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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 216: Infectious Disease, Part IX Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 216. Infectious Disease, Part IX

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“Miss Phoebe, you talked to me about painkillers before, if you remember?”

Phoebe replied cautiously, glancing at the Prince, who was looking down at Julietta with an expressionless face. “Yes. I told you that Sophie’s painkiller was better for me than the usual painkiller made from dureng roots.”

Dr. Paulo kept asking nervously at Phoebe’s words. “Did the princess take any painkillers this time?”

“Yes. I gave some to her because she said she had a headache. But she has only taken that painkiller a few times because it was little left. On the day before her fall, she took the painkiller made from the dureng roots, which was in the mansion,” Vera answered quickly.

When Julietta first looked for a painkiller, Vera naturally tried to use the painkiller made of the dureng roots that was in the house. But Manny had scratched a small drawer with Phoebe’s belongings. Vera smiled and praised the puppy for cleverly knowing where the painkillers were.

Eventually, she asked permission from Phoebe, who was organizing her clothes in the dressing room, and gave Julietta the painkiller made of the metum stem that Sophie had made. But the medicine was quickly exhausted. Because of the epidemic these days, they couldn’t go out to get more because of the ban on going out.

“I see. My thought is right. Your Highness, can you send someone to the dressing shop to get me that painkiller?”

Killian looked at Vera, and she agreed quickly and went out. “I think you found something. Tell me.”

At Killian’s urging, the doctor spoke quickly in his excitement, “It weighed on my mind to hear that Miss Phoebe was fine after she drank the poison and then suddenly turned white after she was kidnapped. But I thought this was an opportunity because I had a couple of drops of poison left in the bottle that Marquis Anais gave me.”

Dr. Paulo took out a bottle of the size of his finger from the inside pocket of his jacket. “I caught a mouse and I poisoned it bit by bit. I thought it was the commonly used poison of the Pia worm or the poison made of roots of the loha flower. So, I checked a few days later, expecting death from withering or the bursting of small veins, but the hair of the dead mouse turned white.”

Dr. Paulo clenched his fists in an excited voice, perhaps recalling the time. “I wanted to find the antidote. The amount was absolutely lacking. At that moment, I remembered Miss Phoebe’s words: she had taken painkillers constantly because of her broken leg. The painkiller wasn’t a common one. It was a painkiller hard for the general public to find because it was made from the stems left over while making the actors’ makeup.”

“Oh, my God! It’s unbelievable,” Phoebe blurted out in admiration.

Dr. Paulo went on to say, “Today I came here to ask Ms. Phoebe if I could get any painkillers. It wasn’t easy to get, so I made a humble visit to ask for a favor, and I heard that the princess was down.”

“So, it isn’t dangerous because Julietta’s hair color hasn’t changed yet?”

Dr. Paulo shook his head at Killian’s urgent remarks. “I’m not sure about that. I’ve heard that the hair of only some people who died from the epidemic in Bertino has turned white. That’s why I’m not sure why she collapsed. But since the hair of Ms. Phoebe didn’t turn white right after taking the poison, I’d like to assume that it’s the same poison and start treating her.”

Dr. Paulo looked back at Phoebe. “What was the condition of the princess before she fell?”

“She said she had a headache. It’s been about five days. If she had been seriously ill or had any other symptoms, we would have called the doctor right away, but she said she was just a little bit sick. So, she said she’d feel better soon if I gave her some painkillers, and then she’d get sick again the next evening.”

Killian had a sharp question in Phoebe’s answer. “Did she say she had a headache every evening?”

“Yes. So, I thought she had a hard time at the etiquette class. There were a lot of things to learn, so I thought she had a headache.” Phoebe showed tears as if she was blaming herself for failing to look more carefully.

“I remember that the Duchess of Kiellini was sick for a long time.”

“Miss Phoebe swallowed the poison and collapsed right away. They can control the concentration or amount of the poison and the length of time before they collapse. Those who have fallen into the epidemic have different times from outbreak to death.”

“I told Mrs. Raban to watch the Kiellini family closely, but there seems to be a hole.”

This was where the Duke of Kiellini had reigned as a master for a long time. Even if Miss Raban had picked out people, there might have been a spy who had some secret communication with the Duke.

“It means that there’s a rat hidden inside the Kiellini mansion.” Killian’s voice was bleak. His expression was as fierce as if it was revealed, he’d not let it go.

“Your Highness, Marquis Oswald and Count Adam have arrived.”

At Ian’s report, Killian kissed Julietta’s bloodless forehead and went out to the parlor.

“Your Highness, are you all right?”

Even though they knew the princess had an infectious disease, they came running straight in with one word from the Prince. They were the loyal men who would give their lives for him. Killian felt something hot rising from the depths of his heart.

He remembered one night in Bertino when he was full of anger, but also set his mind to become the Emperor for those he cared about when he went to see Julietta in prison. The time had come to put an end to those who were constantly greedy for his things and who were willing to do anything evil without hesitation.

More evidence was needed to prove Francis was behind this, but it didn’t matter. Anyway, as they were the ones who he had to get rid of and now that his status had been restored, there was no need to postpone it any longer.

“It has been suggested that the ‘Blue Blood Disease’ that has now spread in the capital does not seem to be an epidemic.”

At the words of Killian, Oswald and Adam’s eyes widened. “It isn’t an epidemic? Then why the Hell did people fall in groups?”

“I’ll explain when everyone gets here. Go and get Miss Raban. But don’t bring attendants with her, just bring her alone.”

At Killian’s order, Phoebe left the parlor. Soon after, Madame Raban arrived, and after her, Maribel and Marquis Anais arrived within a moment’s interval.


“Your Highness, I heard that Julietta was down. Perhaps…”

Forgetting the courtesy to the Prince, he looked after his daughter’s safety first, and Killian gestured him to sit.


“Hasn’t the person who went to get the painkiller arrived yet?”

“Here it is. I have brought it, Your Highness.”

When Maribel held out the purse, Killian raised his eyebrows as if asking.

“I was in the dress shop just now. It was probably because of the epidemic, but it was empty. In case I could learn some news of Princess Kiellini, I visited there. Then a knight of His Highness from the Kiellini mansion arrived, and said that he was ordered to get some painkillers. I thought there might be a reason, so I went to the theater and got all the spares.”

It was strange that Prince Killian’s knight had urgently visited them for painkillers. Something must have happened.

Then a person sent to Maribel’s house near the dress shop came to find her. Maribel’s thoughts moved quickly at the urgent visit request of the servant dressed in a purple and silver royal uniform, indicating that he belonged to Prince Killian. It was not usual for Prince Killian’s man to come to her directly.

Moreover, it had been less than a week since she stepped down from the theater and bought a mansion on the outskirts of the Eloz Street like an ordinary aristocratic woman. Even though she was not a person of high status who could boldly enter the Kiellini mansion, he had called her, ignoring other people’s eyes.

Maribel immediately went to the theater, took all the painkillers, and headed for the Kiellini mansion.


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