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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 240: Disclosure, Part XI Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 240. Disclosure, Part XI

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“No way. Why would the Marquis, who already knew everything, have been asking about such things?”


“It’s either Mrs. Anais or Lady Anais. It’s serious. Valerian, start right away. We have to report it to His Highness in a hurry.”

Count Valerian arrived at the capital, not stopping all night, and was lucky enough to return to the Imperial Castle without encountering the investigators who were heading to Tilia. “Your Highness!”

As soon as Killian returned from the main castle, Count Valerian followed him and entered in a hurry. Killian was about to drop his lips on Julietta, who he had been wanting to see all afternoon, and turned back in surprise at his unexpected appearance. “What is the matter?”

Killian’s expression became serious after his subsequent report.

“It’s Mrs. Marquise. She must have noticed something!” cried Julietta, grasping the fore and aft.

“Have you heard anything?” Killian clasped the hands of Julietta, who could not fully repress her tremors, and led her to the sofa.

“I heard Marquise Anais muttering as she passed us in the hall yesterday. I couldn’t understand it then, it was so weird. I’ve been thinking about it, but it meant this!”

“What did she say?”

“She said that if Maribel decided to hide someone, no one could find her, except herself.”

Everyone became serious at the words. Julietta seemed to sink to the ground without a trace of happiness.

Killian embraced her slender body, which he had not let go all night, in fear of someone taking it away. He thought he’d kill all those who interrupted his happiness. That way this anxiety would stop. “Bring in Marquis Anais and Mrs. Marquise.”

Killian and Oswald who had been together in the main castle were surprised. “Why don’t you call the Marquis first?”

“I have no more such patience. I don’t care about the Marquis. I told him to crack down on his family, but he didn’t stop anything.” Killian burst out in anger, as if he could not stand it.

“Your Highness, tell His Majesty in advance.” Julietta was still in his arms and finally raised her head. Her eyes flashed with venom in her agitation.

“What are you talking about?”

“I told you yesterday. I’m going to turn selfish and vicious now. I’m not going to step back hesitantly and worry about when Mrs. Marquis will burst.”

“Nevertheless, I can’t reveal your true identity.”

“No, it’s not about revealing the fact. We’re going to announce that there are people who want to harm Princess Kiellini.”

“Julietta!” This time Maribel was also surprised and tried to dissuade her.

“The reason Mrs. Marquise has learned the truth, but has not spread it immediately is that when it comes to light, she will be hurt too. That way, it will be revealed to the world that she deceived her husband by telling him that I, an illegitimate child, was dead.”

“I’m sure that the Kiellini family will be wiped out by the poisoning incident anyway, so she would think that it was unnecessary to reveal this matter and insult herself,” Oswald murmured.

Julietta nodded at Oswald’s words. “Mrs. Anais has more grudges against me than her father and nephew. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have let Duke Dudley know about this good bait.”

Julietta paused for a moment. If Killian had a side woman and a daughter by her, how would she behave? She tried to think about this from the point of view of Madame Anais. She had to get ahead of her to settle this matter.

“Even if Mrs. Anais has told Duke Dudley that I am a fake princess, they didn’t have to fight with us using the poison. My identity is a very good weapon that they can use to deal with their opponent, His Highness Killian.”

It was the subtle psychology of a woman that men did not understand. Unlike Killian and Oswald, Maribel understood and nodded at once.

“Her pride was more important than her nephew’s fight for the throne or her father’s ambition.”

“Yes. She wanted to let them know right away that I was the princess, but at the same time, she didn’t want to tarnish her name. But if it turns out that the poison was orchestrated by Prince Francis, then if the Kiellini family is safe… she’ll reveal I’m a fake princess.”

Killian frowned, judging the plot of this case.

“Then the death of the Duke of Kiellini we set up could be a catalyst. If it turns out that it’s not the Duke of Kiellini who camouflaged the poison as an epidemic, then Mrs. Marquis will try to act.” Oswald turned pale and worried about the implications.

“If it’s short, today or tomorrow will be our last chance to attack first,” Julietta replied with a determined look.

“I’ll tell His Majesty that our side will get the ‘the Proof of Blood’ first.” Killian stroked Julietta’s hair gently. Her shoulders gradually relaxed at the comfort of his hands, making her want to forget her heavy burdens. “Now that the Duke is dead, you’ll have to prove the blood with Madame Raban or the Marquis. Let’s say that Marquise Raban is lying down due to the death of the Duke, her brother, and the family crisis, and you must have the Proof of Blood with Marquis Anais.

“How can we stop the words of Mrs. Anais?” Oswald took a peek into Julietta’s side and carefully pulled out his words.

“Why don’t we take a break until the Marquis comes? Her face is so flimsy now.” Killian winked at Maribel.

Recognizing his intentions, Maribel approached and helped Julietta. “Yes, let’s take a break. It’s going to be a very difficult task going forward.”

Killian turned to Oswald and Valerian, after watching with heavy eyes as Julietta was led into the bedroom by Maribel. “Have you secured Count Baden?”

“I’m sorry. I originally tried to take Count Baden to the capital, but I hurried to tell you this… Sir Caden went to Baden Territory,.” After the report, Valerian took out the two documents to prove the identity of the Duke of Kiellini’s illegitimate child and a gold bottle from his coat.

Killian looked silently down at the application to the Duke of Kiellini’s family register and the certificate of blood.

Duke Dudley and Francis would never think that Count Baden was suspicious. They would think that his side didn’t know how the poison had spread in the capital and had only distributed the antidote.

In just a few days’ gaps, he was caught napping by Francis. He never intended to repeat that mistake again. Therefore, he should not dawdle on the handling of Marquise Anais and other matters.

He handed the documents he was holding to Ian.

“Oswald, go see Mrs. Raban in custody. Tell her what’s going on and to pretend she knows nothing.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“I will go to His Majesty and tell him not only about the Proof of Blood, but also about the kidnapping by Lady Anais and the attempted poisoning.”

“Isn’t that the card you were going to use to silence the mouth of Mrs. Anais?” Oswald asked back, wondering.

Killian looked at Oswald with a cold expression. “I don’t intend to keep Mrs. Anais alive until morning comes. Didn’t you learn enough from this poisoning incident? It’s a fight against time.”

Oswald expressed concern about the decision to kill Mrs. Marquise immediately. “If Marquise Anais dies after the Duke of Kiellini, Prince Francis will immediately turn the charges against you and try to frame you.”

“I suppose so, but I have to do it.”


It was getting late into the night. It had been hours since the angry Marquis Anais and the angry Marquise Anais had been called to Killian’s office.

“How long do I have to wait?”

Valerian breathed a sigh at Ivana’s sharp question. He was tired of answering the question of the Marquise, who asked every ten minutes.

Ivana thought of what had happened earlier, looking grimly at the face of Count Valerian.


In the beginning, when she heard that there came knights from the Imperial Castle, she didn’t think much. However, she was very nervous when she heard that they were knights from Prince Killian and that he called the Marquis as well.

“Poche, bring a letter paper and a pen. I’ll give you a vacation, so go home for a while. If you don’t hear from me until tomorrow, take the letter I will write and go to the Dudley mansion and deliver it to the Duke, not anyone else. You must give it to the Duke yourself. Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”


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