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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 183: Kidnapping, Part XIX Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 183. Kidnapping, Part XIX

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Killian snorted at Themes’ words. “You will surely die, of course. Do you think I’ll keep you alive when you betray me?”

“Your Highness, it’s not good to see a poor young lady sitting on the ground too long. Please forgive and give her a chance. How do you feel about that?”

Anyway, a stone that was quite useful came rolling in on its own, and he didn’t think of kicking it back. ‘Wouldn’t it break his opponent’s nose if he picked it up and threw it?’

But it was necessary to scare the stone to prevent it from flying back to break his own nose. As usual, Killian was very intimidating and Oswald played a gentle soothing role, and after they mesmerized the woman, his permission finally came.

“Okay. I’ll allow it. But the Marquis is responsible for the lady. Make sure she doesn’t betray me again.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Lady Raviel, stand up. Go home now. Don’t tell anyone that you’ve met us, and report the deeds of Francis or Lady Anais.”

Themes’s eyes glittered at the words of the Marquis. “Well, how can I deliver them to Your Excellency the Marquis?”

The lives of Themes and the Marquis had no chance of meeting. Themes was expecting a chance to meet separately or enter his home, but Oswald told her, “If you go to the Chartreu Dressing Shop on Eloz Street and give Amelie or Sophie a letter to report, they’ll deliver it to me.”

Her expectant shoulders fell, but Oswald pretended not to notice, and only told the knight to take the lady back to her wagon.

Killian looked at Oswald sulkily as the carriage door closed.

“Your Majesty, why do you see it that way? It’s not a business if we do it once or twice.”

“I think you are such a bad guy.”

Oswald pursed his lips at Killian’s words. “I don’t think you have anything to say to me. Anyway, I’m worried about Lady Anais, who failed her job today. I never thought she’d used such a strong method as kidnapping.”

“Spread a rumor about what you’ve heard before into the capital.”

Oswald retorted upon the sudden remark of Killian. “What rumor is it?”

“The rumor is about what Lady Haint said. It’s only a matter of time before it spreads within the capital, since they’ve been talking at the party anyway, but I need you to make it spread faster and more securely.”

“You want to bind Francis and Anais together?”

“It doesn’t matter if I do or not. I’m just trying to distract Lady Anais’s with another for the time being.”

“Lady Anais won’t give up easily. She’s done this, so I have no idea what kind of scary things she’s ready to do.”

“Yes, I suppose so. Until today, I’ve taken into consideration that she’s the half-sister of Julietta, but if she tries something again, I’ll have to get rid of her right away. I won’t give her two chances.”

Oswald nodded at Killian’s words. “Yes, Your Highness. I hope she will not waste the chance you have generously given her. I feel sorry for Marquis Anais, by the way. How did this happen…?”

‘One daughter’s trying to hurt the other. How will the Marquis react if he finds out? And can Lady Anais just give up Killian and do something else?’

The atmosphere inside the carriage became heavy about the future.



Christine finally admitted she had failed when she heard from Themes that Princess Kiellini had gone back to the Kiellini mansion. She wanted to forget everything and go back to her mansion to sleep, but she couldn’t ignore Francis, who was waiting. Eventually late at night, Christine had to go back into the Imperial Castle and report to Francis about her failure. “I’m sorry. I never thought she’d coax the wicked man and run away. But next time, I will not fail. Sooner or later, I will offer Princess Kiellini to you.”

“Well, starting with that appetizer, I was looking forward to tonight’s dinner, but you really disappoint me. I can’t starve like this, so I’ll have to fill my stomach with the appetizer I had earlier. I don’t think it will be enough to just fill my stomach with drink tonight.”

At Francis’ eyes licking over her body, Christine forced a smile. “I have to follow your orders, but I’m sure my parents are worried now. What’s more, I’m a single woman, and I can’t stay up all night in your palace.”

Francis laughed loudly at Christine’s words. “You can’t take a joke. You must have been pretty tired today. But Christine, this is what you suggested to me first. I’ll give you three days. Whether you send Princess Kiellini to the Marius mansion by noon on Wednesday or you come, one of you will have to come.”

Francis ordered her to go when he finished. As he watched Christine rush out of the lounge, afraid to look back, he muttered, “The Marquis, I have a hunch that Princess Kiellini is going to be a nuisance.”

Marius was standing behind Francis. He went to the sofa and answered, “If Christine’s work today had succeeded, it would have been pretty good. But she’s failed already, so she won’t have another chance. The Kiellini family will obviously be on high alert after the sudden abduction.”

“That’s right. It’s foolish to waste time on Princess Kiellini. The rumor of her being with Killian is also unpleasant, so we should get rid of her. Let Christine do as she pleases. It’ll be fun to have her give up trying to do things that don’t work and just kneel down in front of me.”

“Please continue to use Lady Anais to get rid of the Princess Kiellini. Even if she’s caught later, it has nothing to do with you.”

“Yes, that would be great. I have no choice but to love Christine. It’s worth using her.”

“Then let’s connect what we’ve prepared for Princess Kiellini to Lady Anais.”

“Did you get the right person?”

“Yes. I have an introduction from Count Colin, who is close to Mrs. Raban. We’ll put the people in at the right time in the mansions at Dublin and Tilia.”

“Find out why the Duke of Kiellini suddenly went down to Tilia, and why he’s confined himself in Tilia. There must be something.”

“I’ve heard that Marquise Raban is changing the attendants at the Kiellini mansion. I’m sure she has a problem with the Duke.”

“Why did they have a problem? That’s when the heir to the Kiellini family finally appeared in the social world. Obviously, when I follow the teachings of the Marquis, I am getting suspicious and something is bothering me here and there.”

Marius smiled, raising his single-eyed glasses at Francis’s words. “This Marius will dig up everything that is getting on your nerves.”

“All right. Bring me something to use on Killian.”


Maybe yesterday’s kidnapping was a shock, but Julietta barely opened her eyes long after noon the next day. Manny slept with her in the large bed, got up early in the morning, ate a meal, went to the toilet, and played alone next to Julietta, who was still asleep.


“Manny, did you sleep well?”

Feeling aftermath of her violent struggle to resist, she felt as if she had been beaten all over, and her voice cracked. At Julietta’s subdued voice, Manny quickly approached her face.

He didn’t know what happened, but it was clear that something big had happened to this lady yesterday. Her mouth was covered with blood clots and it was all the more messed up in broad daylight.

Julietta hugged Manny, who was rubbing its face against her neck as if comforting her, played for a while, and managed to pull herself up when Vera and Phoebe came in.

“Miss, you woke up. Madame told me not to wake you up, but I was worried because you were sleeping too long.” Vera looked around her face, helping Julietta out of her bed.

“You need to keep the makeup on for a while. Amelie and Sophie came and returned from the shop. They told me not to wake you up because you couldn’t get up.”

Julietta staggered into the bathroom and turned back in surprise. “Did they come and go already? Why didn’t you wake me up? It’s their first visit to the Kiellini mansion! I’m so sorry.” Julietta was so sorry that she grumbled unknowingly.

“I heard they’re booked up in the afternoon, so they can’t stay long anyway. Don’t be upset, they can come here often. Still, they had fun watching your bedroom, drinking tea, and then went back.”


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