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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 225: Crisis, Part V Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 225. Crisis, Part V

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“Yes, but when he heard she would enter the Imperial Castle as the princess’s maid, he was depressed because he had to give up without even being able to speak up.”

“Can’t a maid of the Imperial Castle get married?” Julietta, who was not yet familiar with court rules, tilted her head to one side.

“When a maid gets married, it’s mostly about stepping out of a maid’s position. So I guess he thought she would never get married because she was indebted to the princess. She’s not going to fall from your side.”

“Oh, I see. Then, even more, I can’t take her as a maid. But how much Sir Reynold knows about Phoebe…”

Oswald nodded when Julietta couldn’t finish her speech. “I haven’t told him yet, but he’s not one to be bothered by that. It’s a matter of both of them, so let’s leave it to them.”

Julietta nodded. But to prevent misunderstandings, she asked carefully, “I hope you won’t let Sir Reynold know what we said here today, until they confirm their feelings.”

“Yes, don’t worry.”

With a smile of gratitude for Oswald’s understanding, Julietta then looked at Killian with strong eyes. Under the silent pressure, Killian gently shook his head and ordered Valerian, “Valerian, the name of the bastard of the Kiellini family…” Killian stopped and looked back at Julietta. “What’s her name going to be?”

“Katarina Stella Josephine Kiellini.”


“It’s the name of the Duchess of Kiellini who died.”

Julietta smiled with her eyes shining coldly. “I think the name will be good to console the Duchess, who died at the hands of the Duke of Kiellini, and for him to look back on his sin.”

Killian nodded and said to Valerian again, “Go ahead as the princess said. On the way, stop by Bertino and pick up what I asked Coupe to do and go to Tilia with Rhodius. Bring Count Baden on your way back from work in Tilia.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Oswald was watching Count Valerian step out to obey the order and asked, “What did you ask of Magician Coupe?”

Killian stared at Julietta, agonizing over whether to answer. He was worried that it might cause unnecessary anxiety.

Julietta noticed such Killian. “Please tell me.”

Killian sighed low as he looked at her eyes, as if there should be nothing deceiving for her. “I’m trying to prepare for the worst.”

Killian’s words hardened Julietta’s expression. “Do you think the Duke of Kiellini could blow himself up?”

“No, he can’t reveal it because his life is at stake. But I can’t just rely on that and do nothing about it.”

It was for nothing else but for Julietta’s safety. He would not be satisfied to have protective shields and safeguards double, triple, or quadruple, until he killed Dudley and Francis. He didn’t say that he wasn’t worried, because he would kill the Duke of Kiellini. He wanted to make her think she was safe, but she had been poisoned. He was indescribably angry. As soon as she felt better, she went to the treatment center because she felt insecure and unsafe.

Killian stroked her pale cheeks affectionately. “I’ll never be able to rest until I get you next to me.”

“Oh, I’m suddenly on urgent business…” Oswald jumped up and left the office as the two were looking at each other.

“No, the Marquis?” Julietta called to Oswald, but he didn’t look back.

Julietta covered her slightly red face with her hands and pressed Killian, “The Marquis must have misunderstood. Tell him to come back again.”

“Are we not supposed to be misunderstood?” Killian raised Julietta’s hand and asked with a slight kiss.

“Not that, but… but I’m ashamed of it.” With no immunity to love, Julietta began to feel restless at the tender gaze of Killian. It was awkward, but her heart trembled.

“Julie, after you fell this time, I really thought a lot.” Killian clasped Julietta’s waist and pulled her a little more toward him

“What did you think about?”

“Many things.”

She recalled Killian’s monologue, which had occasionally penetrated her consciousness. “… Your Highness, I thought so too.”


“Just so was I.” She smiled faintly as she answered the monologue she had heard, and he smiled at her.

“I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing.”

“That’s right. It’s a good thing.”

“I’m sorry to let you go through that this time.”

Killian lightly stoked Julietta’s smiling lips with his thumb.

Julietta had a rush of itching and shyness, and slightly turned her head to avoid the finger touching her lower lip. But his finger followed as if it had no intention of falling away.


Julietta bit his persistent ticklish finger as if she wanted him to take it away. The surprised Killian let out a short scream without realizing it. Surprised by the noise, she quickly stuck her tongue out and licked it.

“Are you seducing me?”

It seemed long ago, but was still only a few months past. What had happened in the VIP seat of the dark Eileen theater seemed to be replayed. Her heart was pounding at the slowly approaching Killian with dark eyes.

“I’m sending a signal,” Julietta whispered, lowering her eyes.

“I see.”

Contrary to his soft answer, his action on her lips was rather rough. Killian was scrutinizing her lips as if he had been waiting for this day, and Julietta could hardly breathe. Her spirit seemed to be drained by the inhalation, as if he would not miss a single gulp.

Julietta barely escaped from his persistent kiss in surprise, and pushed Killian away. “Your Highness, stop. It’s too fast.”

Her hair that had been finely tied up was untied, and the buttons of her blouse, tightly fastened to the neck, were now loosened to her waist. Even at that moment Killian tried to peel off a thin cloth covering her breasts, as if her protest were unheard.

Julietta grabbed Killian’s hair as he was about to slip his lips past her neck to her breasts. “It’s too fast.”

A groan came out of the mouth of Killian, who was stopped while preparing to run like a wild beast that had escaped from its cage.

“It’s too fast!” Looking straight into Killian’s silvery eyes, which had lost the original fervor, Julietta told him emphatically.

“Are you trying to kill me?” Killian was almost laying on the couch, and buried his head in Julietta’s neck as he complained.

“We can’t go any further than this until we make a formal vow and get married.”

Killian lifted his head and looked down at Julietta. “Don’t you trust me?” One slightly raised eyebrow clearly showed that he was not feeling very good right now.

“I’m not saying I don’t trust you, I don’t trust men. I remember the last sight of my mother, who was a concubine of Marquis Anais.”

In contrast to her determined speech, her face was red-hot and her chest was rising and falling sharply. Killian’s anger subsided, thinking that Julietta was not calm either, and still having a hard time breathing.

He couldn’t help expecting how sweet it what was hidden would be. Her breasts in the thin lingerie tempted him constantly. Killian managed to turn his eyes away from her tempting appearance, and slowly pulled himself away and raised Julietta up.

He looked disapprovingly at her as she hurriedly fastened the buttons of her blouse and tied her hair back up.

“I think we should hold a wedding as soon as possible. Will next week be good?”


Julietta shook her head as if it was nonsense. “It’s too fast. Let’s end the ‘Blue Blood Disease’ first and discuss it again.”

“Do you know how long it will take before it is resolved?”

Julietta laughed as he complained like a child. “So, you have to try to solve it quickly!”

He must have untied his clothes as fast as he could untie Julietta’s buttons. His cravat had flown far away, and the front of his shirt was pulled out, hanging helplessly.

Julietta was afraid that someone would come in and see it, and quickly adjusted his shirt.

“After I leave, change your shirt first. You got it?”

Killian didn’t answer in a sullen manner, but didn’t show any concern, Julietta was ready to go back.

“For the name of Duke’s illegitimate child, I understand that Stella is your mother’s name, and you want to pass it down, but why Josephine? Isn’t that the name of real Princess Kiellini?” Killian asked, as he watched Julietta groom herself in the mirror and put on a hat.


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