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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 188: Engagement, Part I Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 188. Engagement, Part I

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

When Francis finished speaking, Christine nodded and rose from her seat. “I hope so. I’m on my way to the top of the Empire by your side, so I can do anything.”

‘The words of Your Highness are that His Highness Killian has no choice but to rely on the prophecy, too. I understand that once Princess Kiellini dies, he has no choice but to show interest in me. I’ve killed one, so I can kill two, Your Highness.’

Christine bowed her head gently, imagining Francis’s last breath.


14. Engagement

News of Prince Killian and Princess Kiellini’s engagement spread wildly in the capital. As if to prove it, people could see the Prince and the princess in public, and they often went to see the performances and traveled to Raefany’s and the Chartreu Dressing Shop.

Killian went to a nearby restaurant after watching an opera with the princess, and told Julietta what she had to prepare before entering the Imperial Castle.

“The imperial etiquette?”

Killian nodded at Julietta’s question. “In fact, I didn’t mean to force you to learn manners that I don’t follow, but I think it’s better to learn because there’s a difference between knowing and not being able to perform them.

“The princess, my cousin is a member of the imperial court’s etiquette department. In fact, it is hard to find anyone who is beyond the reach of the First Queen in the imperial palace, so I am forced to recommend my cousin. He’s a reliable man, so be comfortable with him.” Oswald came together with the two and watched the opera and followed to the restaurant.

Julietta sighed with envy at the thought of her external cousin and actual half-sister, Christine, and Francis, the half-brother of Killian, as Oswald said he was a cousin and could be trusted.

“What’s wrong with you, the princess? Are you tired of thinking about studying already?”

She burst into laughter at Oswald’s overly chatty tone. “No, I envy you for showing infinite trust in your cousin. You know, my cousin…”

At Julietta’s words, Oswald gave her a sad look. “You don’t have to take her as a sister just because your blood is mixed.”

Julietta nodded strongly after she understood what was contained in his words. Like Prince Killian and Prince Francis, who wanted to kill each other, the relationship between her and Christine was like that.

‘If I lose my mind to something trivial, I might end up like that. Never forget what Christine did to me!’

Julietta recovered her will again, and recalled Phoebe, who had been through something similar to her. She had been able to escape from the terrible situation by using the ability given to her by Manny, which she thought was useless before, but it was not so for Phoebe.

She was almost naked and abandoned on the street after she was violated. Julietta wanted to make amends for her, even after she said she was grateful to be able to escape from the horrible brothel, as Phoebe had almost died on her behalf.

Julietta used to think of herself as an alternative to Phoebe. If she had not been protected by Maribel, she might have lived a life as horrible as that if she had not hidden herself in disguise to survive.

“Your Highness, can I be educated along with Phoebe by whoever is coming to teach me?”

Killian frowned slightly at Julietta’s request. “I don’t care, but I don’t know why you care so much about her.”

It was quite unpleasant to have to share Julietta with a woman who had appeared all of a sudden, not to mention losing Julietta’s attention to Manny, who was a half-divine animal.

“Phoebe played me as a substitute, while I’ve been acting like Princess Kiellini. We have that in common, and I feel like I can be happy if Phoebe is happy.”

Killian tried to understand Julietta’s idea at first glance. Even though she said she would be greedy, she could not escape the guilt that she took away the position of Princess Kiellini. The things that made her feel that way were annoying to him. He decided it was better to get rid of the Duke and the princess in Tilia.

As heavy silence hovered over the table for a while, Oswald stepped in to change the mood. “I’ll tell Farrell in advance. If the princess thinks so, then of course, I am always ready to lend a helping hand to you so that Miss Phoebe can be happy.”

Killian put the brakes on Oswald who had opened his heart and spoken so proudly. “The Marquis, why are you ready to lend a helping hand to Julietta?”

“What? Of course, if the princess is happy, Your Highness will be happy, and then peace will naturally come to me, your subordinate… isn’t that true?”

Oswald was having fun with his words, and quickly shut his mouth as he saw Killian glaring at him fiercely.

After seeing Oswald’s plate still had more than half of its food left, Killian said to Julietta “The princess, let’s go when you’re done eating. I’ll take you.”

Julietta looked at Oswald unknowingly at Killian’s words. “I don’t think the Marquis has finished yet.”

“No, the princess. I’m done…”

“The Marquis will stay and eat more. Now, get up.” Killian cut Oswald’s words heartlessly, and hastened Julietta away.

“Uh? I don’t think that’s what he’s saying?” Julietta tilted her head, not understanding how his words were misinterpreted.

However, Killian pulled her arms slightly and coldly said, “You’ll have to eat more if you’re done, the Marquis.”


So, leaving Oswald behind and returning to her mansion, Killian asked, “What do you want to do with the woman named Phoebe?”

“I want to make her stand in a position that no one can take away. I want to give her a life where she won’t be exploited or ignored again.”

“What can you give me if I give her that status?”

Julietta replied, staring straight into Killian’s eyes looking at her. “No, I’ll do it. That’s what I have to do. I don’t think it’s good to lean on Your Highness and try to make it easy. I don’t know what position you’re trying to give her, but it’s all going to be useless if the present Phoebe doesn’t change. So, I’ll try together with her, step by step. Please handle the job of Duke Kiellini, which is something I can’t do.”

There was only one reason Julietta had asked for a teacher who would teach Phoebe.

Unlike Dian, Phoebe was already pretending to be a lady as a companion to talk with. Therefore, she was careful of the eyes of the people around her while teaching Phoebe if she was being educated with the princess.


“Her status may catch your ankles,” Killian warned her of her clumsy sympathy.

Of course, no one would be able to intimidate Julietta, but an unexpected thing might pop out. Maribel’s report made him aware of Phoebe’s past and she was unwelcome, but he had no choice but to deal with the situation.

The situation was different from that of the girl named Dian who they had also brought from a brothel. Phoebe had been seen by many people for quite a long time. It was possible that a person who could recognize her could appear, as aristocrats of Austern frequently visited brothels.

However, he did not want to unconditionally oppose Julietta, because he had heard what she was thinking. He sighed, watching Julietta’s obstinate look, and seeing that she would not give up despite his warnings. “All right, I wouldn’t object to your decision if you’ve made up your mind like that. But if she ever puts you in danger, I’ll get rid of her right away.”


Soon after, Sir Farrell Reynold, a member of the Department of Etiquette of the Imperial Court, visited the Kiellini mansion. Whether he was told something, or whether he was such a person himself, he only followed orders without saying anything about how he should teach Phoebe reading and writing first.

It had been a few days since the class started. Julietta sat next to her and watched Phoebe learning to write as she looked at the word cards.

Of course, the Prince’s warning was not something to be ignored. Julietta knew Phoebe’s past, and what she had been through before they met, so she thought there could be someone who could recognize her.


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