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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 165: Kidnapping, Part I Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 165. Kidnapping, Part I

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

She continued to speak with spiteful eyes. “Prepare the right house. You’d better get it ready before I give her to Prince Francis. I’m sure His Highness will like a woman who has been tamed.”

Christine added to the two women who seemed to have lost their words while pondering something. “Let’s do this. Francis will save the princess who was kidnapped by the gangsters and abandoned miserably. Who can she marry if she has already been abandoned? She’d be happy if His Highness Francis will accept her.”

Eva and Themes hesitated once again exchanging glances. ‘If this is discovered, the whole family, or even all our blood relatives, will not survive. But how can we stop this?’

A bitter cry fell on the two at a loss. “Why do you look like that?” Christine glared at the two who couldn’t make an appropriate response.

“No, Lady Anais. I was embarrassed by the idea of suddenly finding a house before the banquet less than three days away.”

Christine was irritated by Themes’ excuse. “You’re not capable of doing that, are you? I think it’s time for me to clean up my surroundings. How can I get to the Imperial Castle with useless people?”

Embarrassed by the irritated Christine, Eva quickly stepped in. “I’ll be responsible for finding the right place. Don’t worry.”

Themes, who did not want to be active in this matter, quickly spoke up at Eva’s words. “Yes, Lady Anais. Eva will take care of it. Isn’t the family of Delat very competent for that?”

Now that Havier, Eva’s brother, was serving as Francis’s servant, he did all kinds of things, and this would not be difficult for Eva.

Christine nodded at her convincing opinion. “Yes, then let’s squeeze our brains out how to kidnap her.”

While Christine’s plan was explained, Eva responded moderately and seriously agonized over how far she should go agreeing with things. Meanwhile, Themes began to consider wildly how to get out of this as much as possible.


The rumors of Killian and Princess Kiellini were the talk of the town.

The day after the opening party, Julietta disguised herself as a maid and visited the dressing shop, and entered the studio pleasantly, looking at the unusually crowded hall.

“Amelie, Sophie. We’ll have to get more tailors and seamstresses soon. I don’t think there are enough people on the second floor, right?” Julietta said excitedly as she approached the dolls in one corner.

“We’re still trying to get more. But Julie, the rumors about you and His Highness Killian made the market very crowded and noisy.”

Amelie and Sophie alternated shopping, as they had breakfast and dinner at the annex. Amelie had gone to the market to buy bread and meat before the opening of the dressing shop, but she returned with a worried look. As people gathered, they babbled about the story of Princess Kiellini.

When she heard Amelie’s words, she looked back in surprise instead of at the dolls. “Is it serious? I don’t know how the Duke will react if he finds out.”

Amelie knew that the reason Prince Killian kept coming was to see Julietta, but she didn’t even know his plan, and she spoke lightly, as if not to worry. “Don’t worry too much, because the boring substitute role will be over in a few days. Didn’t you go back yesterday and get scolded by Mrs. Raban?”

“No. She has little interest in me because of the problems with the attendants inside the mansion these days.”

“Attendants? Why?”

“I asked her about the matter of going down in a few days, and she seems to be staying in Dublin. She’s trying to get rid of the existing people and hiring her own.”

“Is the Duke going to stay in Tilia with his daughter all the time?”

“Maybe. I asked her, wondering when to go down, but she said we’d talk about it after the Imperial Banquet.”

Julietta sighed in a low voice, sorting out the dolls that would be sent to Vicern Empire, the Kingdom of Shurant, and the Kingdom of Lebatum in the far south.

The human-shaped dolls were wearing dresses in fashion show outfits for the opening party, while the animal dolls were wearing outfits for cats and dogs. Julietta rose after putting dolls into the boxes in turn, which were to be sent in the name of the Chartreu Dressing Shop to the families of aristocrats who had some influence in the high society of each country.

“Is Manny on the second floor?”

“Yes. Phoebe took it up earlier. It seems quite easy for her to walk up and down the stairs now. I said it’s okay to take a break, but she has started on her needlework.”

Julietta left the studio, gave the manager a list of dolls’ shipments, and went upstairs. “How are you feeling today, Phoebe?”

Manny was wandering around the floor, but as soon as it saw Julietta, it wagged its tail and approached her.

“Manny, you’re even prettier today. Do you like the necklace?”

The amethyst necklace, expensive enough for eyes to pop out, presented to it by the Prince yesterday, shone brightly on Manny’s white fur.

“It seems to like it. It was showing off to me earlier.”

Manny was obviously very pleased. Of course, it knew what was good or delicious even though it was wearing an animal’s body. In addition, she had put a nice necklace on its neck. Therefore, it barked excitedly, thinking she was a really sensible master.

“Oh, my God. You’ve improved a lot.”

Phoebe was making sample gloves and hat decorations, and smiled in delight. “I think this is perfect for me. I’m sorry, but… can you give me a job here if my skills get better?”

Since Phoebe thought she couldn’t stay here without doing anything, she was truly pleased to see what she could do. Furthermore, it was a lot of fun to see the finished products that came from her fingertips. Now and then, sitting by a window with a fairly cool outside wind and watching Manny play, she was so happy and peaceful that she sometimes became anxious.

“Of course, we’re good if Phoebe wants it. But I hope you won’t overdo it. Aren’t you worried if I’ll ask you to pay for your room?”

“No, I know you can’t do that. But please understand my desire to repay you somehow.” Phoebe had come to realize more of the lady’s gratitude after she spoke with Maribel yesterday, and she sounded a little desperate.

Julietta laughed as if she knew it. “Phoebe, we’re friends now. If I were in trouble, wouldn’t you help me? No, I don’t want you to think that you’ve been indebted, that you’re beholden to me.”

At Julietta’s words, Phoebe smiled widely.

While they were murmuring together, the shadows grew longer in the afternoon and Julietta sighed regretfully. “I got to go now. But I will be so happy to be able to live here in a few days.”


Phoebe didn’t know what was going on, but she knew the lady was going back and forth from here in disguise. Phoebe prayed sincerely that she could be of help in keeping this lady’s big secret.

Her dream was to work here and live with her lady, Manny, and the family of the dressing shop forever. But in the corner of Phoebe’s heart, as she dreamed of an ordinary life with a clear desire, dark feelings of revenge were coiled up.

Phoebe could never forgive the woman in the carriage who had sent her to the devil and once again trampled on her human dignity with despair and suffering. She began to pray for the first time; she never prayed for herself. ‘God, I’ve never given you any prayer for my unhappy life. But now I sincerely pray. Help that creature that should not exist in the world receive the right punishment. Give me a chance.’


13. Kidnapping

The Imperial Banquet was held on the last day of August, marking the end of the summer season.

After the season, the social world would still be active in Dublin, with high-ranking aristocrats at the center, but local aristocrats who had no place in the capital would return to their territories. Some of the central nobles who had mansions in the capital would go on vacation to their own land, resting after the eventful social season.

There was not supposed to be an official Imperial Banquet for another two months, until November, when the next season would be held. The last banquet of a season was also a day when single aristocrats did their best to make a strong impression or capture the hearts of the member of the opposite sex they had in mind.


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