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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 167: Kidnapping, Part III Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 167. Kidnapping, Part III

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

While the banquet hall grew as noisy as the market had with the bomb dropped by Princess Haint, Killian ordered Oswald in the lounge, “Now that the banquet has begun, bring Princess Kiellini.”

“Your Highness, as I said before, the moment I talk to the princess…”

“There is nothing to worry about it, the Marquis. Just tell her I’m looking for her and bring her here. Say it very loudly and bring her here because I have to stamp on her diligently.”

“Didn’t you plan to approach her carefully, so that she wouldn’t notice?”

“That’s right. She doesn’t know, but it’s a plan that everyone around her needs to know. It won’t be unexpected if I look for the princess because of the rumor started a few days ago.”

“But she is single, and Your Highness is calling her… why don’t you join me for the banquet?” Oswald proposed.

“Yes, that would be great. Killian, I know you’re in a hurry, but there’s nothing good about gossip,” Rhodius agreed.

Adam objected to the words from the Marquis of Rhodius. “No. It’s an unwritten rule for a royal family not to attend the last Imperial Banquet.”

The politics of the imperial family were something that made everyone nervous and caught everyone’s attention. Therefore, the royal family members did not attend the last banquet of the season, so that they might enjoy the time comfortably.

Adam recalled that, jumped to his feet and continued, “Your Highness, it would be okay to do something that will remain in people’s minds before the side of Prince Francis do something absurd. I’ll bring her here.”

Oswald was embarrassed by Adam’s active appearance, unlike before. “Uh, uh, the Count. I think that’s my job…”

But regardless of Oswald’s dissuasion, Adam stormed out of the lounge and headed for the ballroom.

“You’re very beautiful today, too, the princess.” As soon as Adam entered the ballroom, he headed to Julietta, who was at the center of everyone’s attention.

“Your Excellency The Count, I thought you weren’t here, because I didn’t see you.” Julietta greeted Adam warmly, who kissed her politely on the back of her hand. She was very pleased to see Adam in a hectic situation where people were trying to get just one more word with her.

“We also tend to refrain from attending because His Highness Prince Killian doesn’t enjoy the banquet very much,” Adam whispered low, so that only the people around him could hear. “It is an unwritten rule that the royal family doesn’t attend the last banquet of the season, so His Highness can’t come, even though the princess is here.”

“Oh, I see. But what brings you here today?”

“His Highness is waiting in the lounge next to the banquet hall to see you. Why don’t you go and say hello?”

At Adam’s suggestion, Julieta hesitated for a moment. If she would go see the Prince with so many people watching her, she would surely suffer from gossip. However, because of severe pressure in her chest and the tension caused by people flocking to her, and dizziness and difficulty with breathing since a while ago, she wanted to leave this place.

“Thank you for giving me that honor. Then excuse me for a moment.”

Julietta managed to escape from the people looking after her enviously, and made her way to Killian’s lounge. “Whew, I’ve been saved by you. I feel like I’ve been drained of all my energy in the half an hour since I arrived at the party.”

“I should have come sooner. But did a man from Prince Francis come, by any chance?” asked Adam, who thought Francis would have sent a man to get to Julietta, the Princess of Kiellini.

“Not at all,” Julietta replied, thinking that it was a relief, because she didn’t want to deal with him.

“That’s strange.” After today, it was going to be harder to get to Princess Kiellini, but he missed this opportunity. ‘Don’t tell me, is he going to visit Tilia Territory?’


At that time when Adam was lost in thought, Francis was meeting Christine in his palace.

Francis was about to give an order to his servant to bring Princess Kiellini to him, but when he heard the plan of Christine who just came here, he smiled and asked, “So, are you saying that I should not send someone to the banquet today?”

“Yes, Your Highness. You’ll have to go save Princess Kiellini later. If you could lend me a servant who wears the uniform of Prince Killian, I’ll call out Princess Kiellini through him. After that, I will kidnap her, and I will contact you. I’ve been thinking about the story from your point of view. When you come in on urgent business, you can save Princess Kiellini.”

Francis gazed happily at Christine, who was so driven by desperation she was planning a kidnapping. He was so satisfied that he wanted to be cruel to her, because she behaved under his influence. He smiled contentedly as Christine explained her plan in earnest.

“I’ll give you as many servants as I can. Your plan is not very interesting to me, but I’ll do it if you want. But I need a reward to get me to work your way.”

Christine was choked with anxiety. Francis smiled cruelly at her. “Why don’t you give yourself up to me while Princess Kiellini is spoiled by a gangster, as you planned. If that’s the condition, I’m willing to reluctantly move in spite of my annoyance.”

Christine shook her head unconsciously. Francis shook his head, as if his excitement had cooled. “If that’s the case, get out. I’m not going to play to your tune today. I intend to report to my mother and the Emperor tomorrow that marriage between you and me is under way. Of course, I can kill the princess. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to kill her than kidnap her?”

Christine turned pale at Francis’s words. “Your Highness…”

“Christine, I’ve already given you one chance. I didn’t want you to give Princess Kiellini to me on your own, but I accepted. However, despite my gracious consideration, you come to me today and asked me one thing or another. Then shouldn’t I be rewarded, too?”

Francis shook his head, as if he had penetrated Christine’s heart to shout, “Isn’t Kiellini the reward?”

“No, that’s not a reward. Aren’t you trying to pass the intruder on to me to get what you want? I’m taking care of your luggage, so it’s no wonder I’m getting the reward. Isn’t that right?”

Christine recalled the image of Killian and Princess Kiellini she had seen a few days ago. She bit her lip to remind herself of her miserable feelings and the indifference of Killian, who did not even give her a look. ‘I will cut my flesh and will grind the bones of the princess.’

Christine replied in a trembling voice, barely smiling. “If the reward you desire is in this humble body, I will be glad to ask you to accept it.”


In response to Christine’s answer, Francis’s mouth went up. “Pull up your skirt.”

Christine’s mouth opened at Francis’s words. “Your Highness?”

“There is a rumor about a woman who will be my brother’s Queen, so wouldn’t there be trouble with one other? So we can’t go to the bedroom. Now we only enjoy a cup of tea affectionately between cousins. Or do you want to move to the bedroom and spread rumors inside the castle?”

Already rumors of him and Christine were spreading in the banquet hall, but with no idea of the facts, she shook her head quickly. “No, Your Highness. You are right. I had a short thought.”

When she said she had come to talk about Princess Kiellini, Francis forced all the attendants who were waiting around to step out. Come to think of it, it could have been just an excuse; from the beginning, he seemed to have this plan by making the attendants withdraw.

This had been scheduled since he had touched her that morning. For fear of this, she kept herself in the mansion for a week. But with yesterday’s events, Christine again came to Francis, and was ready for what would happen.

Christine rolled up the skirt of her dress in front of Francis. Unlike her usual blue-colored dress, today’s dress was dark and black, as if to herald her future.

Francis continued to smile, satisfied with Christine’s image of rolling up her skirt naturally in front of him and her doll-faced face. As the black skirt gradually rolled up, the legs in snow-white silk stockings, opposite to the black dress, were revealed. Francis’ lips were twisted to the utmost by the contrast.


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