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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 172: Kidnapping, Part VIII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 172. Kidnapping, Part VIII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

When the man’s rough hands tried to take off her pants, Julietta tried to escape with a frantic wave of hands and feet. She missed the panier hoop that made the skirt to swell by inserting the wire or whale bones in a circle.

‘Was it just to protect themselves that noblewomen wore those cumbersome things in their skirts?’ Julietta, who had been thinking about the wrong side of her dress for a while, regained her wits at the man’s words. She wanted to get out of this situation, so she could barely hold on to her spirit instead of falling into a trance, and she heard the man put on airs in her ears.

“Don’t lose your strength in vain. The time given to me isn’t that long.”

Julietta was pushed back on the ground by the man’s strength and she asked, “Who is making you do this?”

“I don’t know. I was been ordered to rape the woman in the carriage coming to this mansion today for money.”

“You said you didn’t have much time? Is someone supposed to come?”

“I don’t know. If I play with you for an hour or two, someone will come to pick you up, so let’s have fun before he comes.”

The man put his stinking mouth on her as he talked. The man began to tease her thighs, shrugging from one side to another, weighing down Julietta with his upper body as she writhed and avoided his mouth.

Julietta spoke decisively at the horrible sensation. “I warn you to stop here if you don’t want to regret it.”

“I think I’ll regret it more if I stop. There’s a woman under me who I can’t even look at for the rest of my life, so I won’t regret this even if I would die.” The man focused on what he was doing, laughing at the way she stared and warned him.

Julietta asked the man in a hurry when she could no longer stand the danger. “Wait, what’s your name? At least I want to know who I’m with. I don’t want to feel like I’m being forced to do this.”

The man smiled grimly at the green eyes of the noble lady looking up at him, who stopped all the struggling and lay quietly. “I don’t usually reveal my real name because I’m doing a dirty job. But I’ll tell you in particular this time. I hope you’ll call my name with great pleasure. James Bowman. My name is James Bowman. Now, put it on your head.” The man tried to go on with what he was doing after saying his name.

“You said you won’t really regret it?”

The man answered Julietta’s warning in a dry manner. “No, I won’t. Come on, girl. Expect what will happen. You’ll soon see heaven.”

“Hold, hold, hold on! Wait a minute,” Julietta said to the man to calm down again, who was gasping wildly and smacking his lips.

“What are you waiting for? I don’t have time.” The man was irritated by her dissuasion.

Julieta finally began to struggle one more time.

“You bitch! I even gave you my name, but you are just nagging.” The man’s big hand hit her cheek without mercy. Julietta was distracted by the shock.

“You really won’t regret it, do you? Even if you’re going to die?”

James Bowman snorted at Julietta’s grimly mumbled words.

“Are you going to kill me? How? You can resist me only now. Now, wait.” His hands touched the inside of her thighs.

Julietta stopped hesitating further and mumbled, closing her eyes tightly. “James Bowman is more beautiful than Julietta. Damn it, Manny. If this ability you told me is fake, you will die at my hands.” Julieta repeated the command Manny had said was her ability several times.

Tears were streaming down from her closed eyes. But she closed her eyes tightly and mumbled the command frantically without feeling them.

‘What if this ability is fake?’ After a moment, she couldn’t feel the heavy man’s body weighing on her. When she opened her eyes, the big man who smelled bad had disappeared without a trace.

Despite the fact that she had said the w9rds, Julietta looked frantically around the empty hall with frightened eyes. It wasn’t long before she believed the man had really disappeared, and she was convinced she was alone. She lay face down on the ground with a thump. Even after all that, she had to fall into guilt and relief without moving for a long time.

“Oh, my God. It was true! Oh, thanks to all the gods. And I’m sorry, but it was an inevitable choice. Oh! I’m sorry and thank you. Thank you and I’m sorry. Thank you. I’m sorry. Thank you. I’m sorry…” Julietta shed tears and repeated her gratitude and apology in the empty hall of the mansion where no one was present.


Vera left the lounge to meet Julietta, who should have returned to the family lounge at this point, saying, “My heart is stuffy.” As the party was at its peak, the corridor where the lounges of the high-ranking nobles were quiet without a person.

“Huh? Isn’t she Princess Kiellini’s maid?” After attending the party, Oswald was returning to the Prince’s resting room and found the wandering Vera.

“Hello, Your Excellency the Marquis.” Vera politely saluted the Marquis, whom she had encountered several times in the dressing shop.

“Who are you waiting for? The princess is in His Highness Killian’s lounge.”

Vera finally put on a look of relief at the Marquis’s words. “Oh, it was about time she came to rest, but she didn’t come and so I came out.”

Oswald tilted his head at Vera’s anxiety. “Has the princess not fully recovered from her illness yet? From your face, I’m afraid she’s in some serious pain.”

Unable to say she was worried because of the tight corset, Vera gave a vague excuse, and Oswald nodded as if he had known. “She hasn’t completely recovered from her illness. Anyway, she’ll be in His Highness’s lounge, so don’t worry. If there’s any problem, I’ll send someone right away.”

“Thank you, Mr. Marquis.”

Oswald walked lightly to Killian’s lounge. “Your Highness, this is Oswald. May I come in?”

“Come in.”

Oswald made his presence known even before the attendant spoke, and opened the door to the lounge as soon as he had an answer.

“What about the princess?”

Killian’s eyebrows crept up in the face of Oswald who was deeply disappointed when he couldn’t see Julietta, who was supposed to be with Killian. “What’s that look?”

“No, I deliberately got out of the lounge and expected some progress, but I feel empty that the princess isn’t here.” Oswald headed for the sofa with the lack of interest, and paused. “Huh? But it’s weird.”


“I was just passing by the family lounge of Kiellini when I met the princess’s maid. She’s waiting for the princess who was supposed to come to rest. But she’s not here, and she was not at the party. I didn’t bump into her in the hallway. Where is she now?”

Killian’s brow slightly frowned at Oswald who tilted his head in wonder. “Didn’t the princess go back to the lounge?”

“Yes. Did she go to the garden to get some air?”

“No, it can’t be. She can’t walk around in that dress. She should have gone straight to the lounge, but it’s weird that she wasn’t there.”

“In that suit?”

Killian jumped up, ignoring Oswald who looked as if he had done something. “Go to the party hall, find the princess again and bring Mrs. Raban back to the Kiellini lounge.”

Killian picked up something from the sofa and left for the family lounge of Kiellini.

“Your Highness.”

“Didn’t the princess come back to the lounge?”

Vera was surprised and tried to greet Killian, but she was immediately blocked.


“No? Wasn’t she in the lounge of Your Highness?”

Killian threw the corset he was holding to Vera, who was bewildered.

“This, this…”

“I untied it because she was suffocating.”

Vera was embarrassed by Killian’s answer. “Then, then, then, where is the princess?”

“That’s my question. Where did she go in that dress? I thought she’d go right back to the mansion of the Duke.” Killian said so and then turned back and headed to the party hall.

“Your Highness, Your Highness.” Oswald came running, gasping his breath even before the Prince took a few steps away from the lounge of the Duke. He pushed forward a servant he brought behind him.

“Say to the Prince what you said to me.”


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