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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 203: Engagement Ceremony, Part II Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 203. Engagement Ceremony, Part II

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Killian’s voice, repressed by anger, was lowered to the limit. “I’ll give you one more chance. You should know that I will never give you a second chance. I’ll tell Julietta that her father, the Marquis, is on her side. So, never say that you abandoned Julietta!”

“Your Highness!”

Killian coolly interrupted the Marquis who was about to say it was not true. “I’m sure you’ll take good care of your daughter, so that she won’t lose her precious opportunity.”

Robert realized that no words would be accepted in this situation. Prince Killian raised his hand as if he would not listen any more. It was sad and miserable. However, Robert felt more grateful than sorry for his angry appearance. ‘How grateful it is to care for Julietta!’

“I want you to take over everything the Duke of Kiellini has to do, on his behalf, at the engagement ceremony. I hope that the Marquis will take the place of a father at the engagement and the wedding ceremonies. But don’t forget, that’s all!”

Robert gave his courtesy to the back of Killian, who left the annex as if he didn’t want to see him any longer when he was done speaking. “Thank you, Your Highness. I’ll make sure that the opportunity given is not wasted. And thank you very much for allowing me to play an honorable role.”


Robert returned to reality and approached Julietta, who looked a little nervous. Julietta, dressed in a dress wrapped in white lace fabric to the neck and sleeves to keep her skin from being exposed, looked like a saintess that Vicern’s priests had been talking about. “You’re beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

Robert hoped to hear something more, but Julietta kept her mouth shut. He hesitated for a moment. He wanted to apologize for Christine, but it was a good day and he wondered why he needed to bring it up and make her feel bad. He wanted to say, “Believe me and I want to live the rest of my life for you,” but he hesitated on what to say.

Julietta sighed slightly at the look of him anxious to say something. “I heard from His Highness.”

He knew what she had been told, though she did not explain. “I’m sorry. I never imagined Christine would do that.”

Julietta was in a subdued mood at his gloomy expression of apology. ‘Why should he live such a troubled life?’

Since Christine had joined hands with Prince Francis, Prince Killian could not forgive her. Julietta didn’t want to ask the Prince to forgive Christine for Marquis Anais. She could never forget that night’s nightmare.

“His Highness promised not to touch the Anais family, so she’ll be fine. And if Lady Anais doesn’t do any more wrongs, I’ll ask him to forgive her. But don’t tell me to forgive her. Don’t apologize.”

“Julietta, that’s not it. I’m…” Robert tried to explain to Julietta who said that he was here because he had a purpose, but was unable to finish, interrupted by the incoming Killian.

Killian deliberately ignored the atmosphere in the waiting room, approached Julietta, and asked her affectionately, “Are you ready?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Julietta was in a bad mood and answered briefly, Killian looked back at the Marquis. “The Marquis, you’ve had a hard time preparing for the engagement ceremony. I’d like to stay with her for a while before the party. Would you mind leaving?”

At the request, the Marquis looked sadly at Julietta and stepped out.

“Don’t you feel good?” Killian said soothingly after holding Julietta’s hand and raising it softly, kissing it. “It’s a shame to see your mouth popping out like that. It’s so ugly, not matching your dress.”

Julietta glared at her prospective fiancé, who complained that she was ugly instead of beautiful, on the day of her engagement.

“Now you look like you’re normal. If you don’t glare at me when you look at me, I feel very anxious for some reason.”

Killian raised Julietta’s hand and kissed it once again, then said. “You’re so beautiful, it’s dazzling. My heart is shaking, and I’m afraid I’ll faint before I finish the ceremony.”

“Put some saliva in your mouth and lie.”

Julietta walked past Killian and headed for the door, but when he looked at her back, Killian called out, “Wait, Julietta…”

He was surprised to see the reversed, bareback dress to her waist for the first time, as opposed to her demure front figure. He stopped Julietta from going out. “What’s wrong with the back of the dress? It’s too bare.”

He wanted to say more, but he couldn’t tell her what he wanted to say.

“It was originally made for that purpose, so it has to be bareback.”

Killian’s expression was distorted, as if he was displeased with the idea it was more erotic than the current fashionable dress that revealed to the bosom.

“You’re supposed to be turning your back throughout the engagement ceremony, but I don’t think people will be able to concentrate, because they’ll be looking at your back.”

Julietta tilted her head as she watched Killian trying to speak as softly as possible. “You’re not asking me to change it because you don’t like it, are you? I don’t think you’re that self-centered.”

Killian’s mouth was shut by Julietta’s credulous gaze. If he said that only he deserved to see her beautiful back, he would get criticized at once. He nodded reluctantly, thinking there was this hardship in marrying a trend-setting designer. “That is not true. I was just surprised.”

Julietta smiled brightly at Killian, who was pretending to be bold and forcing a smile. “I’m happy you’re such a generous man. Now, shall we go before it’s too late?”

Killian had to go all the way to the banquet hall, trying to cover Julietta’s back as much as possible. Without a gesture, the door of the banquet hall opened wide with a rising note that signaled the two’s entry.


Despite the sudden engagement in the offseason, the hall was packed, thanks to the aristocrats who attended.

The fiancée of Prince Killian, who was fighting for succession with Prince Francis, was Princess Kiellini, who had the highest status in Austern. The feet of those who were hesitant on which side of the line to hold began to get busy.

The banquet hall, decorated in purple, silver, and black, the colors of Prince Killian, was more luxurious and beautiful than any other party that season. As if to boast of the Prince’s wealth, the lavishly decorated diamonds and amethysts were admirable, and the gifts given to the nobles attending the engagement ceremony were also surprising.

Guests who had never received a gift while attending an engagement or a wedding ceremony were embarrassed and delighted. Those who opened the gifts they received as they entered the hall were dumbfounded by the size of the gifts the Prince had handed out to countless people. It was so admirable that they would keep the tea case with Raefany’s mark on it, and the Kiellini family’s top-of-the-line tea set, as a family treasure for generations.

Just before the engagement ceremony began, the royal family members appeared. After the First Queen, Prince Francis, the concubines and their sons entered, the Second Queen entered the palace under the Emperor’s escort. The Second Queen who attended her first public appearance in a long time still had a good relationship with the Emperor.

“Congratulations, the Second Queen.” Seeing this unwanted scene, the First Queen gave her a formal greeting with a forced smile on her face. The sudden appearance of the daughter of the Kiellini family, whose presence was faint, and her engagement to Killian made her feel like everything was wrong and she was uneasy.

The First Queen’s gaze headed toward Duke Dudley and her younger sister, Marquise Anais, who stood closest to her among the guests attending. Her younger sister was pondering something with an unpleasant face. She glanced at the look and turned her gaze aside coldly.

Francis said he would take care of it, so it was a matter of trust. Her son promised to give her the seat of the Empress Dowager. She laughed inwardly at the surviving one of the Bertino sisters who had always made her miserable. ‘Your happy smile will soon disappear without a trace. Enjoy yourself until then.’


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