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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 250: The Proof of Blood, Part VI Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 250. The Proof of Blood, Part VI

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“It’s time to die, so I have a lot of thoughts.” Regina struggled to close her eyes and opened again. “I know you’ve had a hard time waiting on me in the annex.” Regina intentionally tried to be friendly with her words. “I wanted to give you a gift.”

Dian opened her eyes wide at the word “gift.”

“It’s good for me, too.” Regina said to Dian, who tilted her head to hear what Regina was saying. “I can’t forgive a prostitute coming into my house.”

Regina looked strongly at Dian. “I’ll make you the Duke’s bastard. If you become the daughter of the Kiellini family, you can enjoy everything you can’t imagine right now.”

“Yes?” Dian’s eyes grew bigger.

“You like Sir Caden, don’t you? Even if you’re the cousin of Count Valerian, you can’t marry a man from a historic family like Count Caden.”

‘I am a cousin of Count Valerian, why can’t I marry him?’

Regina, however, put a devil’s whisper into the ear of Dian, who did not know the aristocratic world. “As Austern is an Empire and Bertino is nothing more than a Principality, there is a huge difference between the nobles with the same status. It doesn’t matter to Count Valerian because he also has Austern’s title, but that’s not what your cousin’s family has, is it?”

It wasn’t even wrong. Regina smiled wickedly at Dian’s shaken eyes. “But if you’re the daughter of the Kiellini family, then you can be the Countess of Caden, regardless of whether you’re illegitimate or not.”

“What about Phoebe when I’m an illegitimate child?”

“She can just be Count Valerian’s cousin instead of you. I don’t understand His Highness Killian. Shouldn’t he have done this a long time ago? You’re the one who’s been stuck in Tilia’s mansion and has done all the hard work. How does he put a woman like that in the Duke’s bastard seat? The people who visited the brothel may recognize her.”

Dian stopped breathing in amazement. It was a big deal if someone would recognize Phoebe. She remembered the time before Phoebe hurt her leg. She was more expensive and popular than anyone else with her rare blonde hair and blue-green eyes.

“What happens when she gets caught?”

“The Kiellini family is extinct. The heads of everyone who has been involved in this would be cut off at the guillotine. And Sir Caden, too.”

Regina’s words sounded like lightning strikes on Dian’s ear; everyone who had been involved in this? “How, how can I, what should I do?”

“You have to go to the capital. You have to reveal that you’re the illegitimate child of the Kiellini family. Then other people will have no choice. They think it doesn’t matter who becomes an illegitimate child, so they’ll quickly introduce you.”

A whirlpool swirled in Dian’s mind. It was true that she was better suited to be the Duke of Kiellini’s foster daughter than a prostitute. Still, something troubled her so that she could not make up her mind.

At the appearance of Dian who bit her lips and hesitated, Regina talked to her, “Before the woman named Phoebe steps out as the daughter of the Kiellini family, you must quickly reveal your existence. You can say that I am your relative, and that you couldn’t help but bring me here because I was sick. Then no one will get hurt.”

Regina added that she was looking at Dian whose face was bright. “It’s good for everyone.”

Regina closed her eyes as she watched Dian’s head go up and down. She was able to avenge them before she died.


Killian, Julietta, and witnesses left for Vicern for the Proof of Blood.

Soon after that, Valerian brought Maribel and Phoebe to the main castle where the Emperor worked. They were guided to one of the numerous waiting rooms outside the lounge.

“I’ll apply for an audience with His Majesty.”

When Valerian left the waiting room, Phoebe recounted what she had to say. Maribel checked Phoebe’s nervous look.

The hair whitened by the poison had not returned to its original color, and her new hair was white, too. On top of that, the powder from ground pearls was applied to the hair, to make it look silver, as Julietta asked for. Thanks to her dark purple dress, Phoebe’s eyes looked mild brown. It was rewarding to use the illusion effect.

When Maribel felt that people who were guests would not recognize Phoebe, she finally asked a maid to prepare tea. While drinking the tea, she recalled Prince Killian’s order, delivered by Count Valerian, to kill Lady Anais when the Prince and Julietta emptied the Imperial Castle. Killing her and making it look like suicide was not a difficult task if she could approach her. However, there was no right way to approach her without being suspected.

Count Valerian came back while she was agonizing. “The noblemen’s meeting on the charges against Lady Anais is being held. We’ll have to wait a while, as the meeting is going to take a long time, because it’s a serious issue.”

Phoebe didn’t know it was Lady Anais, Christine, who had kidnapped her, nor did the others. So, they had no idea of what Phoebe and Christine were at risk of running into.

“I’m fine, but I’m worried about Phoebe. She’s so nervous that she can’t even take a sip of water.”

“They said they’ll call us as soon as the meeting is over, so please wait a little longer. I’ll have to go back because of what I was asked to do.”

Valerian sought forgiveness and went out to take over the Baden Shop, as Julietta had ordered.


The Emperor’s summons was given to Christine, who had been sleeping until noon because she had been afflicted until the middle of the night by Francis. The charges were about the kidnapping and poisoning attempt on Princess Kiellini.

Francis was sleeping on drugs. Since there was no surveillance from Marquis Marius to leash him, he had enjoyed a frenzied night in the Imperial Castle.

She arrived at the main castle without waking Francis, and waited until she was called to the Emperor; when she had a moment, she sent people to the mansions of Dudley and Anais, not knowing that no one could help her at the moment.

Then the First Queen came into the waiting room.

“Aunt!” She felt like she had come back to life, because there came the First Queen who liked her. But there was only a look of cold contempt that came back to her.

“You, get out.” The First Queen ordered Penny, Christine’s maid. As soon as the frightened Penny left the waiting room, the First Queen said to Christine coldly. “Your mother died last night, because of you.”

Christine didn’t know what she was talking about. However, the First Queen kept pouring harsh words onto her niece, who was batting her eyelids.

“You are the shame of the Dudley family. While I’ve often called you to the Imperial Castle because I liked you, you stirred up these troubles! I can’t believe it!”

Her niece went in and out of the Imperial Castle, and had an eye on Killian, and now that she couldn’t get Killian’s eye, she was greedy for Francis.

“Don’t expect Francis to save you. I’ll get rid of you first, before you become a hindrance to Francis’s future.”

The shock of her mother’s death vanished at the words of the First Queen. “No, you’ll have to save me. His Highness Francis ordered the kidnapping of Princess Kiellini and the attempt to poison her.”

Francis didn’t ask her to do it, but it didn’t matter. ‘If I say so, who wouldn’t believe it?’

Christine did not show a bit of sadness, even at the words that her mother had died, and the First Queen was horrified by the sight.

“Ivana died because of you. Do you have anything to say about that?”


“I feel sorry, but it was inevitable.”

“You’re a scary girl. If I take you away from Francis, I won’t let you live!”

“You’ll have to keep me alive, or I will reveal that the man who spread the poison of the Kiellini family is His Highness Francis, before I die.”

“It’s nothing if I insist that you just said nonsense before you died.”

“I have a witness.”

She couldn’t find Jane, the maid, who had run away, but they didn’t know anything.

The First Queen’s face turned pale. It occurred to her that that spiteful girl might really drag Francis to his death.

“Promise, or I’ll tell the truth as soon as I’m called to His Majesty.”


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