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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 26: The Principality Of Bertino, Part VII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 26. The Principality Of Bertino, Part VII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“And you will sleep on the floor next to this bed starting today.”


Even though it was the best room in the inn, it was a small room where the door came in just a few steps away from the bed. No matter how she would sleep on the floor, the pressure of sleeping with the Prince in this small room made Julietta’s words of protest pop out of her mouth.

“I can sleep in the living room.”

He would not order Julietta to sleep on the bedside floor for herself, but she rebelled with an air of innocence. Killian, however, added another word to Albert, as he didn’t hear her, “Get out of here right away, and I don’t need an escort in front of my room today, so leave it empty.”

“Your Highness, it is absurd. I can’t believe you ordered the escorts away. What if someone breaks in?”

Albert jumped out of his skin, but Killian threw off his gown with force, put on his pants and shirt again, and went onto the bed.

“I have a strong maid. Don’t worry. She is going to protect me even by blocking everyone.”

“Is it me?” ‘What is this, some kind of groundless confidence?’

When Julietta was dumbfounded by the clumsy words, Killian cleared it up, “If anything happens to me, I’m sure the people under me won’t be safe.”

Julietta immediately accepted. Quickly going out into the living room and picking up a couple of blankets on the sofa, she quietly laid the blanket that she had brought next to the bed where Killian lay.

Albert shook his head pitifully at the sight of Julietta and went outside to carry out his orders.

Julietta glanced at her employer’s bed and thought for a moment whether to take off her heavy glasses. It had already been a few months since the wine incident, and he would not remember that very girl was herself, but she hesitated. If she was caught, she did not know what the perverse reaction of the Prince would be, who could not be called a good person.

But it seemed more suspicious to sleep with her glasses on, and she lay down with them in her hands so she could don them at any time.

As she lay in a blanket wearing an uncomfortable dress with wires in her waist and hips, the fire flared up from inside her. The more she thought about why she couldn’t sleep well, the angrier she got.

“Stop haggling and sleep. Or are you expecting something different?” His low, colorful voice made Julietta look like she was asleep in one breath.

‘I don’t know why he doesn’t hate or loathe my disguised appearance like everyone else.’

She was worried that the Prince was being generous, so she couldn’t hide her mind from it, and that she might be shortening her life by making a big mistake.


Killian sneaked out of bed as Julietta slowly fell asleep, trying to erase the ominous thought that he might run wild about taking a bath from tomorrow morning.

‘What were you so angry about?’

She pretended to be asleep, but when he said something, she quickly fell asleep; it was cute. It was amazing that an unusual maid who he had never experienced had made him very happy on his boring trip.

Killian thought he’d better tell Albert tomorrow to stop finding a new maid.

‘Where can I go and get a maid who hates me in this funny way?’

He was so happy that he thought he would make as much of what happened today as possible.

Exactly two hours later, Killian realized that he had a very bad idea before.

Count Baden’s eldest daughter expected to come into his bed, and he was confident that he would be able to handle it neatly because he was in such a good mood today, but it was a big miscalculation.

As he was cleaning the dagger, which had been left to him by his deceased grandfather, with the background of regular breathing, he heard the door to the drawing room leading to the hallway of the inn open.

Thinking that she had finally arrived, Killian kicked the sleeping maid on the floor with the toes of his long legs. It was unforgivable that she even fell asleep before him, the Prince, but this dull maid never thought of waking up despite the urgent kick.

While thinking about what to do, the bedroom door opened, and the shadow that had crept into it jumped into the bed and crushed his body before he even prepared his heart.

According to his calculations, the woman had to trip over the maid in between as she walked into his bed. However, the obstacle was naturally cleared as Julietta stayed close to the bed to avoid his kick.

It was never a good feeling to be suddenly laid down on by someone who came in the middle of the night. His generosity, which was rarely seen, today hit the bottom in a moment.

Killian grabbed the impudent woman’s collar and threw her out of his bed with no mercy. A scream burst out of the mouth of a woman who fell to the floor, and at the same time, the maid who was sleeping rose in bewilderment.

“What, what sound is this?”

A bewildered Julietta looked around the dark room, and the Prince’s cold order fell, “Turn on the light.”

The Prince’s gloomy voice, which seemed to signal ‘You’re dead now,’ was so cold that her heart leapt into her throat. As soon as she turned on the magic light after hurrying to don the glasses she had not lost even during her surprise, she could see a woman with torn clothes around her neck lying down.

The gloomy atmosphere grew more sullen as Julietta looked at her employer with suspicious eyes.

“What is that look in your eyes? Get rid of that woman right now!”

As the fierce look and voice that revealed that he was really angry, Julietta quickly approached the woman who had fallen down.

“Well, Lady, get a hold of yourself. Wake up. You can’t lie here like this.”

She shook the woman carefully, like waking up a drunken man lying on the street, but the woman never thought of waking up. She was agonizing for a moment about how to wake up, and felt a chill in her spine.

As she sensed that the bomb’s time was heading for zero, Julietta began to shake the woman strongly. She was sorry to shake her heartlessly, but it wasn’t the time to overlook a woman’s situation.

She thought the woman, who was stretched out in a man’s room in the middle of the night, was wrong, and shook her with all her might, and finally the corpse-like woman began to respond.


“Uh, Ugh.” She moaned as the woman woke up, as if the mind of Julietta in a snit was transmitted to her.

‘What the hell had happened? And why was this woman lying here in this faint?’

Julietta just wanted her to get up before the bomb went off. When she looked at the Prince with anxious eyes and wondering how long he would wait, the woman finally opened her eyes.

“Where, where am I…?”

The woman, who was groaning with her head on her head, suddenly raised her head. She pushed Julietta and ran to the Prince.

“Your Highness, I had to come here to see you like this. Please give me a hug.”

Now she seemed to be completely out of touch with the expression of the Prince and the atmosphere in the room. While she was agonizing over whether she should stop the woman who firmly clung to him, she was hanging on his shoulders and pulling down her thin pajamas.

The woman began to cry pitifully when her plump bare chest was exposed. When the Prince looked down at the scene without saying a word, Julietta slowly stepped back, thinking that it was an atmosphere that she had to retreat.


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