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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 229: Crisis, Part IX Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 229. Crisis, Part IX

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“Butler, make a visit to the Anais mansion in person.”

“Do you mean the Anais mansion?”

“I want you to meet with Marquis Anais directly and talk about what’s happening to the Kiellini family. You have to deliver it directly to His Excellency the Marquis, not anyone else.” Simone stressed that what was left to the butler was very important.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Looking at the rear of the hurrying butler, Simone ordered the maid who was standing next to her. “Maggie, go tell knights by the front door. From now on, don’t let a single person out of the mansion, and make a list.”

Maggie was a maid sent to her by Killian. After confirming the maid was going out to fulfill her order, Simone went upstairs to pack luggage for Julietta.

He said that people would soon come from the Imperial Castle. If Francis knew what she said in the hall before she was taken to the Imperial Castle, whoever left the mansion after this hour must be a spy.


Meanwhile, Julietta had just finished her volunteer work at the treatment center and had come to the dress shop. She headed to the tailor’s room after receiving the report on work progress and sales that had been neglected for the meantime.

“It’s been a long time, Julietta. I heard the story. Are you feeling okay now?”

“Yes, I’m sorry to make you worry. I should have come earlier, but I had too much work to do at the treatment center.”

“If I hadn’t dragged her here again today, she would have gone around, handing out the antidote all day,” said Maribel, with a disapproving tongue.

“I was a little tired and just had a slight fever.”

When Maribel saw Julietta with a headache at the treatment center, she was furious and canceled the rest of her schedule.

“It would be good to go back to the Kiellini mansion, and rest. Why do you insist on stopping by the dress shop on the way?”

Surprised, Sophie checked the heat by feeling Julietta’s forehead. “Let’s take some painkillers, just in case.”

Recently in the dressing shop, if they felt a slight fever and had a headache, they immediately took a metum painkiller. Without revealing the fact that the epidemic that had spread in the capital now was actually a poison, they could not clearly block the distribution channels of the poison. As a result, the act was based on a sense of uneasiness, since they didn’t know when and where they might get poisoned.

Soon after taking the painkiller Sophie gave her, Killian appeared as Julietta tried to sit down in a chair, exhausted. Entering the side door of the tailor’s room through the garden and dressed in Ian’s jacket, Julietta immediately guessed that something had happened.

“Your Highness?” Everyone got up with surprise.

“What’s the matter?”

“Francis has put up a poster saying the epidemic is a poison from the Kiellini family. Soon an order will come to capture you from the Imperial Castle. You have to avoid it.”

“I can’t avoid it. I’ll be more suspicious if I hide myself.” Julietta could not run away alone, leaving everyone. Somehow, she had to be investigated and cleared of suspicion to solve the problem.

“It doesn’t matter. We can solve their doubts somehow. But in the meantime, if you get caught and become my weakness, I can’t do anything, because Francis and Duke Dudley won’t miss this opportunity.”

Killian’s weakness! Julietta’s resistance died down when he declared without hesitation that she was his weakness.

“Where am I running away to? I can’t even go to Tilia. They’ll look into the shop, so I can’t even stay here.”

“Please go to my mansion.”

Maribel asked to go to her residence nearby, but Killian shook his head. “No, they’ll look into that, too. You’re going to Bertino. If you show my letter to Coupe, he’ll hide you where they’ll never find you, so let’s hurry up.”

“Without any preparation like this?”

“Your luggage is supposed to meet Ian near the Duke. So let’s go.”

Julietta had not thought of moving at Killian’s urging, but suddenly ran to the fitting room inside the tailor’s room.

Everyone exclaimed when Julietta reappeared from the fitting room after a long time. Her body was as big as a mountain! It had been a long time since they saw the dull brown maid’s uniform, the brick-colored wig, and thick glasses. It was the maid Julietta.

“I’d like to go to the Imperial Castle.”


Killian was about to say, “If you go to Bertino in that way, no one will recognize you,” but was at a loss for words.

“I’ll have to check on how things are going. No one will suspect me of being Princess Kiellini with this appearance.”

“It’s so noticeable. There is no maid in the Imperial Castle who looks like that.”

“You can say that the maid who served you before came back again. The head maid of Asta Palace knows me, and every one of the knights who escorted you to Bertino and the attendants knows me.”

If she was stubborn, no one could ever defeat her. Knowing that, Maribel quickly stepped in and began to persuade Killian. “Yes, Your Highness. No one will doubt that figure. I heard you just sold the Harrods’ mansion and most of the attendants went to Tilia. I think it’s fair to say that Julie went back to Harrods’ mansion from Bertino and came to work as a royal maid in recognition of her ability. It’s dark under the oil lamp, and it could be safer there.”

At Maribel’s persuasion, Killian was lost in thought for a moment. ‘Would it be better to send her somewhere else? As long as she gets there safely, it would be safest to send her to Coupe. But…’

He looked down at Julietta. ‘Can I bear it if I don’t see her for a while?’ He would be anxious that something would happen in the meantime if he couldn’t see her.

He knew it was safest to send her away immediately, but Killian succumbed to his own greed. He admitted that he didn’t want to leave his side for a moment.

“Bring Johanna the head maid. It would be safer for the attendants of the Harrods’ mansion to come in together, rather than Julie alone.”

Maribel answered Killian quickly. “Yes, Your Highness, I’ll contact her right away and bring her in with Julie today.”

“I’ll trust you, the troupe leader. Julie, you have to be careful not to make me regret my current choice. Promise me.”

“Yes, Your Highness, I’ll keep it in mind.”

Killian kissed Julietta on the forehead and went back out into the garden. When he disappeared, Maribel looked at Julietta, and began to point out what to fix.

“Julie, I can’t afford that maid uniform. Let’s lose some weight, too. It’s so noticeable. It’s not about protecting yourself like it used to be, it’s about hiding your body, so you need to change a little bit. Amelie, Sophie, please reduce the volume of cotton Julie is wearing, and try to wear an ordinary dress. If you don’t have one, go out and buy one. I’ll go take care of what His Highness ordered, so you get ready in the meantime. We’ll leave as soon as I get back.”


Julietta saw Maribel leaving the tailor’s office and went back into the fitting room.

After taking the cotton underwear that Julietta took off and bringing it out, Amelie said, “All the clothes in the dressing shop are high-end, so there’s nothing to wear. I think I should go out and buy one.”

“I’ll be right back. Clothes, shoes, a hat, a cape, what else do you need?” Sophie roughly wrote the necessary items and hurried out.

“Are you sure you will be okay? I think it’s better to hide yourself for a while, as His Highness says.”

“It’s not something that can be solved by hiding my body. I need to make quick judgments by knowing what’s going on as quickly as possible.”

Julietta quickly painted her face after taking out a makeup kit in a crude brown bag brought from the fitting room. At the same time, Amelie began to tear the seams apart and remove the cotton. Watching all this, Phoebe and Vera came up to help.

When Julietta finished her makeup, she looked back at Phoebe, who was sewing hard. “Phoebe, can I talk to you for a second?”

Phoebe put down the needle from her hand, and came quickly.


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