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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 259: The Proof of Blood, Part XV Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 259. The Proof of Blood, Part XV

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

She looked at the colorful pendant with Bertino’s emblem hanging around her neck. It was the pendant with Regina’s blood, which Killian had prepared just in case, a necklace made by magician Coupe. In the middle of the silver Bertino emblem was a drop-shaped cut amethyst. If she slightly pressed the underside part of the colorful pendant, Regina’s blood inside the pendant would come out.

Julietta stood up after reviewing her actions in her head several times. When she came out to the lounge connected to the VIP bedroom, Killian was waiting. “Did my aunt arrive?”

Killian nodded as if she did. “I intentionally didn’t go to see her. We need to be careful about any actions right now.”

“How surprised my aunt must have been!”

Julietta was heading for the door and found Marquis Oswald smiling at the entrance. “Did you finish it well?”

“Yes. Phoebe did a very good job of her role in front of His Majesty and the nobles last night. All you have to do now is to finish your work here safely.”

Oswald, unaware of the incident between Christine and Phoebe, was clear without a shadow. The positive reaction also brightened Julietta’s dark mood.

“Yes, of course.” Julietta lifted her head gallantly, stroking Manny in her arms.


More of Austern’s nobles who had heard of what had happened yesterday thronged to the spacious hall. The hall for the ceremony was crowded and noisy, as all but those who had attended the imperial meeting were here.

“You’re in trouble. There are so many people watching.”

‘Can Julietta finish her task safely without being seen by so many?’ The middle of Killian’s forehead was furrowed.

Keeping the smile on her face, Julietta whispered softly, “Maybe it’s better.”

“Is it better?”

“With so many people in the crowd, even the slightest disturbance will make it as noisy as if someone had hit a hive.”

Julietta walked out to the front of those who greeted her and put Manny in the arms of the Marquis of Oswald. “Your Excellency the Marquis, please take good care of Manny.”

Julietta kissed Manny’s round head and stared into Oswald’s eyes. Then she walked to the altar where the archbishop and priests were waiting.


“Iris, what’s going on here?”

“I’m sorry you’re not feeling well.”

Mrs. Raban was waiting in advance, and hugged Iris as soon as she saw her. It looked like they were the perfect aunt and niece.

“No, it’s not. There are the people who set up a conspiracy to exterminate our family, so it’s not a big deal that I’m sick.”

Simone’s grudging glance headed for the Duke of Dudley. Simone was staring at him as she whispered to Julietta, “I can’t see Regina.”

There was no sign of Regina, who Simone thought would be beside the Duke.

Julietta looked sadly at Simone, who looked next to the Duke in an ambiguous voice that might be reassuring or worried. This place was going to be more painful for her than anyone else.

“I think she’s not feeling very well. She fell down yesterday. Would you like to meet her later?”

Yesterday the archbishop said Regina would not live long. Perhaps she had been here to squeeze her last breath and get her revenge. When Julietta realized that, her dislike and resentment for Regina died down. But it didn’t for Dian.

“We will start the ceremony.”

The archbishop’s prayer began to rise in the temple. At the end of the godly prayer, a regular priest came up with a small knife.

Julietta, like yesterday, was handed a knife, but did not have the priest step back. As he stretched the knife to her finger, Manny whined over in Oswald’s arms. When Oswald, who was holding it tightly, slightly loosened his arms, Manny acted as if it had been given a signal.

The archbishop, the priests, and the people who were watching Julietta, although it was a tiny sound, looked at Manny.

As the eyes of the people turned and focused on it, Manny jumped from the arms of the Marquis of Oswald. Landing safely on the floor, Manny approached the Duke of Dudley and promptly peed on his shiny, luxurious shoes with an air of ostentatious pride.

“You son of a bitch!” the Duke of Dudley shouted at the dog who dared piss on his shoes.

Manny cried piteously and whined as if it had been hit.

At Manny’s mournful cry, Lilly, who was in Ian’s arms, also struggled to jump down. She failed to escape Ian’s arms, and meowed sharply as she retaliated. For some time, the temple was distracted by the servant wiping the shoes of Duke Dudley and people trying to catch the troubled pet.

Julietta put her finger on the pendant without missing the moment. It was a very brief moment.

As people turned to look at Julietta again, she seemed to take the knife from her red-blooded hand. She handed the priest the knife with a little blood.

At the end of all the preparations, the archbishop brought her the gold paper. Marquise Raban signed the certificate with a pen soaked in her blood, and after she did, Julietta also signed it.

After a short time waiting for the result, the buzzing inside died down to absolute silence. The archbishop raised the certificate to the people solemnly.

“The blood relation between Princess Kiellini and Marquise Raban has been proven.”

The certificate lifted by the archbishop clearly marked the signatures of the two in blue letters.

Their eyes moved to Prince Killian, who was looking at Princess Kiellini. They could see a couple exchanging embarrassed smiles, as if this ridiculous thing had finally been done. Those who checked the certificate once more looked at the Duke of Dudley. ‘What the hell did he do this for?’

“It can’t be. Miss Regina and my daughter said she was a fake. There’s got to be some kind of trick! I’m sure!”

The dazed Duke of Dudley came running and snatched Julietta’s hand. The white, slender index finger he grasped had a cross-marked cut and was soaked in blood.

At the rudeness of the Duke of Dudley, Killian took his shoulder and forced him off from Julietta. “Duke Dudley, I can’t stand you any longer. Keep in mind that you will never escape from this.”

Despite Killian’s anger, the Duke of Dudley showed little response. He looked back at his servant. “Bring the woman. If she is still unconscious, drag her along as she is. If she does the Proof of Blood with Marquise Raban, we’ll find the answer.”

The Duke turned around and looked at Julietta with hollow eyes. “If the woman and the Marquise of Raban are proven to be blood relatives, then my suspicion is not wrong.”

At the words of the Duke of Dudley, Julietta smiled sweetly. “Maybe Duke Dudley wants to make me a fake Princess Kiellini somehow. Even though I proved myself with the Proof of Blood. Why would you do that?”

The Duke of Dudley believed in his own intuition. He believed that the woman before him was the illegitimate child of the Marquis of Anais.


Two people looked so alike, and Ivana had noticed the secret, because she was the illegitimate child of the Marquis. He was sure to find out what trick they had played to pass the Proof of Blood.

Killian looked back at the archbishop, turning his eyes from the Duke who could not give up, as if to do one last thing. “Thanks for the ceremony you have performed without any qualms, despite today’s sudden scheduling after yesterday.”

“You’re welcome. Vicern is also noisy because of the position of the successor, but Austern must have a lot of complex circumstances, too. However, the glory is shining on Your Highness, so don’t worry.”

“This will make my relationship with the Archbishop very strong in the future.”

The Duke of Dudley’s servant brought Dian in while Killian was praising the archbishop. “Your Excellency, yesterday the lady was already dead. This rude maid didn’t report it.”

Dian was thrown on the floor roughly and shouted. “I didn’t know she was dead. I’m telling the truth.”

Dian appealed in tears as she had planned yesterday. “The archbishop said that he couldn’t treat her, either. I just thought she was sick because she couldn’t wake up.”

Dian peeped at Julietta. Seeing that she hadn’t been dragged out yet, she didn’t seem to be called out as a fake. She quickly looked around and caught the atmosphere. The Duke of Dudley had a pale complexion, and the faces of Prince Killian and Julietta were calm. In other words, she was recognized as Princess Kiellini, despite being a fake.


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