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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 169: Kidnapping, Part V Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 169. Kidnapping, Part V

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Julietta got so angry with Killian who continued to ask the useless things without doing what she wanted, as she was to die of anxiety. “You’ve already seen it. I don’t care if you see it once or twice, but I can’t show it to everyone else. Quickly. Please lock the door and put my dress back on.”

Julietta didn’t recognize that she had confessed who she was now, but she pressed him as if she had ordered him. Killian reluctantly went to the entrance and locked the door. Julietta was only relieved by the click of a latch, but was still angry with him.

“Please don’t stand there and put it back on quickly. You only needed to call my maid, but why did you make such a big fuss?” Julietta waited for a long time to get her corset put on again, showing her back, but looked back at Killian, who had no reaction. “What are you doing?”

Killian replied casually at Julietta’s question, while appreciating her back, which was as smooth as a pearl, with his hand on his chin. “I cut the corset cord with a dagger. I was thinking about how to redress it.”

“Oh, my God! You cut it. Why did you cut it?”

Without a corset, she couldn’t wear the dress, because it didn’t fit in the chest. Julietta, devastated by the absurdity that had happened in an instant, gazed at Killian. She seemed to be cursing silently, but Killian decided to let it go this time.

“Why are you standing still like that? Please call my maid, Vera, quickly. I’ll have her get a corset cord.”

Killian asked Julietta strangely, as she rebuked him for what he was doing. “By the way, the princess. I think I heard strange words earlier. When have I ever seen you naked? No matter how intimate we were, it’s something I can’t remember at all.”

Julietta was rolling her feet in nervousness, and opened her eyes roundly rather than glancing at Killian’s question, as if he were talking nonsense. She remembered what she had talked too freely in a hurry. “Well, well, that’s like I’ve been mistaken for a while.”

Killian’s voice became surprisingly louder and louder, when Julietta made that up in embarrassment. “No, the princess! Did you say you were mistaken? Who the hell were you with? I’ve never heard of the princess’s dating anyone.”

Appealingly surprised, Killian came near, sat next to her, and intentionally raised his voice. Because his voice was so loud that the lounge was ringing, they could hear the whispers in a low and quiet voice even outside.

Julietta was nervous that someone might overhear them. “Lord, then someone will listen and come in. Please lower your voice a little bit.”

Despite Julietta’s pleading, Killian’s voice grew louder and louder. “I’m really surprised. Who the hell is that man? Does the Duke know that? Oh, you asked me to call your maid, right? I will tell the guard to bring your maid. Is there anybody…”

As Killian raised his voice to call the guard outside, the embarrassed Julietta raised her hand and tried to block his mouth. In the end, Julietta forgot to hold her dress in his act of avoiding her hand around and calling for outside guard continuously. She felt impatient that someone might come in. She climbed over his knees and pressed Kilian’s shoulders with both hands.

Julietta managed to catch his head weaving here and there like a loach, and she barely shut his mouth after a while, breathing out a sigh of relief until she realized what she looked like. They were entangled together. Underneath the dress which was curled up as much as possible, her legs in silk stockings were explicitly exposed, and she was sitting on the belly of Killian, who had fallen on the couch.

The front of her dress, without a fixture, was down to the waist and the cordless corset was lying under the couch on the opposite side, where it had flown. Only a thin cloth covered her chest and prevented her skin from being exposed.

Killian was forced to lie down on the couch because Julietta was pressing him down with her whole body, and fixed his eyes on what he could see before him. Julietta pulled up the dress top which was down to the waist.

The sleeveless dress top was about to fall because there was nowhere to bind it, so Julietta had to clasp her dress in her armpits.

Killian laid one arm behind his head to support himself, and asked leisurely, as she looked like she had no intention of stepping down from his body to arrange her dress. “The princess, I just saw something very familiar. Why do I think I saw it in my bathroom in Bertino?”

Julietta’s movements stopped with a snap of her head. Killian stroked her bare back, trying to soothe her stiffened body with one hand. Killian’s smile grew even more intense when he saw that she had no resistance to his touch, and he rose up, wrapped around her waist, and leaned his back against the back of the sofa.

On the other hand, Julietta felt a sense of crisis at the man in front of her, and tried to step back down. But Killian hugged her tightly in his arms so that she couldn’t move, and drew her closer.

“Reply, the princess. Why did I see the black dot between your breasts in Bertino’s bedroom? Huh?” Killian’s darkened silver eyes were intertwined with the green eyes that shook without mercy. “Ah! And the lady who dared to spill wine on me at the Eileen Theater had a mole between her breasts like that.”

Julietta kept her clothes under her armpits so that the dress wouldn’t fall down, but Killian lifted her hands lightly and grabbed them with one hand. “Can you explain that, the princess, huh?”

Killian touched the spot between Julietta’s breasts, and began to draw a large circle. “It’s really weird. Why is this lovely spot stuck in the same place?”

Killian whispered in the ear of Julietta who was so startled. “Huh? Julietta. Why are you in front of me as Princess Kiellini? Come on, talk to me.”

At the same time as Julietta struggled in front of Killian, Christine opened her closed eyes feeling, Francis fall from her body.

“I’ll give you a servant to call for Princess Kiellini. Am I supposed to wait until you call?” After Francis got what he wanted, he showed an unusually generous attitude.

“Thank you, Your Highness. I’ll contact you as soon as we’re ready.”

Looking at Christine leisurely rising to her feet and hurriedly arranging her clothes, Francis said, “I’d like to have tea with you often in the future, so if I call you, come right away.”

Christine barely prevented herself from vomiting and tried to leave, saying goodbye. Francis laughed loudly at the sight. “You don’t think it’s over today, do you? I’m sorry to let you be disappointed if you think that way. If a woman comes into my hands once, I play with her with all my heart until I’m sick of her. That’s my personality.”

After taking a good look at her, Francis showed a kind heart to Christine, who seemed to have become a statue on the spot. “But I’ll put off drinking tea until later, as the flower you’ll gain me today may attract my attention for a while.”

Christine hurried out of the parlor, leaving Francis’ laughter behind her.


“Miss.” Penny was waiting outside the parlor, and came up. Christine, suppressing her misery, waited for a moment with Penny to clear things up in the hallway.

Soon after, Havier, the servant of Francis, entered the parlor under Francis’ call and came out quickly. “Lady Anais, if you wait in the waiting room for a moment, I’ll get the servant you asked for.”

Christine nodded and another servant approached and led her to the waiting room. She whispered low to Penny as she followed the servant. “Penny, did you do what I told you to do before?”

“Princess Kiellini was not in the party hall or in the lounge of the family of the Duke, so I told her maid first.”

“Wasn’t she in the party hall or in the lounge of Kiellini?”

“No, Miss.”

Christine’s face hardened at Penny’s answer. She was about to say something, but looked at the knights and the attendants of Prince Francis waiting in the corridor, and went silent.

She felt nauseous and had a headache, but it wasn’t the time to be weak. The terrible thing done today would be rewarded by the abduction of Princess Kiellini.


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