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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 235: Disclosure, Part VI Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 235. Disclosure, Part VI

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Killian gently comforted her as she shook her head hard, as if she didn’t want to think about it. “What makes you so nervous? Don’t you trust me?”

Julietta looked up at Killian then. “I don’t want to create any chance that I might not be your wife, the Queen. I want to be the perfect Queen, without any criticism and opposition.”

Killian stared at Julietta’s green eyes which were looking straight through him. “Are you satisfied if I get you a house? Are you relieved with that? Tell me everything you want. I’ll give you whatever it is.”

“If it’s a house where no one comes in or out, I’m satisfied. To avoid the suspicion of running away, I have to make an excuse that I fell down and was sick, whether they believe it or not.”

Killian responded briefly to Julietta’s words, “Who can doubt if the princess says it like that? You fell down while volunteering at the treatment center and got somebody’s care there. Who would you have been served by?”

“What if your new sister took care of you?”

Killian looked up at Julietta at Oswald’s suggestion.

“I don’t want to get Phoebe involved in it. Actually, since the Kiellini family is in danger, I have to revise my plan. I think Lady Raviel would be good enough.”

“Lady Raviel?”

“Yes. You’re going to bring her as a witness, aren’t you? So, wouldn’t it be okay to ask for another one in return for forgiving her mistake? Lady Raviel has never met me. Then, why don’t you just say that she found me collapsed by chance and didn’t know who I was, so she was just nursing me? I’ll show up at the Imperial Castle later. Who can doubt the words of Lady Raviel, a person of the Duke of Dudley?”

Killian admired Julietta’s words. “That’s right. No one can doubt her.”

He kissed the hand of Julietta affectionately and then told Ian, “Find the right house right now.”

Regina slapped Dian on the cheek at the incredible news, and then collapsed.

She couldn’t believe she fell after just one swing of her arm. She was so pathetic. It was all resentful and cursed to think that all these troubles happened because she was born weak. She barely stood up, staggering in the hands of her supporting nanny, and stared at the maid in front of her.

“Tell me again.”

“His Excellency the Duke has committed suicide.”

“Suicide? Ha! Are you telling me to believe that? Why did they kill him? I did everything they told me to do. I went all the way to Vicern, and proved that I was Duke Kiellini’s biological child, and I told them I was going to be an adopted daughter. But why?! Why did they kill him?”

‘Her father killed himself? He must not have done it, leaving me alone. ‘

“I have nothing more to say. They ordered that you would be leaving in an hour, so be ready right away.”

“Departure? Where? Where are they sending me?”

Despite Regina’s hysterical cries, Dian only said what she had to say, trying not to express her feelings as much as possible. “You are going to leave in an hour, whether you’re ready or not. You’d better hurry.”

She said the last words, looked at Regina’s nanny, and escaped like she was running from the dark room. Everything was going wild. Count Adam came from the capital, and soon after the Duke of Kiellini died.

Only Prince Killian’s people remained at the annex. There was just the Duke’s new servant, who was arranged by Prince Killian, Regina and her nanny, Sir Caden and his servant, and Dian. In the detached house, where outsiders were strictly prohibited from entering, they made up the story that the Duke committed suicide late last night.

Adam informed the Tilia mansion and the whole territory about the Duke’s suicide. Then, he ordered the attendants to prepare to hold the funeral immediately after the return of the inspectors who would come down from the capital.

“Did you deliver the message?” Sir Caden asked Dian went down to the office.

“Yes. I said she’d be leaving in an hour.”

In the office on the first floor of the annex was the gathering of Sir Caden, Count Adam, and Count Valerian.

“Well done.”

As soon as Sir Caden’s words were finished, Count Adam stated, “We should send Miss Regina to Bertino as soon as possible, because we have to use the Magic Square. We’ll have to send her before they come, because we might encounter people who are coming down from the capital to make trouble.”

“I’ll go with her. They know both of you came here in Tilia, but if you don’t show up when the investigation team comes, you might be suspicious.”

Count Valerian spoke out against Sir Caden, “It would create more doubts if Sir Caden were to leave Tilia at this point. They would wonder, since you’ve been managing Tilia on behalf of Duke Kiellini, who was known to be sick. We have to deal with this matter by someone who could never be noticed by Prince Francis’ people.”

At Valerian’s words, Adam turned to Dian, standing in the corner. “Dian, it’s going to be hard, but I think you should go. Don’t slow down, even if the Duke’s daughter dies on the way. Don’t rest in Baden Land, move directly to the Magic Square and head for Bertino. I’m sure Coupe will come to meet.”

Adam said so far and looked at Dian carefully. “Can you do it? It’s a matter of the safety for the princess.”

“Yes, I will succeed no matter what happens.” The princess’s safety depends on me. It was obvious that something big had happened in the capital!

When Dian answered emphatically, even with uneasy eyes, Adam smiled appreciatively.

“What about the Duke’s will?”

At Adam’s words, Valerian took the will out of his jacket. “That’s as expected.”

The will said he would leave everything to his daughter, Iris Kiellini.

“The only thing left to his little sister, who’s been looking after his daughter her whole life, is the Dublin mansion. He’s a great person in a way.”

Sir Caden nodded as Adam showed a sign of being embarrassed. “As soon as he arrived at the mansion, he was going to change his will. The moment he opened the door to the secret vault, I hit him right away and removed it.”

Since his daughter was listed as an illegitimate child on the family registry, he would have had to revise his will, since it said that everything would be passed on to Iris.

“This is a letter seeking permission from the Emperor to put Kiellini’s illegitimate child on his family registry. Miss Regina’s signature column is still empty.”


In the letter, the certificate stated that Katerina Stella Josephine Kiellini, the illegitimate child of the Kiellini family, had been certified by the Vicern Temple, and the Duke’s name was signed below. It was written on a magic paper dedicated to the Kiellini family, which allowed it to be stored permanently.

There were three documents in all: the will of the Duke, the application for entry into the family register to His Majesty, and the blood certificate received from the Vicern Temple.

After looking at the three documents without a word for a while, Adam put the other two inside his jacket and said, “I’m worried about whether the investigators will let it go if they find out that there is no will for the Duke.”

It was clear that Francis would try to stop Killian from ascending to the Crown Prince. Because there was no other way, Adam had quickly came down to Tilia to kill the Duke, but it was true that he was anxious to see if they could really overcome a difficult situation with the scant evidence and suicide.

For a while, there was silence in the office. Adam again took out the documents he had stashed, as if he had suddenly come up with something. “Why did we name the Duke’s illegitimate daughter Katarina? Isn’t that the name of the late wife of the Duke?” Adam looked at Valerian, who had been to the Vicern Temple with the Duke.

“It was the order of the princess. She plans to turn Miss Phoebe into the illegitimate child of the Duke.”

At Valerian’s words, Adam, Caden and Dian all looked at him in amazement.

“Miss Phoebe?”


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