of the main line of descent, there was no need for the background of the Kiellini family.”

Francis shut his mouth at the scolding from the First Queen. If he said that when Christine had told him about the kidnapping of the princess, he had not guessed Killian’s true identity, it would only prolong the argument. “So, are you saying that Christine was called to the main castle and she is now there?”


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