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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 23: The Principality Of Bertino, Part IV Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 23. The Principality Of Bertino, Part IV

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

There was a sudden silence in the carriage. It was because of Julietta’s blatant declaration not to worry because she had no intention of going at him, and the silence created by Killian, who was embarrassed by the realization that he had thought too far ahead.

Whether the heavy silence devoured the carriage or not, Julietta, who was only hovered in her head with the words “If the Prince wants, you should act right away,” put her hand into the dress, looking at the Prince’s gaze, and carefully pulled out a glass bottle worth an expensive ransom.

The Prince’s expression, seeing the glass bottle in a crude pocket made from a hideous brown dress, frowned, but he managed to say nothing. In fear of being picked on again, Julietta moved as carefully as possible in her preyed-on mood in front of the beast, once again brewing the tea into an extra teacup, and then politely thrusting it out to the Prince.

Julieta breathed out a sigh of relief only after seeing the Prince drinking tea with a sour look on his face.

She was at a loss in this stuffy, tight atmosphere where she might have to ride in a carriage with the Prince for three weeks. Hoping that such an unfortunate event would not happen, Julietta prayed with all her heart for Jeff’s quick recovery.

It was time for Julietta, who prayed for the quick recovery with a more devoted heart than to swear at Manny, to look out the window with as much as possible crushed in the corner, wary of eye contact with the picky employer, even by mistake.

“It’s too dazzling. Lower the curtains.”

‘Ugh, this nasty person,’ Julietta grumbled, thinking ‘Everything I do is obviously not what the Prince likes’ and gazed at his face with all her might.

After lowering the curtain on the window, which was the only refuge in this prison of a dark interior blocked from sunlight, she held her breath. In the stifling atmosphere, she swallowed a curse and breathed in and out carefully, but there was a sarcastic comment from the eerie Prince.

“If you don’t have a mind to show off your breasts to me, button them.”

She had untied the two buttons in front to put in the glass bottle, and would tie them up again, but she forgot to do it. She thought of it at that moment, and put the glass bottle back on her neck and buttoned them up as if to show off.

‘Why did you behave so fastidiously alone, although it was hard to see my breasts even though I have released two buttons on my dress?’

But then the question of the Prince fell over Julietta’s head, who was pouting at her mouth.

“Is it genetic to have such a dark face?”

Killian asked what he had been curious about, pretending not to see that her tiny eyes of buttonhole size looking at him secretly over the thick glasses, as if she didn’t like him. His judgment was unusually generous, because such an appearance was far better than those stupid girls who were smitten and drooled at him as if they were looking at delicious food.

Julietta applied the juice of metum fruit from her face to her neck so that it would not show any difference in color, but she left her hands alone. It was useless to apply the juice to what was hidden under her clothes, and her hands needed to touch water from time to time.

The Prince’s question was something people always wondered about when they looked at her white hands, so Julietta was able to answer naturally enough that she had a skin problem.

“When I was a kid, I had terrible pain after eating the wrong food, and my skin has been this way since I had a rash on my face.”

Killian picked up the documents that were sitting next to him after he resolved his curiosity and learned why the color of her face and other white clavicles was like that. The maid in front of him was amazing, but he wasn’t interested for long.


It was a moment before Killian, who had been looking over the documents in a sore manner for a long time, looked up to take a short rest for his stiff neck and legs.

He saw the maid dozing carelessly before his eyes. It didn’t matter much, because even Jeff only pretended not to doze off when he was looking at the documents, but Killian, who was strangely irritated, put his long legs up next to the seat where the maid was sitting.

When the tension eased, Julietta, who had been dozing off at the quiet surroundings and fatigue without realizing it, woke up in fright. If she was caught dozing off, she would be scolded. She pretended not to have slept, and looked at the Prince with glaring eyes, but he shook his slim legs as he leaned leisurely over the seat.

“I’ve been sitting here for a long time, and my legs are numb. If I had had Jeff, he’d have given me a massage before I could tell him. Due to someone, Jeff is not next to me now, so the person directly involved should take responsibility, right?”

Julietta raised her head to glimpse the Prince, who told her off, knowing if he ordered a massage it would be done. However, as soon as she met his gaze, she lowered her eyes. Having brought her hands to his leg as politely as possible, Julietta began massaging with as much force as she could with her fingers.

“I said my legs. I didn’t tell you to do a massage on my ankle.”

For five minutes, she couldn’t go up more than that, and only massaged his ankles, the Prince’s laughter fell on her. Julietta, who forced her hands to reach out to his calves, used all the strength she could muster as much as possible as if for revenge. In contrast to her intentions, Killian satisfactorily closed his eyes, feeling the coolness as the tight muscles were loosened.

“Now that it’s okay there, massage my thighs.”

Julietta’s hands went up at the Prince’s command.

“More up.”

“Where do you mean above?”

Killian, who pretended not to know and put her hands of Julietta who refused to go further then his knees on the middle of his thighs, closed his eyes again and ordered.

“Don’t pinch, give a hard massage. Up, up, up, more.”

Julietta, who wanted to feed a fist potato to the Prince who kept asking for more, once again engraved “The order has to be done right away” in her head, and began to touch him as far as she could possibly reach.

As she was rubbing his strong thighs, the Prince breathed out normally, even though he had already fallen asleep. When Julietta, finally freed from hard labor, gently took her hands off, the ghostly-eyed Prince ordered her to continue in a sleep-deprived voice.

By the time Julietta’s sighs grew louder and louder because of the Prince’s command to continue, and her hands were ready to fall off, he had fallen asleep, and the carriage finally stopped.

“Your Highness, we’ve arrived at the sleeping quarters today…”


Sir Albert, who was about to climb up the carriage opening the door, was at a loss when he saw the maid massaging the Prince’s thigh.

“Did we arrive?”

Whether the carriage stopped or not, Killian, who was left his thigh in Julietta’s hands, stared nonchalantly at Sir Albert, whose eyes were about to pop out from astonishment.

“What? Yes, yes… Your Highness.”

“You answer me once, I understand.”

If he couldn’t even see Sir Albert’s bewildered image, Killian lowered the legs that he had put on the other seat, stretched himself and gracefully stepped down from the carriage.

“Is that an inn over there?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”


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