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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 258: The Proof of Blood, Part XIV Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 258. The Proof of Blood, Part XIV

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

After a moment’s reflection to see if she omitted something, she continued, “His Excellency was distressed that this incident caused Your Majesty and His Highness Killian a great deal of trouble. And when Miss Regina, who lost her life’s goal, became mentally deranged, he blamed himself, saying that everything was his fault. When the Duke collapsed, Miss Regina and I were there.”

Phoebe drew a short breath and then went back on. “The Duke said that if the princess and Regina would not lose their identities and be in trouble for failing to keep the family secret, he must bear the guilt and pay the price, and he would kill himself. And he added, ‘A betrayer who communicated secretly with the run-away butler should be found, and we must find out who he was and the person behind the scenes, so that he may be free from his injustice.’”

After finishing, Phoebe bowed her head. Phoebe was shaking her shoulders and wiping the corners of her eyes, the very appearance of a lady in great sorrow.

“I see. There were a lot of gossips about the suicide of the Duke of Kiellini, but in the end it was an appeal of death for the unjustice…”

When Phoebe’s testimony was settled by the Emperor’s words, the nobles also helped him, too. There were no mistakes in the words of Lady Pauran, and the Emperor’s intentions were tilted towards them, so there was no reason to argue. “That’s right, Your Majesty. Even before the outbreak of the epidemic, rumors had circulated that the butler of the Kiellini family had fled.”

Oswald spread the rumor when he was at parties as the epidemic broke out, but somehow people’s memories were distorted that the butler had fled before then.

“It wouldn’t be any different, even when the investigation team who went down to Tilia returns.”

No one objected to the Emperor’s sure remark.

“Lady Pauran, wait in the waiting room for a moment. I have questions to ask. I will call you later at break time.”

Phoebe thought it was over, but now she had to wait again. She hid her disappointment and had no choice but to go to the waiting room, next to the conference room where Christine had entered earlier, as directed by the Grand Chamberlain.

Phoebe entered the waiting room, and went to the furthest seat to avoid Christine. Though she passed the most difficult hurdle safely, she still seemed nervous. Maribel looked closely at Phoebe.

Christine looked at Phoebe, who was looking straight ahead as if she would be in trouble if she turned to the side, and opened her mouth. “Have we met somewhere before? I’m Christine Anais.”

At Christine’s question, Phoebe flinched her shoulders. After a moment, she looked at Christine with stiff eyes. “It’s Phoebe Pauran. It’s my first time seeing you.”

Maribel narrowed her eyes as she looked at Phoebe’s white bloodless face, her voice without intonation, and frightened eyes.

There was something. It was not a simple fear of being called into a difficult place and being nervous.

“Was your hair originally such a color?” Phoebe turned her head again, as if she didn’t want to talk anymore, but Christine kept asking.

“Do you know that Princess Kiellini collapsed after taking the poison that spread through the capital?” Maribel stepped in to divert Christine’s attention to herself.

“Who are you?”

“I am Countess Maribel Grayson. I am going to be serving Princess Kiellini in the future, and today I’m here to help Lady Pauran, who is not used to royal court etiquette.”

She hadn’t yet been formally given the title of the Countess, but somehow she felt it didn’t matter. Christine was going to die anyhow.

“Oh, you were the owner of the Eileen Theater. I don’t know how my cousin gets close to someone like you. Is it because she grew up in the countryside? She has a terrible eye for people.”

Maribel smiled silently at Christine’s vitriolic tongue.

When she waited for her opponent to answer, there was no reaction at all, and Christine said disapprovingly, “So? What’s the connection between the poison of Princess Kiellini and Lady Pauran?”

“Lady Pauran also suffered from that poison. The side effects of the poison have turned her hair white.”

Christine smiled sarcastically at the sight of Maribel looking straight at her, as if she knew she had done it. “That’s too bad. How could she have been so unlucky?”

Phoebe clasped her hands more tightly on her lap against such Christine’s uncaring face. It was like she was going back into the carriage, where Christine had said that she would send her to that demon-like man as a gift.

“Then what was the color of your hair before it turned white? Blonde?” Christine looked at Phoebe and asked, as if she were thinking about something.

Phoebe felt like the world was stopping. She was so choked up, but she could hear Maribel’s voice at that moment. “It was brown, and very desirable red-brown hair. I’m very upset that her hair has become this color because of someone.”

Maribel’s black eyes met Christine’s sky blue eyes.

“Brown… I see. However, why do I think of it as blonde?”

Phoebe didn’t know if she noticed anything or just talked to her mind, but every word she said was a great threat.

“But what about Pauran? It’s my first time hearing it.”

Instead of the bewildered Phoebe, Maribel stepped up and explained, “She is a cousin of Count Valerian, who now serves Princess Kiellini.”

“As the maid of the princess?”

Christine’s gaze went down to Phoebe’s leg. What Jane had said before came to her mind. The leg of the princess’s companion looked very uncomfortable, and Jane didn’t know why the princess kept such a girl close. ‘Didn’t she say that she couldn’t get up alone if she fell and wondered how uncomfortable it would be?’

“I thought your leg was uncomfortable… the way you walk reminds me of someone” Christine’s voice softened to the fullest extent.

“Lady Pauran! I would like to introduce you to His Highness Francis, who is said to be a lady who serves my cousin the princess close by. I’ll invite you soon.”

She was accused of kidnapping Princess Kiellini and attempting to poison her, but she was confident that her safety would not be impeded at all. Phoebe’s face turned pale at Christine’s imposing attitude, where no remorse, guilt, or fear could be found.

‘She recognized me. She must have realized who I was.’ She didn’t know when she would be dragged to that hell again. Fear sprang up.

“Lady Anais, His Majesty is calling you.” Fortunately, a servant came to take Christine before the frightened Phoebe showed any response.

Christine’s steps were very graceful, as if to show Maribel and Phoebe that she was of noble birth. She turned back and looked at Phoebe in front of the door, her steps as quiet as if walking on air.

“I’ll send someone soon. Please accept my invitation.”

When Christine spoke so excitedly and left the waiting room, Maribel approached Phoebe’s side. “Speak frankly. When did you meet with Lady Anais?”

She already guessed it, but she had to hear it through Phoebe’s mouth.

“It’s her who kidnapped me and handed me over as a gift to someone called His Highness.”

It was so. Maribel put her brain to work quickly.


‘Did she really recognize Phoebe? Or was she just suspicious? Is that why she wants to show her to Prince Francis? He’ll recognize Phoebe at once because he saw Phoebe’s hair turn white.

‘The woman who knows Phoebe’s original identity is Lady Anais! It’s necessary to shut her mouth in a hurry. But even if I killed Christine, what about Prince Francis? Should I kick Phoebe out?’

Avoiding Maribel’s complicated gaze, Phoebe lowered her head. She’d rather go back to the comfortable and safe dress shop. But Maribel wouldn’t let her go to the dress shop if she was kicked out…


The next morning Julietta looked at her cleanly healed index finger. It was thanks to the priest who came and treated her yesterday.

Julietta looked at her finger without a word, and picked up the small knife Vera had earlier carved the fruit with and placed on a tray. She cut an identical cross in the area she had cut with a knife yesterday, and immediately stopped when red blood leaked out.

“The princess, the ceremony is about to start.” As the blood stopped, Vera came into the bedroom and began to dress her.

Julietta looked at herself in the mirror. Looking at the more colorful clothes and accessories than yesterday, and the precious jewels that would show the dignity of Princess Kiellini, she bit her lips. She must finish this ceremony safely today.


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