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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 25: The Principality Of Bertino, Part VI Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 25. The Principality Of Bertino, Part VI

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Julietta gave a sigh of relief before the knights, who stared at her while leaving the room after putting down the bathtub.


As soon as the Prince’s command was issued, regardless of her mood, Julietta ran up beside him like lightning.

Undressing that noble body standing tall like a mountain, Julietta was overwhelmed by tension and had difficulty swallowing. If she did something wrong, she would be labeled a pervert.

Fortunately, the Prince, who had a scowl on his face, as if he hadn’t noticed her condition, entered the bathtub as soon as his clothes were removed, and let out a satisfying sigh.

Julietta picked up the bath sponge, being careful not to turn her eyes to the bathtub that boasted water far too clear.

Killian had been smiling at the maid, whose face had turned sour and had her eyes tightly closed, waving a sponge like a weapon. It was hilarious to see her wielding a sponge desperately, whether or not water splashed on her clothes, which she was still wearing even though the steam was fogging up her glasses from the hot water of the bathtub. Killian leaned back in the bathtub, watching the funny sight.

The roles of the servants and maids at his side were precisely separated. It was the job of the male servant to hand over his body or take a bath for him or attend to his clothes, and of the maid to prepare tea, wait on for meals, and to host guests.

One day, at a sensitive time as he moved from boy to young man, a woman in charge of caring for him carried out a senseless act of groping, casting an amorous glance at him. That unpleasantness was a secret that only he and Albert knew, and was the cause of the least annoying maid in his own mind being fired.

Regardless of the other person’s feelings, the women who were always trying to cling to and rush him to have sex were just abominable abusers. He knew better than anyone else how he felt when he was subjected to unwanted actions by an unwanted person, so even if he had the status of the royal family, he had neither forced nor decided to force himself on a woman.

There was only one criterion for him to choose a woman: a mature relationship that was not burdensome to each other, and the rationality of breaking up when one of them asked for more or wanted more.

The women who became his lovers were not chosen for their appearance. He only chose a woman who was the least active among those who hovered around him and sought opportunities and promised not to ask for his love and future.

Such a Killian, however, was snickering, while giving an order to bathe him to the maid in front of him.

This maid was very unusual from the start. She was so rude that he could never find any respect for her master, and indifferent with no interest in his status as the royal family and his handsome face.

In addition, contrary to Albert’s recommendation that she was sincere and prudent, she secretly displayed her emotions whenever he ordered her to do something she didn’t want to do, and tried to avoid doing it whenever she could. Her grumpy face made him do this, but Killian was not offended at all and felt good.

‘When does she surrender when she can’t do it? Let’s see what would happen,’ he thought and gave himself to her, but suddenly, he felt a touch at an important place.

“Huck, Your Highness. It’s a mistake. I didn’t mean it at all. Please forgive me.”

Julietta was able to wash her employer’s hair and wipe off his wide, muscular back and even his solid chest. But the problem was what came next. The belly hard as a stone was done anyway, but she couldn’t even think of going below.

Until now, the arrogant Prince managed to keep his mouth shut, but the water was getting colder. Unable to hesitate more, Julietta closed her eyes and rubbed the sponge with a frantic pace.

She had a feeling. She felt like she touched something important. It didn’t matter how much Jeff wiped. She touched something she could never intrude on.

Killian’s mouth turned sour after the woman made a fuss, in the way, “I touched the dirtiest thing in the world.” He thought he’d stop at this point, but he changed his mind. What a hateful face!

“Forgiveness? You’re saying something funny things. Of course, it’s where you need to clean it up. Come on, hurry up. The water got cold.”

Killian’s words hardened Julietta’s resolution.

‘Yeah, you know. It’s inevitable. It’s what you have to do, as long as you get double your salary and various bonuses. Now, the man before you is not a man. It’s your future, someone who pays for your debt and your freedom. You can do it… but I can’t.’

“Give me the sponge and go down and bring me dinner. If I wait for you to wipe it off, It won’t be finished by tomorrow morning.”

When she looked blue and white, as if she was going to die, Killian allowed her to stop, because he was afraid his maid would stop breathing.

As soon as that happened, her dying face lit up. The maid still held out a sponge to him, her eyes tightly closed, with an air of worldly politeness.

“I’ll get your meal as soon as I can. Your Highness being hungry should not happen. I’ll be back like lightning.”

Watching her escape with great joy without looking back at him, Killian thought very briefly about whether he would call her back.


“Your Highness, the Count insists that he will not step down until he says hello to you.”

After the dinner that the maid had brought back with her excitedly, Albert came to Killian, who was leisurely drinking tea in a gown.

“Is he here alone?”


“Send him back.”

“Your Highness, no matter how many times I say it to him, he ignores it. He’s holding out on the ground floor right now, that he won’t go back if he can’t say hello.” At his strong refusal, Albert said, “This old man has to sleep to travel tomorrow. Oops, my back!”

But the Prince just looked unmoved, so he continued, “I guess he still hasn’t given up on that ambition after he was in such a fuss last year, and he’s brought his daughters here to meet you. How can I defend against such a reckless intrusion?”


At the sound of Albert’s whining, Julietta muttered, unknowingly, a maxim, “I heard an attack is the best defense.”

When Killian heard Julietta muttering, he looked at her with his eyes flashing. “Say that again.”

When Killian responded to the muttering comment without realizing it, Julietta, who hesitated for a moment, opened her mouth, “If you only defend, it will get you through one day. Attack is the best defense. Before being invaded, this side should attack and remove that danger, that is the best. Though Your Highness doesn’t like it, if he obstinately comes to you, it means that he has a purpose and he doesn’t want to give it up until he achieves it. They say, ‘Knock and the door will be opened to you.’ So if you don’t want to get caught up in something you don’t want, wouldn’t it be better if you never let him do it again?”

Julietta, who said what she thought of herself, as if she did not hesitate, hurried to bow her head, as she thought, ‘My Goodness!’

Killian looked at her carefully and buried himself on the sofa. As he opened his mouth to say something, there was suddenly an uproar outside.

“Your Highness, Henry Archibald Baden came up here in spite of his rudeness to greet you. Please allow me to come in and grant me the honor to see you.”

When Baden’s voice was heard from outside, Killian stopped what he was going to say, jumped up and went into the inner room and sat on the bed. And after beckoning Albert and Julietta, staring dazed at him, he whispered as they approached. “I fell asleep because I was tired from a while ago. He wouldn’t dare say hello to me by waking me up. If he wants to see me sleeping, say, ‘No one is allowed in without His Highness’s permission, and it is treason to disobey his orders.’ Stressing that, take the Count downstairs.”

At Killian’s words, Albert nodded reluctantly with a crying look.


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