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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 242: Disclosure, Part XIII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 242. Disclosure, Part XIII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

When Count Valerian approached at Killian’s fierce command, Ivana hurriedly raised her hand to stop him. “Wait, wait! Your Highness, give me a chance.”

“What chance?”

Fjord was her precious son, who she couldn’t possibly hurt. She could never let her young son die without blame because of his sister.

Even though she said that it didn’t matter what would happen to the Anais family, Fjord was to inherit it. Even if she took Fjord to the Dudley family, she could not make him live as a low-ranking aristocrat without a title.

“Well, well, I, I think I had a misconception about it. Forgive me, please forgive me.”

“Misconception? Was that a rumor that the Duke of Dudley made up to frame me?”

Ivana looked again at Prince Killian. Even though she said she knew that Princess Kiellini was a fake, he remained calm. Even though she revealed that the princess was the illegitimate child of Marquis Anais, he was not disturbed at all.

‘Did you get it wrong? Is it because I wanted it to be that way?’

Her thoughts were complicated, but it was something to think about later. If she said something wrong here, he might put Christine’s guilt on her father and deal with it right away. She had to meet her father tomorrow. She had to talk about what happened today and discuss how to solve it, and she had to stop Prince Killian from receiving what he called the Proof of Blood with her husband by saying that she seemed to be the illegitimate child of her husband.

“Your Highness, the Anais family is the maternal family of Princess Kiellini, who will be the Empress. It should not be a hindrance to the person who gets to the glorious position.” Oswald was watching silently and now stepped up. As always, sweet consolation was effective behind the scary whipping. It was his turn. Killian’s role was to give her a disease and Oswald’s was to give medicine.

At Oswald’s words, Ivanna nodded stiffly. “Your Highness, I will surely punish the fault of the immature child. Please forgive us so that this is not known to the public.”

Ivana became nervous when Killian deliberately stopped talking.

“Your Highness, please forgive us for seeing the little boy, Fjord. He is twelve years old now. How helpful he would be for Princess Kiellini the future Empress, if he grew up.”

Killian finally allowed that when she recognized him as the future Emperor, and not Francis, her nephew. “That’s good. But not just. Both of you will have to write a memorandum.”


Unlike Robert, who remained as helpless as if he were dead, Ivana keenly accepted the word memorandum.

“I’d already given you one chance, but this happened again. I can’t trust your daughter anymore. If she does this well, she’s going to kill me, too.”

There was no respect at all, nothing but a thorough mockery. Ivana clenched her fist. ‘I’ll beat Christine first, as soon as I get back.’

“Write as I call.”

Paper and pens were placed in the hands of the Marquis and Marquise Anais.

“Write your names. Ivana Anais and Robert Anais apologize for the attempted kidnapping and poisoning of Princess Kiellini that were committed by Christine Anais. We were forgiven once, but we failed to prevent Christine from going the wrong way again. We want to pay back our child’s wrongdoings by our deaths.”

Ivana stopped the pen at the end of the passage, unlike Robert who wrote it down without any resistance.

“We will pay it back by our deaths?”

“It’s a kind of insurance. When Lady Christine or someone else in the Anais family harms Lady Kiellini again, I will bring this pledge to His Majesty. Then you’ll really have to atone for the sin by your lives. Do you have a complaint?”

Ivana agonized for a while before her pen moved again. Either she would let Christine go to the southern territory, or she would get Christine married to anyone as soon as possible. She had no choice but to prevent her daughter from committing a crime that could bring danger to Fjord’s future.

Killian warned the two of them as they signed the pledge and stamped the seal on it. “I will report to His Highness about the suspicions of Mrs. Anais.”

He’d already told His Majesty, but Killian looked at Ivana, pretending he hadn’t.

“Your Highness, no. I was mistaken.”

As soon as she left the Imperial Castle, she would visit the Duke of Dudley or the First Queen. As Julietta said, he had to attack first.

Killian recalled a report he had received before entering his office where the Marquis and his wife were. It was reported that Mrs. Anais’s private maid had left the mansion and headed for her home. He ordered the maid to be brought right back and came into the office.

“No. I think it would be better for the future to clear up Mrs. Anais’s suspicions. But for the time being, the Anais family will be in custody until all this is done. Do you agree with that, the Marquis?”

“Yes, Your Highness, it’s only natural if you forgive such a great sin.”

“The Royal Knights will take the Marquis and Marquise to your home. I’ll see if the two of you and your daughter will do anything else until the misunderstanding about Princess Kiellini is cleared up, so don’t commit a rash act.”

Ivana thought it was really lucky she sent out her maid Poche before she left. She couldn’t go straight to the Dudley mansion, but tomorrow morning her father would take care of it after Poche delivered the letter.

“When people question the surveillance of the knights…”

At Ivana’s question, Killian said as if he had done her a kindness, “I will tell them that the Marquise raised doubts about Princess Kiellini, and they are standing guard for protection.”

He said he would report her words to the emperor in the end…

At this point, she thought she was really wrong. Ivana felt as if she had just scratched it for nothing, but now she had no choice, so she just lowered her head.

“Take them with you,” Killian ordered.

Oswald glanced at Julietta standing beside the wall, as the knights dragged the Anaises out.

“Was it necessary for you to bring up the work of the princess?” Julietta decided to step aside after the appearance of Marquis Oswald, who was watching out for her.

Killian hoped she wouldn’t be here today, but that was not possible.

Julietta had to know how things were going. When she saw Marquise Anais was about to reveal her identity, she couldn’t hide her feelings for a moment, but fortunately she was able to get over it.

She thought that Killian would kill Ivana by the end of the day, and he wanted her not to know about it. She would. She would not pretend to know about it as he wanted. She did not intend to show any regret or hesitation when he killed their biggest enemy.

She was glad that Killian was that man. He was a man who didn’t hesitate to do anything for her; he was completely different from Marquis Anais.

“I have to, so that way, she won’t think about anything else, even for a moment. If she refuses the knights’ escort and goes straight to Duke Dudley or the First Queen, I can’t stop it.”

Killian looked at Julietta, who left the office as if to avoid the place. Killian lowered his voice, and said to his aides, “Kill Mrs. Anais at dawn, and she will be found to have hung herself at home, reflecting on her daughter’s faults, and leave the note by her body.”


Killian gave the will to Valerian which Ivana had just written minutes ago. “Tell the Marquis in advance. I’d like to ask him to kill her by himself, but I forgive him for thinking of Julietta. Convey my message to him.”

When Valerian left, Killian ordered Ian, “Bring the Marquis’s maid to me.”


The urgent long night passed, and the uneasy morning sun rose.

Julietta had fallen asleep unknowingly, and woke up early in the morning. She changed into a maid’s uniform and sat in a chair by the window, waiting for the news to come.

“Why did you get up so early?” Realizing that the bed was empty next to him, Killian pulled himself up and found Julietta.

“I thought it would be a busy day.”

Killian leaned back on the bed and looked at Julietta watching the sun. “We arrested the Marquise’s private maid and brought her here yesterday.”


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