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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 214: Infectious Disease, Part VII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 214. Infectious Disease, Part VII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

They were busying themselves about to hide the absence of their lord. Oswald and Adam had a meeting today to discuss something that should be done, making time with difficulty.

The Marquis of Rhodius went down to Tilia Territory to monitor if the Duke of Kiellini might have something planned while the country was unsettled by this plague, and Adam was busy figuring out and dealing with Bertino’s epidemic.

Oswald was attending the meeting in the Imperial Castle on behalf of Killian. He had to ask to be excused to Francis, who found fault with Killian’s absence, informing him that Bertino’s situation was so severe that he was powerless. Francis smiling meaningfully at his excuse caught his eye, but he could not afford to think too deeply.

“What if the princess really has the infectious disease?” Adam forced his words out to prepare for the most terrible situation.

“It’s a big problem to hear that the priest’s holy power is of no use,” Oswald replied in an uncharacteristically gloomy manner.

They heard that a nobleman of Vicern who had returned from his visit to Bertino had collapsed from the symptoms of the epidemic. Waiting for the nobleman’s news in case, they were frustrated by the fact that there was no difference in treatment using the holy power of the priests. If the treatment was possible, they would ask for a priest to be dispatched, even if it cost all of Bertino’s gold mines.

“That’s a shame. Of course, I know the priest’s holy power can’t cure all diseases, but… I thought she would show some progress, but there was no change at all.”

“It’s a completely different form of plague than what we know. Some people get caught in the same family and others don’t. It’s like the disease is choosing people. I would have thought it was a curse if it happened where an evil sorcerer was seen…”


As Adam and Oswald were in a series of gloomy meetings, Doctor Paulo visited the Kiellini mansion.

“The princess is sick now, so you can’t meet her at this moment.”

At the butler’s courteous refusal to visit, Paulo said after agonizing for a moment, “Can I see Miss Phoebe then? I have something I really want to ask her.”

After the repeated tussles that way, the butler of the Kiellini family hesitated for a moment and replied. It seemed that he had no intention of going back, so he thought he should tell him about the state of the princess, with some hope. “The princess is suffering from an infectious disease, and we can’t get anyone inside the mansion. You can’t meet Miss Phoebe, either.”

Paulo’s voice grew louder at the butler’s answer. “Is the princess showing symptoms of the plague? Then I can’t go back anyway. Aren’t I already at risk talking to the butler?”

The butler tried to say that he was fine because he wasn’t sick, but he changed his mind and brought him inside.

He was a doctor and an occasional visitor to the mansion, and although he was not sick at this moment, he might have latent bacteria inside his body. He also wanted to lean on the doctor, and wondered if he needed to stop him before he had to jump to his death.

“Go up. I’m also forbidden to enter the third floor, so I can’t guide you there.”

The butler pointed to the stairs behind. Paulo went up to the princess’s bedroom on the third floor.

It had been four days since Julietta collapsed, and Killian came to the mansion and stood by her. Killian’s orders kept everyone in the mansion from taking a step outside. Concerned, Simone came to visit every day, but she had to go back without seeing Julietta at Killian’s refusal.

Yesterday, Simone’s new maid, Jane, came to serve as Julietta’s nurse in place of Vera, who had not been able to rest, but was turned down. It was because of Killian’s order that no one but Vera and Phoebe could go into Julietta’s bedroom.

“Doctor?” Phoebe who had been out of the lounge for a while after exchanging places with Vera was surprised to see Dr. Paulo when she opened the door facing the hallway at the sound of a knock on it.

“Miss Phoebe, long time no see. I came to the mansion to ask you a question, but I was told that the princess was sick. Can I check the condition of the princess?”

At the words of the doctor, Phoebe shook her head and whispered lowly. “His Highness Killian is here. He’s not letting anyone come to the side of the princess except me and Vera and the house doctor.”

After Phoebe’s refusal, Paulo asked grimly, “Tell His Highness I am here. I have something to tell him about the epidemic that’s going on in the capital right now!”

Phoebe looked around the room at the words of Dr. Paulo. Sir Albert was dozing off on the sofa, and Ian and Vera were in the bedroom. The princess’s illness made His Highness Killian so sharp that she couldn’t be confident of delivering Paulo’s words to him whose eyes she was afraid to meet.

When she hesitated, however, Ian came to the lounge as if he were aware of the trouble. “What’s the matter?”

Ian had been on standby for Killian’s side and had been worried about his lord, who had eaten nothing for four days, and came to bring his meal once again.

“Oh, that’s…” Phoebe told Dr. Paulo to wait a minute, then approached Ian and said, “He is the doctor who treated me, and he wants to see what’s going on with the princess. Can you tell His Highness?”

Ian looked at the doctor once through the open door and went back into the bedroom.

“Julietta, get up. You have to wake up and I have to scold you for staying here instead of going to the Imperial Castle. Shouldn’t you nag at me for bothering people you care about?”

Killian constantly spoke to her as if she was listening. “Julie, there’s something I lied to you about. Don’t you want to know what it is? You should get up and ask about it and press me.”

Killian’s very small confession came as Ian stared at him, not knowing how to speak. “I think it would be too boring to live in this world without you. I’ve found you, a treasure, but if I lose you I won’t know how to live. What the Hell would I have in mind after this? I didn’t know what it’s like to suffer so much…”

Ian looked at Count Valerian standing by the door. He also had an anguished look at Killian’s whispers.

‘What will happen to His Highness if the lady lying on the bed dies?’

It must have been useless, but Ian gave up wondering if he could interfere with His Highness due to the Doctor, because he thought it would be better to do anything than not to do anything. “Your Highness, the doctor who has treated Miss Phoebe outside wants to see the princess. What should I do?”

Killian said casually, stroking Julietta’s hands. “Doctor?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”


Killian was annoyed by everything that interfered with his time with Julietta. So, he did not inform Marquis Anais about the current situation, nor did he tell the people in the dress shop.

They loved and cared about Julietta, but Killian couldn’t afford to look back to them now. He knew he was greedy, but he believed she was going to wake up, and now all that bothered him was annoying.

It was time to order to step down since the house doctor stayed inside the mansion and checked Julietta every hour, and he thought that a doctor with no acquaintance would not be helpful.

However, without Killian’s permission, Dr. Paulo entered the bedroom. “Your Highness, please forgive me for coming in here without waiting for permission, but I have something to tell you about the epidemic that has spread in the capital.”

Killian stopped Valerian, as he started to remove the man bowing on his knees. He gave a deep sigh of disapproval, then beckoned Valerian and Ian to step aside. “Stop, that’s enough. Let’s listen to you. You have something to say about the epidemic?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“If what you say is a useless story that only takes my time, you’ll be punished for coming in here without waiting for permission. Speak.”

Killian’s hard voice echoed through the quiet bedroom, but Dr. Paulo looked up at Killian without a trace of timidity. “I think the disease that is spreading through the capital is not an epidemic.”


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