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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 197: Engagement, Part X Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 197. Engagement, Part X

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

As Morton, the loyal butler of the Kiellini family, stepped out following his servant Havier, Francis looked at Marius. “Now, the Marquis. How are you going to use the diamond that just rolled in?”

He opened his mouth about the plan that came to his mind earlier. “Infectious diseases usually begin with uncontrolled provinces on the outskirts, as they usually spread in slums and lower-class neighborhoods.”

“Will you release this poison in the local provinces? It takes too long. I’m not such a patient person, the Marquis.”

Marius nodded and accepted. “Yes, it takes too long. Shall we set up an area of the capital and start there? If only Killian is attacked by poison, we could be suspicious, so we have to get other nobles poisoned. Of course, it should be at random.”

“I wish we could take this opportunity to get rid of all the opposition parties, but that would be too unnatural.”

“Yes, unfortunately, you’ll have to be content to kill Prince Killian. But it could happen again. For example, it’s a coincidence if the Prince’s party is eating somewhere, and the restaurant is suffering from an epidemic.”

“That’s a good coincidence.” Francis smiled satisfactorily, lifting a teacup and simulating a toast.


On the surface, he pretended to be relaxed, since he believed that she would come back if he would wait, but it was only one day. Three days later, Killian’s nervousness began to show on the surface. “Is it said that the princess is still not back?”

He thought she’d arrive by this morning, but he hadn’t heard from her yet. Killian had just decided to move, as he could not wait any longer, when a knight guarding the Kiellini family rushed to report the news. “Your Highness, the princess just entered the Kiellini mansion.”

After hearing the news of Julietta’s return, Killian regained his composure.

However, as the documents he was holding had been on the same page for hours, Ian cautiously suggested. “Your Highness, do you want me to bring the princess?”

“No, I’m sure she’ll surely come.”

Killian thought Julietta believed in and relied on him. No, he wanted to believe it. If she had the feeling of being suppressed, he didn’t know when Julietta would fly away like a bird again. ‘Let’s go slowly.’ He had to be careful, until she completely opened her mind.

In front of the gate of the castle, a knight received a letter from the Kiellini family and reported to Killian, “Your Highness, Princess Kiellini has requested a visit.”

“Tell her I allow it. And let the whole security force know that when Princess Kiellini visits me in the future, she doesn’t need any permission.”

Soon after Killian’s order, Julietta entered Killian’s office under the guidance of the attendant.

“All of you except Ian, withdraw.”

“Iris Kiellini sees Your Highness.”

“Is what you’ve wondered settled?”

He tried to smile and welcome Julietta, but when he saw her face, he jumped to his feet. “What’s the matter?”

Julietta had to put up with anxiety, nervousness, and fear since leaving Tilia. “I’ve been to Tilia.”

“Did you not trust me?”

“No, it’s just that I was the cause, so I thought I’d be relieved to see how it went.”

“Okay. Then you would have felt there was nothing to worry about if you had been there, but why did you look like that?”

“I met Miss Regina.”

“That was not a very good idea. But there will be nothing to worry about.” Killian nodded as if he understood why Julietta had such a nervous expression.

“Miss Regina said she hasn’t taken a vow of silence yet. I heard that we have to put her on the family register as an adopted daughter and take an oath by a new name on the family register.”

“Are you worried that Princess Regina might tell someone about this? You know she can’t do that. If that happened, the Kiellini family will be destroyed.”

With Killian’s confidence, Julietta’s expression was still dark. “She can risk everything and try to destroy all of us together.” Julietta could not forget Regina’s evil words.

“Don’t worry, even if she has that kind of mind, she can’t get out of the annex.”

“I heard that Prince Francis’s aide, Marquis Marius, visited Tilia’s annex some time ago.”

“I’ve been briefed. He’s gone back without much profit.”

“… Your Highness, I’m trying to do something very bad, but would you still support me?”

Killian sighed as he looked at Julietta, who seemed to have changed somehow. “What are you so worried about?”

“Well, what am I worried about?” Julietta recounted what she had been thinking for two days.

‘What am I worried about? Is it the anxiety of losing all the benefits and tranquility as Princess Kiellini? Or is it the safety of the people I care about?’

Julietta looked at Killian. His eyes, which had always been fearsome and cold were a little twisted with worry.

‘Is this guy included in the list of people I care about? What if what he did for the fake Princess Kiellini comes to light in the world?’

She didn’t want to imagine. She shook her head as the reproach, contempt, anger, and astonishment that would be poured upon this shining man came to her mind. It should not happen!

Killian raised himself as he looked at Julietta’s expression in silence, as it varied in anger, astonishment, sadness and so on. He crossed over to the sofa where she was sitting and grabbed Julietta by the shoulder. “Julie, no matter what you do, I’ll always be behind you. I will protect and support you. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but if there’s anything you want to do, you can do it. But I need to know what.”

Julietta looked up at Killian. Then she smiled as if it was reassuring.

“From the time I took someone else’s seat, this anxiety and fear was foreseen. I am just trying to stay where I am, but I had no thought to bear it.”

Killian got angry, holding Julietta firmly by the shoulders. “You didn’t take someone else’s seat. No, I’m the one who took the seat away from those who tried to kill you. So, you don’t have to have any sinful thoughts at all.”

“Yes. I won’t feel guilty about what’s already happened. Yes, it wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t tried to kill me.”

Julietta didn’t say what she had inside for Killian. She closed her eyes slightly and hid her busy thoughts. ‘I don’t want to live a life of insecurity like this. Please, I just hope nothing happens so that I won’t do anything that will make me feel guilty in the future. I don’t think I can stand it any longer if Regina does something.’

Killian raised the head of Julietta who seemed to be trying to conceal her thoughts. “But what do you mean, it’s a very, very bad thing?”

Julietta replied to Killian who looked at herself with a strong look, as if he would support everything she would do. “Not now. I think I need a little more time to think about it.”

“Do you need to do something like that when I’m here?”

Julietta’s lips were pouting at him as his sincere and trustworthy appearance disappeared, and he could not hide his cleverness, putting on arrogant airs.


“The lips seem to want something from me.” Killian’s eyes became mellow and the tone of his voice was lowered.

‘Oh, it’s back again. That sexual charm!’ Julietta, feeling the danger, leapt to her feet, but Killian sat her on his lap, wrapping around her waist as if he had waited for this moment.

“No, what are you doing? Let me go.”

As soon as Julietta settled down on Killian’s lap, Ian, who was waiting on the two’s tea, quickly backed out.

“We’re getting engaged. But I haven’t even held your hand yet. I think that’s too slow.”

‘You’re talking nonsense.’ Julietta retorted upon Killian in a fit of dismay. “Who rubbed my hand on the first day of your visit to the dressing shop?”

“Heavens, did I rub your hand? It’s not something a noble princess would say. I’ll have Sir Reynold extend the etiquette education.”

Killian’s smile deepened as she was tight-lipped at Killian’s threat, feeling that she had made a tongue slip. “Yes, then, as you say, I rubbed your hand that day, so I think the progress has gone to the point of holding your hand. So, the next order is the lips?”


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