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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 209: Infectious Disease, Part II Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 209. Infectious Disease, Part II

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“I wouldn’t do such a stupid thing. You’ll find out in a week from now, so don’t make any rash moves and wait.”

The First Queen looked at the Duke of Dudley, who just looked at Francis, and left the parlor without speaking.

“You know something, don’t you?”

“He set up a very nice plan. So, don’t worry. You just need to express your sincere congratulations on Prince Killian for what had happened today. Never be jealous or angry about them. Do you understand?” Dudley replied, wiping his face as if he was tired.

At Duke Dudley’s request, the First Queen nodded reluctantly.


The party where everyone was surprised by the Emperor’s announcement during the grand engagement ceremony had ended. Killian came to Asta Palace, holding the hands of Julietta, who had tried to return with Mrs. Raban. He asked her carefully, as she was sitting there silently, “Are you mad because I didn’t tell you in advance?”

Julietta did not answer for a while, but finally replied, “I’m thinking.”

When the wrong answer came back, Killian asked back, wondering, “Uh? What thoughts?”

“As to whether I deserve to be angry. But I don’t know. Can I be angry?”

Julietta was in a bad mood. No, she was disappointed. She thought Killian liked her quite a bit, and since she was engaged, she believed she’d be closer to him than anyone else. But if she thought otherwise, she didn’t even deserve to be angry because she hadn’t told Killian the secret of her previous life.

But Killian misunderstood her words, and opened his mouth in dismay. “You can be angry, of course. Of course, you deserve it. I was going to tell you when the engagement ceremony was over. I didn’t think His Majesty would reveal it today without warning me.”

Staring at the face of the Prince who had an unusual expression of regret, Julietta replied, “Then I’ll be angry. You have to tell me any secrets from now on. You don’t hide anything from me. Promise me.”

Julietta decided to consider that her own secret would never be revealed. She was afflicted in conscience, but she didn’t want to say anything and couldn’t talk about it.

She had fallen to the temptation of a dog and had been living in another person’s body with an odd ability. If she said that to others, she would feel like she had to deny herself.

Now she was Iris Kiellini. Julietta Iris Kiellini, not Jenna. It was Iris Kiellini who had to be strong for herself and her loved ones, determined to keep her mind from becoming weak.

“Yes, from now on, I will never deceive you. I promise.”

Killian smiled reassuringly as Julietta’s cold expression softened. He calmed himself down, as he was excited looking at Julietta sitting opposite him. Not yet. He must not show off that he had finally captured her, because she was not in his arms completely.

“We originally planned to have the wedding ceremony by the end of this month, but I think we should start sooner because my father blew up a big bomb yesterday. The Congress will be called. It’s clear that Francis and Duke Dudley are going to protest. I think it might be better to take you to the Queen after I rise to the seat of the Crown Prince, so that they won’t do anything else.”

He tried to speak as coolly as possible, but he felt regret in his speech somewhere. Fortunately, Julietta answered with a natural air, seemingly not noticing it.

“Sure. This is not a normal situation. You will be busy for a while, so you won’t even have to come to the shop. Sophie and Amelia will be comfortable.”

She almost sighed with relief because he would be busy, and Killian barely held back his protest and poked up his mouth. “Oh, God, I’d love to go even more when you tell me not to come. I need more rest as I’m busy. Now that I’m engaged, I can’t visit Harrods’ mansion, so I am going to dispose of it. I’m thinking of disposing of the Harrods’ mansion and sending the attendants who used to work there to Tilia. I asked Johanna, the head maid, if she could serve you as the Queen, but she refused.”

Julietta was delighted to hear of Johanna for the first time in a long time.

“Why? I’d be so relieved if the head maid would assist me when I enter the Imperial Castle.”

“She was afraid you’d be in trouble if she were known to have worked at the Harrods’ mansion. She had served my other women and it would be a bad thing for you if she serves you, the noble Princess Kiellini. She doesn’t know who you are, so she’d naturally have to think so.”

“It’s a pity. I need a person to trust.”

Killian thought for a moment when he saw Julietta treating her entry into the Imperial Castle as if she were going to war. “Julietta, I am highly indebted to the troupe leader Maribel for raising you. So is the Marquis of Anais.”

Julietta admitted Maribel’s contribution, but slightly frowned.

“She said she’s going to retire soon. I heard you recommended it.”

“Yes. She’s the most reliable ally I’ve ever had. But I don’t think it would look good for the Prince’s fiancé to meet the owner of the theater often.”

“Yes. After she retires, she will return to being Mrs. Grayson, an ordinary low-ranking aristocrat. But what if some time after retirement, there’s some amazing news for Mrs. Grayson? While they are working on the records to affirm the genealogy of Prince Killian, they will find out that Baron Grayson was accompanying and killed in the assassination of the Empress thirteen years ago.”

Killian nodded as Julietta looked at him, wondering if that would be possible. “If I remember Baron Grayson, who I forgot after happened due to the impact of the incident at that time… that he died in a fierce fight to the last.”

The death of the Baron, who they had been wondering if he was too old to even wield a sword, was being beautifully dressed up.

“I could even reward the Grayson family for making a tremendous contribution and not getting any reward. I could give her a succession to Count and a small but fertile southern territory. I’m looking for suitable land to buy.

“Mrs. Grayson is now a Countess with a territory?”

“Yes. She is fully qualified to be the head maid of the Queen.”

“Do you mean to bring Maribel to the Imperial Castle?”

“That’s why I’m planning to make this work.”

Julietta was moved by Killian doing so much for her.

“There’s going to be bad words about Maribel’s past.”

“It doesn’t matter. She’s going to be the head maid of the Queen. What does it matter? And Maribel isn’t one who’s going to sit back and watch that way.”

“… Thank you.”

No one could be more secure than Maribel in the strange and frightening life of the Imperial Castle. That man was aware of her anxiety and tried to put the most reliable person close to her.

Killian got up from his seat, pretending not to see Julietta trying to thank him again. “It’s too late, so go back and rest now, the princess. I’ll see you tomorrow at the dress shop.”


Julietta laughed at him as he held out his hand lightly, as if he had done something natural. She stood up, holding Killian’s hand and said, “I can’t help it if you’re going to come. See you at the annex tomorrow.”


As soon as the engagement ceremony was over, Robert returned to the Anais mansion and called Christine.

“Did you call me?”

Killian’s engagement ceremony which she had tried to prevent somehow was over. Christine’s mood was the worst. She wanted to console herself by doing nothing today, but she couldn’t ignore her father’s call.

Looking out the window with his back turned in his office, the Marquis was just as he had been at the engagement ceremony. The sight made her feel more and more uneasy.

“Why did you call me?” the shrill voice of Christine rang out in the Marquis’ office. She had never spoken to her father in this way, but today she didn’t want to play the usual loving, demure daughter.

Even though he knew what she thought of Prince Killian, his father showed no interest in her. He must have been paying attention to the engagement on behalf of the absent Duke of Kiellini. He didn’t care about her.


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