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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 238: Disclosure, Part IX Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 238. Disclosure, Part IX

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

It would have been nice if it had been done by Prince Francis. If so, she would not feel any guilt while dealing with him, just because he was Killian’s enemy.

Shaking her body back and forth from side to side without stopping, Killian asked her softly, “Did you want it to be done by Francis?”

He went on, patting Julietta on the back, who had no answer. “I thought it was strange. You knew Christine was the kidnapper; I didn’t understand why you did not take any action.”

Killian stopped shaking her and raised Julietta’s head with both hands to look at her. “I thought it was because of the Marquis of Anais. But I think that might not be all. Why?”

Julietta pushed away Killian’s hands and tried to bend her head.

“Julie, Julietta. Look at me.” Killian once again raised Julietta’s chin. He stared at her shaded green eyes.

“I don’t want you to get hurt. Do you feel some burden about the seat next to me? Is this all too burdensome to you? Then, we can put it all down and go live in Bertino. So don’t make those sad eyes.”

Julietta could not turn him away when he said that with all his heart. She confessed her heart as she looked at his silver eyes, and her cold thoughts melted away. “I don’t care, if I can be with Your Highness. But I don’t want you to give up what you deserve because of me. I’ll never forgive myself, if that happens.”

Julietta raised her hands and gently put them on Killian’s cheeks. “If it hadn’t been for me, Christine would have married you. If no one deserved it, I know Your Highness had the same intention.”

She shook her head, blocking the mouth of Killian who was trying to say something. “Don’t say no. Both of us know it’s a lie.”

Julietta paused for a moment, lowered her hands, hugged Killian’s waist and buried her head on his chest. “Because of that. I couldn’t come forward to take revenge on Christine. I couldn’t do it, because I loved you.”

Killian embraced her more powerfully in Julietta’s confession. “Julie, you wouldn’t be able to say that if you knew how much I loved you. It’s just an assumption that I would have married Lady Anais without you. I would have found you if you hadn’t shown up as Princess Kiellini. That is, it’s a wrong idea from the start to think this all happened because you took the place of Princess Kiellini.”

Killian kissed Julietta on the head. “I’m going to report this to His Majesty tomorrow and demand punishment on the daughter of Marquis Anais. I wanted to protect the Anais family for you, but she went too far. I can’t let her go any more.” Killian stressed that the reason he had delayed revenge against Christine was because of Julietta.

Julietta had been sitting still with her face in his arms for a while, and finally raised her head. “You’re telling me that even if I didn’t show up as Princess Kiellini, you would never have married Christine, are you sure?”

“I swear to you; it’s true.”

“So this isn’t all because of me? Are you saying that I didn’t bring it all by myself?”

“Of course. It’s all done by the people who were blinded by their own greed. Their downfall is the natural consequence of their own deeds; Francis or Lady Anais, Duke Kiellini, Regina… even the maid outside.”

The light returned to Julietta’s eyes. “Then I’ll never be threatened again.”


“I’ll get revenge on anyone who bothers me or hurts me.”

“You should.”

“Will you love me even if I become selfish and vicious?”

“Of course.”

“I’m going to start with Christine. Next is the maid outside who poisoned me, Mrs. Marquise who took away my comfortable childhood, and finally, Prince Francis and Duke Dudley who want to jeopardize this seat I had barely won and Your Highness.”

Killian laughed low. “Can I just trust the princess and stay still?”

“Yes. I’ll protect you. Hide behind me.” At Killian’s joke, Julietta made an appropriate response.

“I’ll have to tell Marquis Anais in advance, won’t I?” Killian softly sighed at her brightening figure.

“Let’s put off talking to His Majesty tomorrow. Let him know first, and then…” She didn’t mention who she was telling, but Killian knew right away. He comforted Julietta by sweeping her cheeks down.

“We gave him a chance. He had to punish his daughter right away, but he didn’t, and she did a terrible thing again. The Marquis couldn’t stop his daughter, even though I warned him about her wrongdoing. So, you don’t have to be hurt or sad.”

Julietta leaned her head into the hands of Killian as he cupped her cheeks.

“Is the emotion that is driving me now sorrow?” she mumbled, rubbing her face in his big hands.

“I just want to sleep without thinking about anything today.” Julietta rarely behaved like a spoiled child, thinking that today was too long.

“Is that so? Then you should go to bed right now.”

Just before, he was anxious about Julietta’s mood, but he suddenly turned into a reckless man after her unusual child-like tone. “I think it’s going to be very short tonight, so I’ll have to hurry.”

Killian whispered sweetly in her ear, as if he was serious. While Julietta hesitated for a moment, not knowing what it meant, Killian’s lips groped her little earlobe and sucked it in.

“No, wait! Hold on!” Julietta dissuaded him in surprise, but Killian took her in his arms and strode towards the bed.

“Your Highness, hold on a second. This is a foul.”

“What foul? I won’t go all the way to the end until I get married, as promised.”

He said that he would not go to the end, but he would do everything before then!

“No, I, uh…” Julietta’s protests disappeared into Killian’s mouth. As she was agonizing over whether to avoid his greedy lips, both her hands wrapped around Killian’s neck.

“You have to keep your promise that you won’t go to the end.”

“Yes, but I don’t know if you want me to…”

At the sight of Killian smiling with only one side of his mouth up like a bad boy, Julietta’s back trembled with anxiety. But she was confident that she would not want it first. In addition, she wanted to forget about her anxious and upset feelings in the arms of her lover for a while.

“Then I’ll believe the promise of Your Highness.”

The touch of Killian was pleasant, so Julietta put her head into the wolf’s mouth.

“Are they up yet?”

It had already been five or six hours since Ian started pacing around in front of the door of the bedroom of Killian. Albert came to look at the situation and repeated what he had said earlier.

“Yes. Well, the Grand Chamberlain.”


Ian couldn’t get into the bedroom because Julietta was in the bedroom, and after agonizing over the situation, said, “By any measure, I should ask a maid of the princess to come to the castle.”


“That’s not allowed. His Highness Francis is surely watching us with his eyes wide, and a maid of the princess can’t come into the Asta palace. You can’t say that. Why are you doing that? It’s possible for her to dress alone, isn’t it?”

It wasn’t a long time ago that Albert was debilitated by the words that Julietta was Princess Kiellini. He cried for days and days, and was scolded by Killian. When he saw that Julietta was disguised again as a maid, he accepted everything to the point that he did not mind.

However, since it was true that she had worked as a maid, Albert thought she would not have to bring in a maid for such an emergency.

Ian hesitated for a long time to answer the rebuttal with a blushing face, and replied, “Well, uh… Until just a moment ago, they just…”

Albert was absorbed in some thought, at the sight of Ian who kept avoiding his eyes with the blushed face as if he was ashamed. Then, he immediately grasped the situation and raised his voice. “Really? Did they have their first night?”

“Shh! The Grand Chamberlain! They can hear your voice inside.”

Last night, for the convenience of his master, Ian stood by the door to answer Killian’s call, but he heard some moaning. The sound came out even after he opened his eyes.

Ian had no choice but to know what it was, and was fidgeting, not knowing what to do. He was afraid that his master would ask for a maid. If a maid was invited to the Asta palace to attend the princess, a rumor that the Prince had touched a maid would spread like wildfire right away.


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